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16 Vale Road , Windsor- SL45LB
Berkshire , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
+44-1753 854595
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Brown Bear Media - Windsor

Brown Bear Media is a small web advertising agency that has powerful internet design and digital advertising solutions to any company, regardless of their size or budget.

Since established in 2007 we pride ourselves on a collaborative and open approach to providing bespoke techniques that completely work for our customers.

Established in Windsor we have supported localized companies across Berkshire begin their life on the web and have enjoyed watching their online success. We have also worked with nationwide and global organisations, offering service and development that improves their web advertising techniques.

Whoever we work with, our entire aim is easy. To offer an efficient, ethical and open service to customers that delivers results for their company.

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Additional Information

Online retail is growing 6 times faster than high street sales and is predicted to exceed £37 billion by 2014.A well designed ecommerce website that is user friendly and easy to manage is a must if you want to capture a share of this market and create a successful online shopping experience.What’s more the way in which customers reach and view your online shop is changing. Increasing numbers of online shoppers are using their mobile and tablet devices to browse and buy on the go.  Your online shop needs to be able to respond to how it displays and reacts with them on these devices in order to provide a fluid shopping experience.
Our ecommerce web design service

Our ecommerce web design service gives you the control and confidence to do just this.  You can manage your shop quickly and easily without the need for advanced computer skills or knowledge. You will even be able to access your back end system from any computer with internet access, allowing you to check in and update any time or anywhere.We’ll also make sure your site uses responsive web design technology so that it works well  on whatever device the shopper is using.Based in Windsor, we are a small web design agency offering professional mobile website design for businesses in Berkshire.

We care about how your website looks. We think you should dazzle not only on laptops, but on mobile and tablet too.  We are mobile web designers who can make sure your website works just as well on the go as it does on desktop.We create mobile friendly websites,More and more people are using their mobiles and tablets to browse the web, use apps, shop online and chat via social networks.

Whilst these potential customers may be able to see your desktop website on their phone it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s mobile friendly.  If mobile customers are unable to read and navigate your site with ease, contact you or make a purchase then your current website could be letting you down and losing you business.To tap into this ever growing pool of mobile customers it is crucial that your website delivers a mobile friendly experience. One that:Is quick to load, read and use.Makes it easy to make a purchase or get in touch with you.Is simple to navigate through a clear hierarchy of content,Helps people find your local store or office,We can help convert an existing website into a mobile site or design and build a mobile friendly website from scratch.  We will also make sure the right kind of mobile content is available, all in an easily accessible format.

Responsive web design,Responsive web design technology cleverly adapts your website to the user’s screen size. Meaning your website will look good and work well for your visitors no matter what mobile device they are using.It makes sure your website knows when it is being viewed on a mobile  phone or tablet. It then uses media queries to find out the resolution of the device it’s being served on and uses flexible images and fluid grids to re-size to fit the screen.In other words, images shrink to fit the viewing area, layout changes to a single column of content that uses a legible font size.  The content of the sidebar might move to the bottom of the column or disappear altogether.

With a responsive web design you:Create an enjoyable, fluid mobile experience for your visitors.Reach a much wider audience than you would with an unresponsive website.Know that you only have to build a website once in order for it to work seamlessly across hundreds of different screens.Why go mobile,There are a number of increasingly important benefits of designing with mobile in mind.
To keep ahead of the competition,More and more of your visitors are using mobile devices to view your website.  If they find any difficulty in using it on their mobile they”ll be off to find one that is easier to use.  This is dangerous as a large chunk of your potential customers could end up on a competitor’s mobile friendly website.To maintain a high ranking in mobile search results

Google announced in June 2013 that they would be making changes to the rankings of smartphone results.  This means that a website misconfigured for smartphone users could take a hit in mobile searches.  Through adopting a responsive website design you’ll not only be enhancing the user experience of your website, but satisfying a quality criteria demanded by the most popular search engine.Because mobile and tablet usage is growing (massively)Mobile and tablet usage is seeing massive growth with sales of tablets set to outstrip laptops and desktops by 2015.

