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Davidson House Forbury Square , Reading- RG1 3EU
Berkshire , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
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Cayenne Red - Reading

It’s a good query, why use Cayenne Red!Perhaps it’s because:We are results driven, We have a very experienced team,We have a fantastic attitude, We believe in total dedication,We are a growing company, Okay, we are results orientated. Since, we don’t have any place to hide: we reside by the numbers. We are experts in digital marketing that has a portfolio of ambitious customers who employ us to not keep them entertained. Since, we deliver them the strategies that work.

When you are handling a company is your website, digital marketing is the foremost approach and one that usually makes the company work, or battle. So we exist to create our customers traffic and successful profits.Take the Cayenne Red team. Duncan Cumming heads up what we believe is an impressive team of people. Each one has their own regions of expertise, including affiliates, SEO, PPC, online PR, content and design. The executive team has been put together to offer the agency with all the comprehensive range of abilities and sector experience possible, allowing it to provide a complete package for customers.

However, Cayenne Red had something else to offer. It’s an intangible quality which is best summed by the term philosophy. We believe that our attitude is awesome. We will provide that additional mile to our customers and receive an excellent kick from lucrative campaign.

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But if you’re wondering if affiliate marketing management is for you, take a look at what we achieved for Groupon. Think back to the days when the idea of group buying websites was a mere figment of someone’s imagination. What Groupon needed was traction, a credible and powerful leap into the market. And we did just that, creating in just six weeks one of the largest and successful affiliate networks ever seen in the UK.

If that sounds like the sort of thing you’re after for your website email us, or call 020 3286 5639 and we’ll happily give you our thoughts on how we grow your affiliate sales channel.Delivering the right affiliate package is vital,Creating a profitable affiliate network is not for the fainthearted. Selecting the right affiliate and negotiating the parameters which will bring a smile to both sides of the table, is hard work. Affiliates are major operators in their own right and real estate on their active websites is not given out lightly. So the package has to be right and work for all parties.

Not every website, or online offering, is suitable to be taken up by an affiliate marketing network. We work hard to firstly assess whether the concept is suitable for an approach and then we make that introduction on your behalf. We are highly experienced in this area and have built up a network of affiliate contacts who can significantly shift a product online. We always adopt a hands on approach when it comes to creating an affiliate network.

The focus at Cayenne Red is delivering SEO  results. Our SEO consultancy strategies are conceived and implemented to boost a website’s profitability and user attraction. Our clients retain our services to get results, not make the tea!Take a look at what our SEO Consultancy services did for Titan Insurance. They called us in to help with getting some visibility in the highly competitive insurance sector. We got straight down to work: tightening up the onsite SEO data, focusing the keyword list and then working the offsite SEO opportunities with content submissions, directory listings and strategic online PR. And it worked – although thousands are bidding for some of the most competitive keywords out there, we have secured Titan number one and number two and three rankings on many of their chosen keywords.And we can talk you through how we would approach your situation. All you need to do is email us, or call for a chat on 020 3286 5639, and we’ll take a detailed look at your site and see how we can help.

What is SEO?

Let’s get one thing straight – SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it’s all about getting a website as high up the rankings as possible. In other words, when you type in a certain search term, the website owner sees his site near the top. It’s a competitive place and it gets tougher every day. Leave your rankings to luck and you’ll understand what the word loneliness really means. Think deserted cowboy town with tumbleweed heading down Main Street.

We’re in this business to help our client websites get the rankings they deserve. When a client calls us in, they do so in the knowledge that they’ll have a vastly experienced team on their side who will see it as their mission in life to boost their rankings on the main search engines. But one thing you’ll have to remember about us; we’re SEO consultants. We understand, we advise and then guide. We’re not in one minute, out the next. As far as SEO is concerned, we’ll be your best mate!

Products and Services

PPC Management

Cayenne Red is all about delivering success. Our PPC agency strategies are designed to give profitability a leg up and get products and services moving out the door.With Gamola Golf UK we were tasked with getting some action behind their PPC campaign. The team had a healthy PPC budget, but were just not getting the traffic, or the conversions they needed. It’s depressing paying a marketing budget and getting virtually no return on investment. So, we had to start from afresh, talking a close look at the website, ensuring metadata was correct, webpage copy was properly prepared and the PPC keywords correctly targeted. And our approach worked, significantly increasing their ROI.

If that sounds like the sort of thing you’re after for your website, email us, or call 020 3286 5639 and we’ll happily give you our thoughts on your PPC campaign.PPC Agency Planning and Management are key,Let’s be honest; there’s a lot of rubbish talked when it comes to PPC. There’s two things to bear in mind: it’s fast moving and dynamic, and you can lose a lot of money in a short space of time. Things can change within the hour, so you need someone who can firstly plan an effective campaign and then react very quickly. But be wary of all talk and no walk. There’s a lot of so-called experts who just don’t get PPC.

We offer PPC agency services which we genuinely believe is second to none. Why? Because not only are we only very good at it, but we truly understand how it works. We know how to fully work a pay per click campaign to get the best results. In short, do it right, and it’s one of the most effective marketing strategies there is. Do it wrong, and its goodnight Vienna.

Online PR

Traditional PR has become log-jammed but it still has its place of course, and Cayenne Red puts together ‘traditional’ PR strategies with a real emphasis on Online PR and SEO.With online PR and SEO, you can control the flow of information and optimise it for Search Engines so  you can use it to reach both potential users of your site and journalists.Online PR and search engine optimisation gets you traction and a chance to build your online profile.Press releases still require to be informative and well-written, and they should be sent to the correct online distribution portals, but once they are published and out there, they can work hard on your behalf. In many ways, they seed the internet with your information.

In terms of traction, the PR distribution portal will back-link to your site which provides valuable SEO juice. If the keywords are chosen correctly, it will also be picked up by the people searching for that information. Then there’s always the chance that journalists will reference the press release in some of their material. Google does place a good emphasis on press releases and they are ranked well.

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