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9 The Old Coach House Bow Street Business Centre , Guisborough - ts14 6pr
Cleveland , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
+44-1642 424644
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Gold Star Search ltd - Guisborough

SEO Advisors is a SEO company with the aim to make your website an accessible and highly visual platform on the internet, providing you with a demonstrable return on your SEO and marketing investment. This additionally increases your online brand alertness. We drive more traffic, leads and sales to your website.

We also take care of search engine marketing and search engine submissions. Gold star search has more efficiency to take your website to the top. Look no further for your SEO Company, our cutting edge web site search engine optimization techniques mean Gold star search can and will provide.

So let Gold star search get in the showground and fight your corner. We are unceasingly building on years of Internet and development knowledge. We are now combining new and effective techniques such as blogging and news feeds to raise visibility of our clients.

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Gold Star Search have extensive experience in ppc and internet marketing from the birth of the search engine optimisation industry in the late 90`s, our focused internet business model combined with a concise understanding of the Internet, which means that we can provide you with a ppc strategy that is guaranteed to produce the right results for you and your business.

Our aim is to make your website an accessible and highly visual platform on the internet, providing you with a demonstrable return on your SEO and marketing investment. This additionally increases your online brand awareness.The internet offers a number of choices to market your business online, organic versus paid search, affiliate marketing to name a few.

SEO Advisor are paid search Specialists. By ‘paid search’ we refer using pay per click as a marketing vehicle to dirve traffic to your site. We assist companies by offering our experience in running paid advertising campaigns for our clients to maximse there budgetary power and receive the very best return on thier advertising investment.

Products and Services

Pay Per Click Management

PPC Management is essential if you want the optimum effectiveness from your PPC Campaign. If your website is going to secure increased sales & exposure your business requires effective PPC Management as the only way you can ensure you achieve the optimum results of desired increased traffic, telephone calls, web enquiries and resultant sales revenue.

PPC Management with SEO Advisors provides professional advice in terms of the initial add campaign, keyword research and competitor analysis, add design, Generation of suitable keywords and the supervision on the campaign spend to ensure you meet your objectives within the desired budgets. Without effective PPC Management you will waste money, lose time and risk failure.

At SEO Advisors our PPC Management services doesn’t just Drive Traffic to your site we aim to ensure you receive the right type of traffic which will produce a higher conversion to sale and provide a greater ROI at the right time in line with other marketing expenditure and in tune with your marketing strategy. At SEO Advisors PPC Management we work with you day by day to forge a strong relationship to find exactly what you are looking for, and take you through the experience, from a detailed search analysis period to the resultant increase in desired traffic levels and to provide PPC Management advice to improve conversions to sale.

At SEO Advisors PPC Management our primary aim is to produce RESULTS at a lower cost of acquisition and not simply to increase traffic levels to the site. We include in our PPC Management remit the CPA [Cost per Acquisition] as a vital element of our overall PPC Management strategy for you.

PPC Management with SEO Advisors provides fast track able results and daily access to a PPC Management professional account manager to guide you through the process from start to finish without losing control of your daily marketing spend.Google provides you with very detailed statistical data to assist you with your PPC campaign, however it’s not so easy to interpret these figures and can be a daunting task which invariably leads to an element of ‘guessing’ of what to do. At SEO Advisors PPC Management we don’t guess we carefully analyze the data and use mathematical models to apply probability theories combined with our previous PPC Management experience to make informed decisions that will maximize your profits and ROI.

SEO Advisers PPC Management we remove the guesswork and make correct decisions based around mathematical formulas rather than taking a chance with your money which makes economic sense in today’s cost conscience times.PPC Management is about making the right decisions at the right time, the vast majority of PPC managers will make a lot of decisions usually at the same time in a hope that something will work but are never really sure what actually did work. The better way to provide a PPC Management service is to build up the traffic to sufficient levels and to carefully analyze the results and then make a series of structured changes separately to plot the progress and to see what actually works and what has a neutral affect and what has a negative affect that’s effective PPC Management.

Our PPC management offered by SEO Advisors is a more long term approach to making strategic changes rather than dramatic ones that will enable PPC Management to build a history and to plan a future for your PPC campaign and provide proper PPC Management.Most Pay per Click advertising managers actually make too many decisions in a short space of time and in doing this they lose any hope of ever discovering the real underlying performance of their keywords and the impact it had on the campaign. At SEO Advisors PPC Management we do it differently by making small but vitally important changes and monitor their reaction to ensure effective PPC Management.

Effective PPC Management is about strategic decision making utilizing data supplied by Google to plot a course towards achieving the right traffic and to capture that traffic to make a decision to purchase or make an enquiry. At SEO Advisors PPC Management we don’t gamble with your money, Effective PPC management requires informed decisions based on experience and providing an analytical approach to ensure your PPC campaign is both successful and profitable.

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