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Concorde House Trinity Park , Solihull- B37 7UQ
Birmingham , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
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Caroco Ltd - Solihull

The Caroco Marketing teams are very experienced and very passionate online professionals with abilities of heroic proportions. In-depth learning and proven talent across a range of web marketing techniques; have permitted the Caroco team to aid companies of all models and industries in securing commercial success.

Super hero personas aside; the Caroco team is led by Nigel Copley, a veteran online consultant for more than ten years of proven talent and hands on experience in Internet Marketing.

ROI remains at the head of consulting work and transparency is key to all operations. This is the only reason; Caroco has no guesswork in internet marketing. Want to keep on top your search engine position, pay per click campaigns, affiliate lead generation and client’s conversion optimisation from your website? With Caroco it has not been simpler.

We pride ourselves on being offering a service that goes above and beyond expectations .So our team will exactly show you WHY you're achieving your results and HOW you are able to boost your whole internet marketing campaign with a detailed and very exact ROI program.

Whether it is SEO, PPC, Social Media or Affiliate lead generation; our team will work with you at every step of the way to implement the required changes to your webpage, content, PPC ad creative and keywords across all platforms to guarantee that you will get first results, without fail.

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Additional Information

Imagine being able to take advantage of a monstrous source of power, a source of power that can integrate your existing communications, your PPC campaigns and your SEO, to grow your business to hulk proportions? Believe it or not, it can be done and with Caroco’s Social Hero it couldn’t be easier.Whether the creation of a college dropout or a bunch of very smart, rich kids; Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are just a few of the social media platforms that have grasped the attention of the world and boast daily activity in the millions!

The Caroco Social Magic.Our experienced social media marketing team have proven skill in enabling businesses of all industries and all sizes to increase online activity and reach a quality, active and ever growing audience and can do the same for you.If your business would like to set up a Facebook page or a Twitter account or perhaps if your business is currently engaging in social media marketing but failing to see results than our heroes can ensure your campaigns are manoeuvred on the path to success.

Our social team will assist you in the set up and branding of all social accounts and will integrate all activity with any on-going and regular PR communications. We will show you just what your business needs to be doing to maintain an active social footprint and just how your website can gain quality leads from doing so.We won’t just stop there! Our active monitoring and tracking system will ensure you remain aware of the progress of your online reputation at all times.

With the Caroco Heroes, social media marketing has never been easier.So you have a great website, a blog and a social page? Now all you need to do is to keep it up to date with relevant, topical content.Sounds easy doesn’t it? In fact, you are probably not updating your online activity as frequently as you need to. This means you are almost certainly being beaten to the top search results spot by your competitor.

Here’s where we can help. We provide relevant copy for you to use as daily news feeds on your website, in blogs, on social networking sites, as articles or opinion pieces – wherever you want to make an impact and get yourself noticed by users and search engines alike.Blog Writing & Management.Caroco’s daily blog writing and management service is great for providing quality content for blogs establishing your employees and your website as an industry authority.  Blogs can be more engaging than news and can be better at retaining visitors than other forms of content.

Regularly written news feeds are a great way to establish your website as an authority for industry specific topics. By using our news feeds on your website you will have a cost-effective way of increasing new and repeat visits which helps increase site authority amongst visitors and search engines alike.

Caroco news feeds provide you and your visitors with fresh, high quality, unique and relevant content on a daily basis and with our submission service to get your site listed in the major news aggregators such as Google News you will start receiving traffic from your highly targeted news content.

Feature Articles are great for increasing the quantity and quality of content on websites at a cost-effective rate.  Every article is unique to your business, written to your specific requirements, includes desired keywords and is delivered any way you like.Each article we create is checked against copyscape for duplicate content and is put through rigorous quality control measures making sure you get a great feature article that will engage with visitors and help with SEO efforts.

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Link Building

Been warned by Google to clean out your links? Not sure where to even begin sourcing appropriate links or simply short of time and need extra support? Why not contact our SEO Hero to obtain sound and ethical link support?Link building is an essential piece of the SEO puzzle and it is vital your link profile is created at the right pace and 100% ethically.There are many companies out there that delve far too deep into unethical or black hat link building; a technique that will damage your reputation and leave you open to severe punishment at the hands of Google.

If you want to reach success on the right path then you need to reach it with a company that knows just how to do it and do it right and that’s where Caroco can help.What Can Caroco Do?,Although links may not be everything within SEO, a large proportion of Google’s algorithm gives focus to link based factors. It is through links that the search engine robots will determine the popularity and quality of your website which, is why our team of link building experts are on hand to ensure you have the right link profile in place.

Focusing on your anchor text, link freshness and social sharing amongst others; our team will guarantee to build a strong, clean and highly ethical link profile to assist in boosting your SERP results and ensuring that you stay on the right side of Google at all times.Are your links appropriate? Are your links of high quality? Are your links as varied as can be? Let us help answer all the vital questions you will need, to get your website on the path to success.

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