To future proof your website,Devices used for viewing websites and screen sizes are constantly changing.  By building your website using responsive design technology, you will ensure that your website reacts to these updates without the need for an expensive redesign.Because the stats add up,A sale coming from mobile phones on eBay comes every 2 seconds.,Smartphone sales have become bigger than PC sales.Tablet sales are expected to exceed 100 million in 2013.28% of Internet usage comes from a mobile phone.In the retail industry, 16% of search queries come from mobile web usage. It was only 10% in 2011.38% of UK tablet owners spend more of their time on their device than watching TV.There were a total of $241 billion mobile transactions in 2011.86% of adults own a mobile phone.Source:  Westminster eForum, March 2012 and Pew Research Center for mobile web usage,Get in touch,Don’t lose this valuable pool of potential customers.  Updating to a responsive mobile website doesn’t need to be as difficult as you think.

Products and Services

Content Marketing Services
Key to the successful performance of your website is content.  Sites presenting a wealth of useful information in a variety of formats are outperforming those without.To perform well every website needs a strategy for adding high quality content on a regular basis.  A task that can at first sound daunting, but with help from Brown Bear Media, is one that can soon become profitable and enjoyable.

If your website is suffering from lack of visitors, poor search engine rankings and few shares across social media then we can help.Our content marketing service ensures your website and social channels are getting regularly updated by the right kind of content that tells your story, engages your audiences and encourages the actions you desire.

PPC Management
A well run Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign can bring a business fast and cost effective results. It is a great way for any website, large or small to get targeted traffic quickly and on budget.We have a wealth of experience in managing successful PPC campaigns.Brown Bear Media is an Official Google Partner,Brown Bear Media is an official Google Partner, which means that Google has recognised us as a PPC service provider and equips us with some hugely helpful resources.  For you, this means that combined with our knowledge and experience of running PPC campaigns we also have:
    A direct line to an account manager at Google Adwords full of helpful advice and suggestions
    Access to a wealth of training and development resources designed to keep you one step ahead of the competition
    The ability to turn £25 into £100 Adwords credit for new customers.
Benefits of Pay Per Click advertising,Through our ppc management your ads will be:,adjusted to meet the needs of changing markets
refreshed regularly to keep advert copy fresh, timely and targeted,cost effective,tracked for conversions,We can also offer training in the basics of running a pay per click campaign. Understanding the metrics is the key to success and we have lots of experience in this field.


SEO is key to your website achieving a high position in natural search results.  Particularly when people are looking on-line for products and services like yours.  The higher your natural listing the more likely it is to be clicked.  Resulting in greater numbers of  targeted visitors to your site ready for conversion into new customers.Each of our SEO services is carefully designed to help you achieve and maintain these high rankings.  They are created to appeal to the search engine’s desire for quality and authority, adhere to best practice and use only ethical SEO techniques.

Not only do we drive targeted traffic, we also measure whether these new visitors are doing what you want when they reach you.  Whether that’s making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter or making an enquiry.  You’ll have the data you need to find out how to increase conversion rates.Our Approach to SEO,Our first task is to align our goals with yours.  We want to know what you want to achieve through SEO.  Who are your target consumers? How do they search for businesses like yours?  How do you want them to act on your site? Our first meeting is to discover all this and more.

Once we fully understand this only then do we focus on building a strategy unique to your business.  This includes:,An SEO auditWe conduct research into your market, your consumers, your competitors and your keywords.  We also assess the current performance of your website to uncover anything that’s negatively impacting your search engine performance.Optimising your website for search engines and customers

First we address issues affecting your search engine performance. This includes page load times, poor coding and use of keywords in meta data and throughout copy.We then focus on improving the overall experience for customers.  After all there’s no point bringing new visitors if they aren’t going to convert.  We encourage them to take the action you desire by adding and improving the quality of your content.  Make the site structure and customer journey easier to navigate. Create stronger calls to action, deal with drop off points and encourage social linking and liking to name just a few.

Helping customers find you off-site
Alongside improvements onsite, we look at where your potential customers are already gathering online and develop ways to reach out to these communities.  We discover what your customers want to read, watch, blog and share and create content that meets these demands.  We build relationships with these communities to position you as an authority and thought leader in your field.  Whether this is through guest blogging, informative articles and white papers, videos or apps.  Creating and sharing high quality content is key to organically acquiring natural links and social likes from relevant sites that drive targeted traffic.

Monitoring ROI
Important to any SEO campaign is the ability to monitor its performance and effectiveness.  With our regular reporting you’ll have insight into your visitor analytics and trends. See who is visiting your site, from where and what they do once they are there.  We’ll also provide analysis as to what this means for your business.  As well as details of where and how the focus of your campaign may need to change.

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