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17-23 Ber Street, Norwich , Norfolk- NR1 3EU
Norfolk , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
+44-1603 663093
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Attention Grabbers - Norfolk

Being a results-driven organization, we recognize the value of the comprehensive website approach to achieving your goals.

    We don't merely build sites - although we can.

    We don't really create graphics or shape presentations - although we can.

    We don't simply generate traffic through look engine optimisation - although we can.

We learned that the success of the web presence in the search engine involves much, more than really building a site.But if you know that and you think you have your search engine optimising proper - we possibly cannot aid you.If, nevertheless, you think there is range to search for some improvement in how you're spending both your time and your budget on search engine advertising, then we could talk!

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Additional Information

E-commerce and data-driven sites require a database for them to function. At Attention Grabbers, our database development team will help you to realise the true potential of your site.Database DevelopmentWe currently look after the database development for a number of blue chip clients as well as many smaller e-commerce sites. Search facilities, online booking forms and e-commerce sites are not a problem, the database developers will provide you with a solution which will grow with your website rather than restrict it.

Combining our database development skills with our web site marketing skills, we have developed a number of database email campaigns on behalf of our clients. These resulted in increased traffic to the clients' websites, and therefore an increase in the brand awareness for our clients.

If your site is constantly changing with new content being added all the time, the database development team can create an interface for you to be able to modify the database as required.Before embarking on a database development, it is worthwhile to explore fully the intended scope of the website. Once a database has been designed in a certain manner, it is often very time-consuming to reconfigure later. If the full scope of the website is defined at the start, the database development team can build the required functionality into the initial design, saving time and money.

Attention Grabbers: our clients' choice for database development.
Bulk email marketing campaigns by Attention Grabbers including: permission-based, opt-in email campaigns, email broadcasting and list management. Attention Grabbers handle affiliate programs, database building, response handling and more.Bulk Email MarketingBulk email marketing is growing every day. If done correctly it is not spamming, the Internet version of junk mail (as many think), and can be a valuable part of any Internet marketing campaign. Attention Grabbers handle permission-based bulk email marketing campaigns.

Permission-based e-mail marketing only targets people who have shown an interest in your business or services, and have agreed to receive further information from you in the future. This means that they can opt out at any time and avoids any complaints or spamming allegations. Bulk email marketing, if done correctly, is a powerful tool and helps build one-to-one relationships with customers. It is quick, simple and a cost-effective marketing method.

Designing an email campaign which avoids allegations of spamming is where the skill is. Attention Grabbers successfully run bulk email marketing campaigns for a large number of clients, providing them with targeted web traffic to their website. When done correctly, these campaigns provide invaluable web site promotion for your online presence and your business.Attention Grabbers will develop and manage your campaign for successful bulk email marketing.

Products and Services

Link Building
Building link popularity is one of the most important and critical aspects of any effective Search Engine Optimisation campaign today. The ‘off-page’ factors, such as link popularity, PageRank and Anchor Text in incoming links, play a major role in the ranking of your site in the search engine results pages.

Link BuildingSearch engines consider your site more important if more links point to your site. Building link popularity improves the PageRank of your web pages. The higher the PageRank of your website, the higher its importance for search engines, and the higher it gets ranked in the search engine result pages. Search engines also take into account the PageRank of the pages that link to your site and its industry relevance to your own industry. Links from higher PageRank pages and industry relevant sites give your site a higher value.

Types of Links
There are two types of links you can establish on the web. One is trade links (reciprocal links), where you give a link from the links page on your site to the partner sites. The second method is to establish ‘inbound only’ links (also called ‘one-way links’ or ‘non-reciprocal links’).

Only-Incoming Links
Only-incoming links are the links established on the other websites, where you do not need to link back to them. There are various compelling reasons and methods of building such one-way links, which include linking back from a different website which you may own, publishing articles on sites, content syndication, listing in trade directories, and giving out press releases in news networks.

Link Exchange
Link exchange is an easier way to establish links from other websites to your website. In the link exchange process, you trade links with prospective partner sites by offering a link to their site from your own site. This method is a fast way to establish several hundred links to your website. However, it may not get you great benefits.Attention Grabbers can advise on both types of link building to maximise the exposure of your site to the search engines.

Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click advertising can be utilised as a cost-effective way to drive targeted traffic to your site. The way it works is you 'bid ' for position in the major search engines. Every time a user clicks on your link on the search engine, you pay a premium.Pay Per Click AdvertisingPay-per-click advertising campaigns are an effective means of targeting visitors as your advert, when correctly worded, will only appeal to people who are interested in your product or service.

Many people shy away from this type of advertising, fearing soaring costs. At Attention Grabbers we closely monitor your pay-per-click advertising campaigns to ensure you maximum visibility for your budget. We set a daily budget, monitor your bid costs and page impressions to tailor your campaign to give you maximum effectiveness.

Monthly pay-per-click advertising budgets vary, but the old adage holds true: the more you pay, the more you get. We will get you the maximum return on your investment (ROI).To avoid spiralling costs we will monitor your click bids regularly, to ensure your budget is effectively utilised. Bid prices fluctuate on an hourly basis. We monitor this to en-ure your pay-per-click advertising campaigns are as cost effective as possible. We adjust your bids to ensure your site is either first place or first page, depending upon your defined strategy.Attention Grabbers: our clients' choice for pay-per-click advertising.

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