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Royal Mead, 4-5 Railway Place , Somerset- BA1 1SR
Somerset , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
Today (Wednesday) Open 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Search Star Ltd - Somerset

Search star is a SEO concern established in the year 2002. The managing director Dan Fallon phoned Google’s newly established UK office and bought a month’s sponsorship of “Flights to Paris” and “Flights to Brussels” for his customer Eurostar. The ads on Google outperformed the rest of the media plan and a passion for search was born.

Having built up a fruitful agency search team in 2005 he left to set up Search Star in Bath offering a no-nonsense approach to efficient and effective Pay-Per-Click advertising. Search Star is now proud to be one of the top 10 independent PPC agencies in the UK and the biggest in the South West.

We work with customers from across the UK and around the world, selling products from designer shoes to potato seeds, from espresso machines to football trophies.

Our extraordinary team prides itself on its friendly, straight-talking service, a sound knowledge of advertising technology and an supreme understanding of what makes people click.

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Additional Information

We believe that in-house PPC & Analytics skills are essential if you want to maximise your website traffic and the effectiveness of your website.Knowing your PPC allows you either to get better results if you run your PPC in-house or be a more demanding & better informed client if you outsource to an agency.

An advanced knowledge of Analytics training means you can truly understand your traffic sources and how they interact with your website. Critically this understanding allows you to improve your website and get more conversions from your traffic.Our PPC & Analytics courses are taught by fun, talented experts who love to teach. The courses are structured so attendees can get involved and feel comfortable with the theory and develop the practical skills needed to use PPC & analytics effectively.

All our courses are held in modern, spacious training facilities in the centre of Bath with the latest training equipment and state of the art presentation tools. Adjacent to the Bath’s newly integrated transport hub linking bus and rail we are 90 minutes from London by train and 45 mins from Bristol Airport by road. There is ample parking within 50 metres of the venue. UniversalAnalytics.

Products and Services

PPC management

PPC management is at the heart of everything we do. We’ve been making PPC work for our clients for as long as it has existed in the UK, and we continue to be at the forefront of this ever-changing industry.We work with multinational brands, forward-thinking SME’s, niche start-ups and everything in between, managing campaigns across Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn and beyond. From fast-paced ecommerce to slow-burn lead generation, PPC (done properly) can be employed to support a range of business needs, and we know that PPC performance relies on a genuine understanding of those needs.

We believe that successful pay-per-click management is founded not just on deep knowledge of PPC, constant innovation and a healthy dose of raw brain-power, but also on the great relationships we form with clients to guide strategy and ensure real results. We’d like to think that these relationships stem just from our being jolly nice people, but we know that they are also based on the honest, straightforward manner in which we talk about PPC, as well as on the fact that we deliver on our promises.

In addition to our dedication to providing the very highest level of client service, our approach to PPC is defined by sharp insight, relentless innovation, and, somewhat more prosaically, strong attention to detail. PPC campaigns must be built on strong foundations, and we always make sure that the basics of an account are 100% right before we start with the clever stuff.

website analytics

Perhaps you already know the answers to these questions. If not, we can certainly help you find out but the big question would still remain – so what?Our expertise cuts through the trivia that is so easily generated by website analytics, turning mere numbers into genuine insight and positive actions. To get the most out of digital marketing, you need to be able to see data in context and understand trends over time, across devices, between regions and against competitors. Our ultimate aim is not simply to measure your web performance; it’s to improve it.

Whether you’re running a PPC campaign with us or not, we can assist you with the implementation of Google Analytics or else provide an audit of your existing set-up. We’ll ensure that you’re able to account for what matters most to your business, be that cold-hard cash from an ecommerce site, B2B sales leads, or reassurance that users are engaging with your brand experience.

Once you have accurate and comprehensive data, we’ll be in a position to delve into the performance of your Website and your online marketing efforts, highlighting what works or naming and shaming anything that doesn’t. We’ll use A/B and multivariate testing to understand how your landing pages are performing and provide recommendations on improvements. The same methodology can be applied to your conversion funnel, allowing you to identify why it is that users are struggling to convert.After all, your site is the linchpin of all your digital marketing efforts. If it’s not working optimally, nothing else will be.

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