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Latitude Digital Marketing Limited

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Third Floor Red Lion Buildings,12 Cock Lane , London- EC1A 9BU
London , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
Today (Wednesday) Open 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Latitude Digital Marketing Limited - London

Latitude is a digital advertising agency. Here, we like to do features a little differently. Digital advertising is not only about the technical stuff. It's equally about meeting (and going beyond) our clients' expectations in unexpected methods.Instead of taking our word for it, why don't you become the judge of that

We recognize that marketers have different priorities or agendas when planning their techniques and selecting an agency.Sporadically the multi-territory element of the campaign is your principal concern, whereas additional occasions you'll focus on a niche sub-campaign. We don't tend to default to a single channel approach to advertising, though we additionally receive that this may be what you want.We don't do packages, we commence with your priorities and goals. What are yours

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  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Conversion Analytics

Additional Information

Modern marketing is all about going beyond the silos and thinking of the big picture, whether it be across departments (Sales, IT or HR), on and offline marketing activity, or across the various digital channels.Viewing all marketing channels as individual projects helps no one - not you, not the agencies involved or more importantly, the consumer who now expects a seamless brand experience across all touch points.So, whether we work in tandem with your other agencies or we deliver multichannel campaigns for you, the benefits of integrating your marketing are vast.
We provide a full host of digital marketing services to our clients including PPC, SEO, Display Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Conversion Analytics and Social Media Marketing. We also specialise in specific platforms, including video, mobile advertising, Youtube and Facebook marketing.Our heritage is deeply ingrained in search engine marketing and as a result, we have a wealth of 'been there, done that' experience in digital. We get it. And we’ve been ‘getting it’ for years. It's that experience and expertise that really counts when you spend your money with an agency. Of course, you always call the shots on your campaign – it’s our job to make sure it’s executed to match your objectives.You can also rely on us to stay on top of the latest developments in that particular channel…so you don't have to. And we fill you in every step of the way.
Many, if not most, marketing campaigns will nowadays have an international element to them. Getting multi-territory marketing right requires not only language skills, but also a solid understanding of local customs, behaviours and culture.Our International Approach,
Trust is an important part of every client-agency relationship, but it is particularly important when dealing with international campaigns.
As a marketer, it's hard to give someone else the control over an aspect of your campaign, when often you have no real way of checking that every PPC ad, SEO content piece and website headline says what it's meant to say and aligns with your tone of voice guidelines and positioning.This is why Latitude invests in bringing on board the best native speakers, who also have a vast knowledge of digital marketing.

Products and Services

PPC lets you reach the online audience that is relevant to your business, whatever the language or location.Because you are engaging with customers who have already entered the buying cycle, PPC is a highly effective way of driving relevant traffic, and ultimately conversions, to your website. While Pay Per Click is effective, the rise of channels such as mobile and tablet, as well as the rising cost of keywords, make search marketing campaigns often challenging to manage.
Social Media
Social Media is a two way channel that provides opportunities to listen to customers and take their feedback on board, while also being able to communicate new ideas back.Latitude works with companies to simplify the structure of this dialogue and open new channels through both paid and earned solutions.It is our mixture of technology, ingenuity and creativity, as well as understanding the brand we are working for that really makes Social Media Marketing at Latitude work for our clients.
Conversion Analytics
It doesn’t matter how many visitors your website gets, if you’re not converting that traffic into sales and using the data you’re collecting, then something’s not quite right.Latitude’s Conversion Analytics team can get you accurately tracking the activity on your site, provide in-depth analysis of how your users are behaving and, ultimately, improve conversion rates and revenue.Driving traffic to your site is only half the job, Conversion Analytics can help you take the next step and improve the effectiveness of all of your marketing channels.
Are you tracking what you need to, No worries, we provide audits to fix and optimise your Google Analytics setup.Not sure what your visitors are doing, Not a problem, we run deep-dive analysis to understand what is and isn’t working on your website.Struggling to make your sales targets? We’ve got this! The analysis first diagnoses problem areas so we can implement insight-driven creatives in the right places - eliminating the guesswork from web design. Split testing then allows us to empirically improve your performance.With our robust, tried-and-trusted optimisation process, we demonstrate our confidence in the Conversion Project methodology by offering performance-based pricing models. So the price of the project depends on how much we improve your site’s performance.
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing and lead generation are performance based channels, which means you only pay when a conversion is made, making it a cost effective channel with little financial risk.The ability to work with a range of publisher types such as voucher code and cashback sites increases brand awareness and when used tactically, can increase your average order value.Our approach to affiliate marketing is to formulate an affiliate strategy that will assist in achieving your overall digital marketing objectives.We work with a range of publisher types to drive incremental revenue without sacrificing the reputation of your brand.We can provide assistance with creative recommendations and testing. Our in house team can support with creative creation and our analysis and reporting can be customised to match your KPIs.

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