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3 Hillview Road Orpington , London- BR6 0SE
London , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
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Edit Optimisation Ltd - London

In 2002, Edward Bennett (who remains the primary organization manager) had a discussion with Ron Kellermann from the web development organization Forfront (www.forfront.net). Ron required SEO, and realizing that Ed had a little knowledge about search engine approached him for help. In those days the search engines were significantly more open about how they functioned, so picking a serviceable name to work under temporally Ed conveyed positioning as promised. The potential for this appeared boundless, and accordingly "Ed IT" rapidly got to be "EDIT Optimisation" and thrived as a SEO business.

Since its humble beginnings, Edit Optimisation now manages expansive multinational organizations, for example, Ebay possessed www.gumtree.com. Keeping their roots anyway, they likewise keep on working with smaller family run outfits, for example, www.oakedoake.com and www.theoldbridgehousehotel.co.uk

In it for the long term,EDIT have constantly made their benefits in the long term instead of the short term. This implies that customer retention is an important, and Edit is pleased to have a close to 95% customer retention rate. Everything is finished considering the long term, this means that on site optimisation that is as up and date as possible in order to last the test of time, and link building that concentrates on making buzz on websites that will be dynamic in years to come.

Our customers - our most excellent assets and best salesmen,We care for our customers, and hence our customers take care of us. Before engaging with us, if you wish to address one of our joyful clients, we would urge you to do so. Company directors and Marketing supervisors have cheerfully offered to address new customers as a way for thanking us for development that we have brought to their clients.

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Additional Information

For a long time SEO has been considered a bit of a "dark art" by those who are outside of the IT industry. Ultimately it is a correct understanding of the Google algorithm that allows an SEO to manipulate the Google search results in order to put his client at the top of the listing. As such many SEO's are careful about what advice they give, as they feel they are effectively cutting themselves out of a job by revealing too much! We have a different attitude here at Edit.

Simply understanding how Google works is not enough, you have to be able to use that understanding effectively in order to bring customers to your website. We believe that anyone who is really serious and has the funds to hire professionals like ourselves are going to so, because we will be able to bring a return on the spend much faster and more efficiently than someone who isn't a full time SEO no matter how much access to information that they have. Furthermore, the better educated our clients are on SEO, the better they can evaluate our work and see the high quality of service that we are providing.

Anyone who doesn't have the funds to hire us, are probably starting out. Why shouldn't these people have the knowledge to try and make their websites successful? We have had clients in the past have some success due to our advice, and then come to us with a budget to spend off the back of the early wins they have made when they were doing it themselves.So whether you are a prospective client wanted to learn more about the basic steps on online marketing, or you are looking to try and do it yourself from scratch, why not download our easy to use DIY ten step guide and begin your journey in the world of internet marketing.

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Link Buliding
When all the onsite optimisation of a site has been done, content has been created, meta titles have been optimised and even when the site is perfect what is the one element that can not be ignored if you want to rank highly in the search engines? Link building.If you want to out rank your competitors, link building is what you are looking for.How Google interprets Links and why they are important .

In human terms, if you are looking for a product or service, lets say a London SEO company, if someone you know were to recommend that company to you then you would instantly trust them more and are much more likely to contact them as opposed to someone from the yellow pages.The same is true on the internet.Every time a website links to another website, they are effectively "recommending" that website. So the more recommendations (or links) that a site has, the more trusted it becomes. Simple.

Internet Marketing
By 2009 70% of all households had internet access - that's 18.3million properties, an increase of 11% since the previous year.1 With so many people now turning to the internet to find information, suppliers and products, good Internet Marketing provides an opportunity to grow your business faster and more economically than any other form of advertising.Traditional marketing involves quantity over quality. For example, a newspaper advert is seen by tens of thousands of people in a day, but how many of those of thousands of people are going to become customers? They have been trained over time to try and ignore the adverts, and they are probably not that interested in what you are offering them at the exact time that they do see the advert.
Internet marketing provides a unique opportunity to specifically target the people who are interested in your product, at the time where they are most likely to buy. For example, if you are a dating site, facebook allows you to target only single men over the age of 25. If you are running high end networking events linked in lets you target only senior managers of companies that have at least 200 employees. Most usefully of all, no matter what you do, the search engines like Goolge now mean that you can target people who are actively searching for your product or service, and ensure that they find your company first.
The best thing? Not only can all of this be tracked accurately so you know exactly how many visitors you are getting, what they do when they are on your site, and what your return on investment is, but you are only having to pay to advertise to these good quality potential customers rather than the large quantity of people that are not interested in what you offer. Internet Marketing offers high Quality.

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