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Castle Square House 9 Castle Square , Brighton- BN11EG
Brighton , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
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Propellernet - Brighton

Propellernet brings a noticeable improvement for our customers and their clients,We guarantee our customers appreciate an unfair advantage that produces maintainable business development in front of their competitors. Their clients get the data they have to find, choose, experience and offer, both online and offline. Furthermore our group gets to delight in working on campaigns that make individuals sit up and pay heed.We are simply a search and social media agency, with extra mastery in content marketing and bunch of other stuff as well.

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The most successful businesses recognise that while visibility is important, it's crucial to establish, safeguard and cultivate a positive online reputation.We help businesses do this to drive sustainable business growth.It's important stuff because now, more than ever before, people make decisions not just about the products and services they buy but also about the businesses they support.Negative headlines, reviews and the like can represent the difference between success and failure in online markets populated not just by ambitious competitors but also by powerful influencers and increasingly socially connected customers.

And yet too many businesses fail: (a) to recognise these problems; and (b) to do anything about them.There are far too many examples of companies investing heavily in above the line (ATL) advertising campaigns to drive brand awareness without considering that they are likely to encourage people to make searches that will lead them to negative coverage.And there are even more examples of companies - and key personnel at those companies - that don't dominate and control the online real estate (particularly in search) surrounding their brand.Authentic Search™ is about delivering what people want and the search engines need.

It’s about understanding the way people search and the way markets operate to develop great experiences worthy of top positions.Because search isn’t a channel; it’s behaviour, rooted in people’s desire to find the best possible answers to the questions that matter to them.And search engine optimisation isn’t a discipline in its own right; it’s the output of a range of activities, each requiring different skills and experience.That means it’s not something that can be easily done by one person. You need a team of specialists.

Authentic Search™ has been ten years in the making and encompasses strategies and tactics that drive business success in the short, medium and long term.It’s not about deconstructing search algorithms to simulate relevance and authority because that would be missing the point.It’s about earned media and the principles of inbound marketing.Authentic Search™ recognises the importance of three, interrelated areas:Our approach to insight and planning is one of the things that separates us from other agencies and our Authentic Planning Framework™ has been the basis for ongoing and oustanding success for our clients.

We have broken out of the old information silos that constrain too many businesses.We have combined the best bits of planning approaches spanning search marketing, social media, PR and communications, content marketing and other online and offline marketing channels, into a unified approach that ensures we can deliver innovative and integrated campaigns.

Products and Services

Paid search
Paid search (PPC) marketing can be an incredibly effective way to put your products and services in front of potential customers at the right time and in the best way,But fierce competition means that it can also be a very expensive channel if you get things wrong.Regardless of how you are using or want to use paid search, we can ensure that you get things right.We’ve been doing paid search (PPC) marketing since we were founded in 2003 and we are a leading paid search agency and a standout integrated PPC/SEO agency.

Internet Marketing

Not every business is ready, willing or able to start doing business overseas,But more and more of them are starting to consider opportunities beyond these shores.We’re supporting client activities in 24 countries around the world and expect to be active in more markets as clients hire us for our international expertise.We’re used to running fact-finding projects that provide our clients with the information they need to assess international opportunities ahead of investing further.

But we’re also able to develop successful strategies and implement tactics for those clients that already know what they want and how much they want it.We recognise that international success depends on a number of factors.First and foremost, we know it’s important to invest in delivering high-quality, localised content based on in-country data rather than gamble on rehashed, poor-quality translations based on knowledge of the UK market.And we know that this thinking applies just as much to standalone PPC campaigns as it does to integrated SEO, PPC and social media projects.That’s because the power of sharing means different things to different people but it binds the whole world together.

Content Marketing

The best way to become a genuine authority online is to create meaningful content that is relevant and recommendable,Content that makes people’s lives better and that the search engines and social networks can use identify the brands that matter,That we can amplify in the most effective ways at the most appropriate times.Whether you need an integrated content strategy, or help with tactics for one-off campaigns, we can use our skills and experience in search, social and online PR to ensure you turn great content into positive and measurable business impact.

We are able to do that because our approach to developing content strategies and ideas is driven by quantitative and qualitative insight.We listen to the questions people are asking and use this information to create interesting and exciting, relevant and recommendable content that journalists, bloggers and other influencers will engage with (and which we can encourage them to engage with) so that everyone is inspired to search, savour and share.

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