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Tamar Science Park, 1 Davy Road , Derriford- PL6 8BX
Plymouth , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
Today (Friday) Open 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Clubnet Search Marketing - Derriford

Established in UK (Plymouth), Clubnet Search Marketing was set up in early 2010 by search and social media marketing expertise Geoff Jackson. Geoff has a wide amount of experience in search engine optimisation, pay per click and social media. The majority of his experience has been with all the development, optimisation and marketing of small to mid-sized ecommerce websites.

In June 2010, Clubnet Search Marketing relocated to brand-new offices at Tamar Science Park in Derriford, Plymouth, with an incredible set up and absurd scenery, views and surroundings, our working environment is set in an idyllic location, found on the outskirts of the main city, yet gaining views of the Westcountry and countryside whilst remaining close to main transport networks and amenities. Tamar Science Park has been at the forefront of innovation and technologies in Plymouth and the collaboration of the community of like-minded companies lays a foundation for success here.

Clubnet Search Marketing, whereas still in its beginning, has developed and grown at a great rate and moved to Tamar Science Park came only before three and a half months into its existence. Although the firm is fairly young, overlooked by Geoff Jackson who has a recognised name in the UK sector for an sum of years and has an expert team of people who possess a range of abilities, experience and are expertise in offering results for 100 customers in a range of industry sectors through the numerous services we have to offer.

Please follow our blog for further developments in the business and also news within the search marketing planet, tips, information, tutorials and guest posts. Please subscribe to our feed to have our content delivered direct to your inbox/reader.

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Other Services:

  • Social media
  • Link Building
  • Web Analytics

Additional Information

Our specialist area of expertise lies within the ecommerce sector, over the past five years, we have worked with well over 100 ecommerce websites and have developed an excellent depth of knowledge and understanding of ecommerce design and functionality, ecommerce optimisation and building authority in the SERPs in extremely competitive marketplaces and understanding online consumer trends, behaviour and seasonal patterns. All elements of ecommerce that are critical to succeeding online.

Having worked at an excellent and reputable ecommerce solutions agency before setting up Clubnet Search Marketing, Director, Geoff Jackson has an experienced specialist background within ecommerce involved with the development of one of the best ecommerce platforms available today, right through to setting clients up, branding client ecommerce websites, optimising all pages of client ecommerce websites and improving technical elements of the ecommerce platform to enhance performance in the SERPs.

Please read more detailed information on our ecommerce design services.Please read more detailed information on our ecommerce optimisation services.We have worked with a number of ecommerce providers and solutions and across most, we have an indepth knowledge of their functionality, themes, structure, flexibility, optimisation and can offer significant advice on which systems and setups would work best and prove the most beneficial for your business and what you need from your ecommerce business.

Products and Services

Pay Per Click (PPC)
Pay per click advertising (or paid search) is a form of internet advertising where the advertiser only pays the hosting website money when a visitor clicks on their ad, this is knows as CPC (Cost Per Click). On Google and other search engines, the sponsored results you see above and down the side of the natural (organic) search results are PPC ads. Advertisers bid on keyword terms in the form of three matches, broad match, phrase match and exact match. Various content networks and shopping comparison websites charge a fixed fee for CPC however.

Pay per click is a very effective strategy for any type of website, when conducted professionally, you can drive a massive amount of high quality, targeted traffic to your site. This is more useful for websites that sell products or services on their site as you will get more of a return and therefore a larger click budget to apply to your PPC campaigns... Ultimately, this obviously depends on your goals however and if you hire us to manage your PPC, then this would be something we would discuss with you so we can implement a targeted and rewarding strategy for you.

Our Pay Per Click Solutions
The benefit of PPC is that within minuted or setting up a campaign, you can be appearing on the first page of a search engine for your target keywords, extremely rewarding for new websites where their search engine optimisation efforts haven't had a chance to take effect.
At Clubnet Search Marketing, we offer full management of your PPC campaign which includes the following:-
    Set up and creation of your campaigns and ad groups. Structured neatly and professionally
    Extensive keyword research into your industry to identify which keywords are expensive and which aren't
    Competitor analysis and research
    Bid and campaign management tailored to meet your budget criteria
    Ad design, copy and split testing
    Landing page optimisation to help you improve your conversion rate
    Reporting on campaign performance
We also offer just the initial set up of your campaign, if you choose to opt for this service, then we will literally just set up your campaigns and ad groups, group your keywords throughout, create your ads and hand you back a 'ready-to-go' campaign. We do not advise this if you have no experience of running a PPC campaign as any campaign requires ongoing optimisation and you should always be looking at improvement areas but as a more affordable solution for some businesses, this service will get you going.

Social media

Social media is huge right now and more and more businesses are realising the benefits and power of social media and the potential reach yet there are millions of businesses worldwide that have yet to tap into the social sphere online and subsequently are missing out on brand exposure, growth and development and increasing customers/sales. Social media can be utilised whatever the size of your company to reach old customers, gain new ones and build or maintain credibility and reputation among consumers. Social media is the process of sharing media, information and user generated content online via the ever growing collection of websites and applications that facilitate any form of interaction.

Link Building & Link Acquisition
Building links to websites has always been at the forefront of any online SEO strategy. And, along with everything else overtime, subsequently resulted in an endless stream of manipulative bots/scripts and spam. Only recently have we seen some real significant algorithm updates from Google to combat the masses of low quality garbage cluttering the web and whilst many refer to link building as a process in itself, there is much more to link building that taps into other marketing methodologies meaning that 'link building' isn't always an accurate description of what would be included in a legitimate link building campaign.

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