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The Loft, 3 Plumptre Street , Lace- NG1 1JL
Nottingham , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
+44-115 966 7984
Today (Wednesday) Open 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Angel Digital - Lace

Angel Digital is a creative internet marketing business. We design breath-taking sites and write effective copy. We share, optimise and marketplace to receive your Company in front of the proper audience.

Angel is based in Nottingham from the East Midlands and our central place enables us to serve firms all over the UK. We are happy to see you at your place, as this assists gives us a texture for your firm.

Despite our fast development, we passionately believe in delivering individual, attentive service to every one of our customers. We are a tiny, close-knit team that provides value-for-money and results through creative, ethical signifies.

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Additional Information

Pay Per Click Management Services,Whether you're looking for further advice or just simply want Angel to take over your Google Adwords account, we can help.So you’re already using pay per click (PPC) for your business website? That’s great, you’ve already identified the massive return on investment opportunity by targeting your potential customers head on.Since PPC can be a significant investment, no doubt you’ll have questions, such as:
    Am I targeting the right terms?
    Why are my ads never at the top of Google?
    Is this really making me money?
    Why are some ads costing me a lot of money?
    Are there cheaper or other alternatives to PPC?
Don’t worry - no matter how much you’re spending on PPC, we can help. We have worked with clients with small, moderate and large budgets, helping each to improve their efficiency and return on investment substantially.When you get us on board, you’ll see that our management of your account is simple. We don’t use automated software to do the job; instead we use human pay per click experts to ensure you are getting value for money and the right decisions are being made - thus giving you more time to run your business safe in the knowledge you have the experts taking care of your campaign.

With each account we manage, we will report back to you in detail with what we believe is working for your business and what is not working, advising you on how you could achieve more - enabling you to make informed decisions.To find out more about our pay per click management services please email us, and a specialist PPC expert will be more than happy to talk to you about your needs and requirements.SEO Friendly Website Design Services,A website that isn't search engine friendly could be damaging your online presence and losing you business opportunities.

In addition to our specialist search engine optimisation and online marketing services, we can also offer you advanced web design and creative skills.One thing to remember about web design is that it’s not just about beautiful pictures and pretty colours; it’s about designing a site that your visitors can use, interact with and potentially buy from. And you don’t just need your visitors’ seal of approval - it’s also important to design a site that Google likes.So if you’re sitting in front of a design company any time soon, don’t get too excited about buzz words like Web 2.0, Ajax and social networking. You need to focus on the goals you want to achieve, based on the jobs your visitor is trying to do on your site.

Using the latest technology to achieve this may or may not be advisable, depending on your needs. In addition, many technologies have a negative impact on the loading time of your site, which is an especially important factor, given the forthcoming release of Google Caffeine. Click here to read more about website load times and good search engine rankings.Get in touch and tell us what you’re trying to do - and we’ll explain everything from start to finish. If you decide then not to work with us, at least you’ll have a good idea of what to ask your chosen design company for.To find out more about our website design services please email us, and a design expert will be more than happy to talk to you about your needs and requirements.

Products and Services

Local SEO

For any website to work and gain clients and an online revenue stream or in general terms, more business, search engine optimisation is a must have to improve your online exposure.SEO,It’s not just small businesses that need SEO; companies such as eBay, Walt Disney, Tesco, Ford and even Microsoft with its very own search engine Bing, have SEO divisions or employ SEO companies to work on their online presence.

SEO is one of the most cost effective ways to market your business on a local, national or global scale.
Search Engine Optimisation is targeted.Every day around the World, millions of people use search engines like Google to find products and services that meet their needs and wants. It’s estimated that more than 85 percent of the World's online population has used the Internet to make a purchase.

That captive audience of people ready to part with their money use search engines to locate companies like yours to provide them with what they want. Have a look at Google Keyword Tool now and you can get an idea of how many people are already looking for you. Just type in a few phrases that people might use to find you, and you’ll see the volume of people who use that phrase for both the UK and any other country you choose, monthly and annually. This is your potential online market - and SEO can help you reach it.So how does SEO ensure that your Company is the one your potential customers find first? We optimise your website for the phrases customers would use to find you, so that it appears high in the search results for Google and other major search engines.

SEO gives your company millions of potential leads a day - all at an agreed, fixed and manageable cost.Your site is seen 24/7.A well optimised website will appear high in the search engine listings, 24/7. This means that your message is in front of your potential customers, every second of every minute of every day - right through the year.Conventional forms of advertising can’t offer this value. A magazine might reach a certain niche audience but that audience will only glance at your ad, and may not even notice it. Magazines are often discarded within the month.

An advert at a bus stop or on the tube may be viewed for a few seconds and then forgotten.SEO by contrast ensures that your site is always there, at the front of the minds of real prospective purchasers. Another distinct advantage is that your website is displayed right at the moment of purchase. As any marketing expert will tell you, getting the message, media, market and moment right is a winning formula - and SEO helps you achieve just that.To find out more about our SEO services please email us, and an SEO specialist will be more than happy to talk to you about your needs and requirements. We help people throughout the UK..

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