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Aura 99 Limited

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Olliers Cottage Hulme Ln Lower Peover , Knutsford- WA16 9QQ
England , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
Today (Friday) Open 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Aura 99 Limited - Knutsford

Our approach to web design and online marketing Aura99 is my organisation name and online portfolio of design work, my experience and my capacities which I have used to address the difficulties that are positively important, from a economic, social and cultural viewpoint for my customers. I am particular and clear about what it is I really do, getting drenched in my customers' work and needs alone or as a part of a group. Similarly as with any effective project, both sides are winners. All this can be effective by applying fundamental design activities and methodologies.

Effective and clear proficient vocabulary,By utilising a shared process of design to make fluent the content in which issues are unraveled with experience, aptitudes and capabilities. The configuration process has three stages with four different steps in each one stage.

1. Defining a problem

2. Innovating

3. Generating value

Hitting it right for the user is the beginning stage for each web based undertaking and it’s likewise the most paramount consideration through all its lifecycle. The Aura99 design methodology incorporates  key stages to guarantee that this remain the central focus’s; from introductory data gathering and user task identification through wire-framing, prototyping, visual design, improvement through to client testing and refinement.

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Other Services:

  • Email marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Design & Build

Additional Information

Web accessibility initiative (WAI) accessibility guidelines,The guidelines makes no restriction on the style and layout of your site as seen in a mainstream browser, but requires that the site is constructed in such a way as to allow people to view the site using a text based browser. The full text of their guidelines is available from W3C.org Checklist of Checkpoints for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Their guidelines are catagorised in three levels summarised below.This is the basic level which should be achievable with any website.

If your site adheres to level A guidelines then it should work reasonably well in a text only browser, and hence most disabled people should be able to use your site.Any images, videos, or sounds etc should have a text alternative for browsers that are not enabled for these media. It should be possible to see all links in a text only browser, so redundant text links should be added where a site uses image maps for navigation.

The main recommendation for this level is to use html code correctly. Use style sheets to control layout and presentation of pages. Style sheets (referred to as CSS or Cascading Style Sheets) control font size, positioning, background, and boarders. A text based browser will ignore the style sheet, and if the page has been written correctly the page will still be readable.The final level recommends many details that will make the page easier to use for disabled people. A speech reader might not be able to differentiate between two adjacent links, so some text should be included between the links.

The WAI recommends the use of navigation bars for clear navigation together with markers to show visitors where they are on the site. Other details include creating a logical order for links and forms to allow a visitor using the tab key to tab down the page, and the inclusion of place holding characters in forms.

Experience stands you in good stead when it comes to the web and web design. There are literally thousands of companies in the UK alone offering to web design services. Aura99 don’t just build websites, we use years of experience to support you in developing a website that will really work for your business.

Whether it´s gaining exposure, selling online or if you require a bespoke software solution, we’ll provide you with a full business and marketing solution.We specialise in bespoke design solutions, if you want a solution that hits the mark carry on reading.Knowledge base.The comprehensive nature of our service has proved to be invaluable to our clients who have made substantial savings already during design-concept and planning phases. Some of the following points allow us to deliver cost effective solutions

We are able to give you advice on the site´s functionality and offer ideas on facilities and web developments you may not have considered.Increasingly companies are taking advantage of the freedom afforded through updating the content on their own site using a Content Management Systems (CMS). Aura99 can advise and guide you to the right solution.We provide a special online service, which allows you to view the progress of the web sites construction. This enables you to suggest and anticipate issues regarding the web site development as well as do the proof reading – testing as and when the site has been developed.

I have the skills and experience necessary to design and build you a great website. I create usable, accessible sites that you and your users / clients will enjoy. Websites exist so that people can find information or perform a task and it’s in everybody’s interest to make the experience of surfing the net an easy and pleasant as possible.Users don´t want to work out how to do tasks. If they are made to struggle with complicated navigation systems, or fail to find information where they expect, they’ll loose interest in your site and find one that they can use.

Getting it right for the user’s is the starting point for every web based project and it´s also the most important consideration throughout its lifecycle. The Aura99 design approach incorporates key stages to ensure that this remains the central focus; from initial information gathering and user-task identification through wire-framing, prototyping, visual design, development through to user-testing and refinement.

Products and Services

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
The internet has matured into one of the most referenced mediums that the world has ever known. Year after year the trend is shifting from traditional marketing and paper directories to what can be found by the click of a button on internet search engines.

Internet Marketing
If your website is not producing enquiries, maybe you need to use our online marketing services.When people want to find a products or services on the Internet chances are they will use a search engine to do their research and get suitable results. Where do you rank?
Because the Internet contains billions of web pages the list of suggested sites produced by each search engine can be huge and differ greatly. Getting your site to the top of those lists should be one of your priorities as it will dramatically increase the number of visitors to your site and potential business opportunities.

Unfortunately getting a high ranking in the search results is a time consuming business and there is no guarantee you will maintain your position without planning further work. Ths woul involve optimising your site and building a solid linking partners.Because each search engine is only as good as the information put into it, they are careful not to misled users by giving inaccurate or deliberately misleading submissions by web site owners or unethical search engine consultants. Attempts to mislead a search engine (or mistakes that mislead a search engines) can lead to permanent exclusion of a website.

Pay per click advertising (PPC)
Simple I pay my fees, and my adverts appear on websites and search engines that attract traffic and potential customers. Seam´s to be pretty simple! what do you think? Are you currently running a pay per click marketing campaign.

Email marketing
I think every company at some time, small or large has had a crack at email marketing. Ask yourself how successful the campaign we ran was? In today´s world spam is king and email fishing a day-to-day occurrence. How can you run a successful email campaign without being seen to be another useless piece of spam mail.

Viral marketing
What makes you like a product or brand? What triggers are there in society today that induce the word of mouth phenomena. Spreading like wild fire through social networks and before you know it you have out marketed any marketing campaign ever!… easy!… perhaps.

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