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Digital Clicks Ltd

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1010 Cambourne Business Park , Cambourne- CB23 6DP
Cambridge , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
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Digital Clicks Ltd - Cambourne

We are the Internet Marketing experts.What we are about,We are a results-driven Online Marketing organisation, working with customers of all shapes and sizes to confirm that they provide services of highest standard. For more than years, we have developed techniques that have proven to be helpful to every customer we have worked with.

Who We Are

Based in Cambridgeshire, we are a team of web experts. Our professionals plan and carry out systematic campaigns supported by our technical intellects that are usually developing their techniques in line with advances in online.

We Understand

We recognize how significant brand perception is. With more and more persons turning to search engines to make purchasing decisions. So, it happens to be important l that you stand out above the crowd and never receive dragged down by any concerning parts of web content. The internet delivers a voice for all and our job is to build your brand sing.

Business Operation Hours
Monday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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Other Services:

  • Link Buliding
  • Product Feed Management
  • PPC Mangement

Additional Information

We work with you to gain the required knowledge of your industry in order to create the most efficient campaign possible. We give you a simple form to fill out that allows us to evaluate and review your website and how it is currently performing. Research is carried out by surrounding the sector to ensure that not only do we create the best possible campaign for you, but also understand what your competitors are up to online.

Search terms, competition and the associated PPC bids are reviewed to maintain and create a well structured campaign whilst being fully in control of the budget. Full account analysis is carried out to update and tweak the campaign to constantly improve the performance and your return on investment.

Each month we provide a full and comprehensive report detailing how successful your campaign has been, breaking down your account so that you can fully understand your return on investment and the genuine performance of various the products or services you offer.The PPC process is ongoing, with constant modifications and evolving strategies being applied to always stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Digital Clicks work with clients to interact with customers on one of the world’s fastest growing social media platforms. Online marketing through social media requires time and commitment, making it difficult for many clients to maintain their presence and keep the interest of their audience.Bespoke Facebook Pages – The creation of completely customised Facebook pages to enhance brand perception and interactive opportunities.

Interaction – Posts, videos and photos dependant on the final social media strategy. Facebook is a great way to distribute tone of voice and marketing message to current and potential brand ambassadors.Competitions and incentives – Developing interesting, innovative and creative concepts to maintain and grow your social footprint.

Twitter Marketing
Tweets may be short but they can be powerful. A well-managed Twitter SMO campaign can present your company to a whole new market and tap into the ever more important social media phenomenon. Unlike traditional forms of internet marketing, Twitter allows you to have a direct conversational link with your audience which not only develops recognition but can gather invaluable feedback providing information that shapes your offerings to customers

Creating and producing engaging, potentially viral videos provides an incredible opportunity to generate a massive amount of brand exposure. If in line with strategic objectives, YouTube also provides genuine current and potential customers with the opportunity to discover relevant and useful information that can be digested in an engaging and simple to understand format.

Products and Services

Local SEO

The first step in any good optimisation campaign is to establish and create a thorough strategy. It’s vital that we understand your business goals and what you want to get out of the internet, so we work closely with our clients to get this clearly defined from the start and can define clear campaign objectives.
Technical Optimisation

Starting with site construction, our SEO team work to build or amend your site to become a fully visible and crawlable site for Search Engine Spiders. This enables transparency for all page content for Google, Bing and Yahoo to crawl, archive and rank accordingly. Every page is scrutinised to ensure that it has been coded and structured correctly, whilst being user friendly and encouraging conversions. From top to bottom, your site is constantly reviewed, evaluated and tweaked to stay in line with algorithm updates, SEO practices and techniques.

Link Building
One of the most important elements of an online marketing campaign is link building. In simple terms, it means that you need to take effective measures to point hyperlinks to your website from other websites. Besides getting more hits on your site, this process also helps create awareness about your brand, adds credibility to your company and, of course, enhances your search engine rankings.

As SEO Experts, Digital Clicks provide innovative ways to build links for your website. We analyse your existing partnerships and develop a strategy to get new alliances. With an elaborate link portfolio, which includes creating new content and directory submissions, we ensure that your online presence improves significantly. We also work to smoothly integrate link building activity into your existing marketing plan. We only carry out link building with the highest quality and thoroughly inspected links.

Product Feed Management
For clients with a product-based offering, there are opportunities often missed by online retailers. Search engine shopping feeds can be optimised to display your chosen product ranges in organic search results.We work with our clients to select products that will be promoted through a customised feed generator; Digital Clicks will manage your database. Your products will be regularly updated and optimised to ensure that the search results stay relevant and fresh to consumers and attract more organic traffic to your site. We can adjust your SEO campaign at any time to focus on best value deals and other areas that maintain your goals and optimise ROI.
SEO Results and Performance

Ultimately, SEO efforts are reflected in results. It’s important that the strategy is defined clearly at the start of the campaign. Tracking is placed on each and every site that we work with to ensure that it is clearly measured which search terms are delivering good quality traffic to your website. We send out monthly reports detailing work carried out, a plan for the following month, and results of the campaign to date.

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