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53 Frith Street , Soho- W1D 4SN
London , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
+44-20 7036 0700
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Agenda 21 Digital - Soho

Agenda21 is a leading international digital media planning, obtaining and analytics agency.We are independent and specialise in digital strategic consultancy, paid and all-natural search, all display media, movie, mobile media, information analytics, social media and cross-platform digital training.Because we speak the language of business and development we offer our customers with all the signifies to apply unified media techniques that are measurably more efficient, effective and deliver improved ROI.

We’re proud of the amount and standard of leading worldwide brands across the full range of categories and disciplines that trust us with their digital advertisements.Our forensic analysis and optimisation approach continues to deliver a raft of awards, and keeps us at the cutting edge of digital.

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Data analytics is the foundation upon which the rest of digital services is built on. agenda21 focus on Data Audit, Google Analytics, Funnel Analysis and Attribution & Convolution Managing.This approach allows us to understand business data against KPIs, accurately monitor in-site activity, ensure ease of asset navigation and attribute the correct value to all digital touchpoints.Data Audit
Understanding business data against a firm set of relevant KPIs, metrics and dependencies is crucial.

We focus on making sure that KPIs are just that – key indicators of performance, rather than just every available metric.From call centre contacts to CRM data, marketing data and website performance metrics to pricing data and competitor activity, agenda21 build data strategies that get clients using the right data from the right source, in the right way.Google Analytics,Google Analytics has become the defacto site side analytics tool, but most businesses have it incorrectly set up. Knowing what happens on a website – from original traffic source through to the final conversion point, ensuring accuracy, is fundamental.

Our GA audit starts by looking at account settings, filters, profiles and goals, and then checks that data capture is in place across all key points – including cross-domain tracking across multiple domains and sub-domains, third party payment solutions, and tracking onsite conversion.

The addition of custom variables is highly valuable and allows segmentation of traffic by visitor behaviours or ‘types’ – up to and including longer term value. This allows the business to focus on valuable customers.We produce accessible written plans for optimisation, and work with developers to ensure that the correct tracking is delivered.
Funnel Analysis

One of the most effective ways to drive business improvement is to ensure that site visitors achieve what they want easily.agenda21 dig into data to find the pain-points in the conversion process – is anything confusing, off-putting or just not working? We combine this with a review of all onsite content, navigation, imagery and functionality (with a healthy dose of best practice comparison) to define a plan for testing changes and monitoring improvements.

We kick this off with a review of what the business is trying to achieve and where the priority areas are for improvement. We then work with developers and designers to deliver a robust testing plan to monitor the impact of changes over time.Attribution & Convolution Modelling,What is the best way to attribute the correct value to all digital touchpoints, on an on-going basis ?It’s not a new challenge; offline media has met it through the use of econometric modelling. This approach is not detailed enough for digital media. Using proper attribution modelling allows marketers to understand how digital marketing activity works together.

Convolution modelling goes beyond that; tying in the impact of offline marketing initiatives, pricing changes, competitor activity, special offers, seasonality or even the weather. agenda21 works to illustrate not just the scale of impact but also the time lag between these influences and seeing the results in terms of sales – whether through website, call centres or even offline retail stores.This process is then tied back to a budgeting tool to help plan spending across the year and across different channels, with the ability to drill into expected results. Significantly it also provides the ability to learn year after year as additional data is added to the model.

Products and Services

Paid search is a core part of our business at agenda21. We built our PPC product around forensic analysis across over 100 different signals, in-channel attribution and regular knowledge transfer with Google and Microsoft. Our rigorous recruitment process and bespoke technology suite ensure that we have the best people and the best tools available to drive additional marginal gains.

agenda21 undertakes rigorous keyword research, social listening and analytics to gather data on user behaviour across the web. This helps drive strategy and produce relevant content that drives business goals. Whether it’s on the client’s website, via a social network or on a third party website, agenda21 knows what works in making successful, optimised content.

agenda21’s approach to SEO focuses on creating long term, sustainable strategies with rigour and granularity. All of our SEO work is conducted within industry search engine guidelines and aimed at meeting business goals.Everything we do for our clients is bespoke, systematic and focused on the three elements required for delivery of successful SEO: visibility, relevancy and authority.

agenda21 sees Display as being as important and accountable as Search, and a fundamental part of what we do. We actively plan and buy all display formats across the three screens of desktop, tablet and mobile.Buying is linked back to the client’s data, tech and business performance; driving sales, raising awareness and increasing market share.

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