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90 Chancery Lane , Greater London- WC2A 1DT
London , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
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Linkdex - Greater London

Linkdex is a privately owned, Venture Capital backed worldwide company that's a phenomenal development trajectory.Organic search is big – but it’s a frequently misunderstood and an underinvested channel.We’re creating natural search a viable, predictable and sustainable media channel. The highest ROI channel for brand marketers there is. And we think that’s quite exciting.

And we’re not the only ones.We’ve got the plaudits to confirm it.We optimize search engine promoting. We modify and adjust our core platform to satisfy your actual needs. It changes as your company and the digital land evolve. We guide you through the today of SEO.

If you don’t think search is complex, honestly, you’re not doing it right. But we create it much simpler to manage and understand. We create it forthright to maximize and amplify your organic search efforts. And we take a consultative approach, with a five-step program from initial implementation to roll-out to everyday utilize.

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Content Marketing and Measurement.With Content 360 and Content Tracker functionality on the Linkdex platform, you’ll know, understand and be able to evaluate, react, predict and plan. Get the insights you need at site, page group and individual URL level.Specifically, Linkdex lets you:

  •     Report on value created from the content you publish and promote – whole sites, folders or groups of pages
  •     Combine trusted and traditional SEO metrics with analytics, social media and backlink data
  •     Research and plan content strategies with our insights and your creativity
  •     Find out which content works – what people and other organizations want to share
Linkdex was the first company to try and get more from linking pages than the link.We saw that by crawling source code and combining our other data sources we could not only ensure link data was scarily accurate, it was intelligent and could tell you about a website's type, influence, social profiles, authors and more.Turning link data into through-time website and page intelligence.
Linkdex gives a view of influencers on Google and Twitter. By topic, by country and by language. Nobody else can do this. Who's authoritative and why, Where are they writing And what's being read by your customers - potential and existing? What's driving their behaviour,What's more, Linkdex gives you the ability to microtarget. Build the optimal list. Reach the people that matter fast.SEO Now means getting access to the world's most comprehensive database of pages, people, sites, links and social profiles. Can you really afford to be without it.

Products and Services

Industry-leading Ranking Intelligence
How visible are you, What can you do to increase your visibility? Which influencers are talking about you? And how do their networks fit together, Linkdex shows you.It gives you immediate domain and page visibility data for your domains and you can measure them against those of your competitors. See weekly and daily ranking data in over 200 countries, on five engines, across mobile and desktop and by city, town, zip code and more.Then, with Linkdex, you can combine your visibility data with deep insights on trends, domains, pages, and people. The very fabric of your digital landscape. What underpins the value and visibility of your brand.

The analytics you use every day from Google and Adobe SiteCatalyst plug straight in and become event more powerful when combined with all the other functionality Linkdex offers.Linkdex turns information into being informed.

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