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Designer Websites Ltd

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Sully Moors Road Sully , Vale of Glamorgan - CF64 5RP
South Wales , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
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Designer Websites Ltd - Vale of Glamorgan

At Designer Websites we are passionate about web design   and in specific ecommerce web design. Established in 2006 and based in Cardiff we have offered hundreds of websites to companies all over the planet, from right here in Cardiff to New Zealand, France, Germany and even the USA.

We will offer website that add value to any company, whether it’s marketing a product, advertising a service or building a community online. We truly believe that your website ought to be your business's strongest sales asset, and besides that we can make your web design more appealing and contemporary, that's only the beginning.

We strongly believe that any company website should first and foremost supply the following:

  •     A company webpage ought to be found promptly in the search engine (SEO). There is issue in having a website design that looks great but is seldom viewed (read more on webpage optimisation)
  •     A webpage could pretty instantly identify its purpose to the users thus as to notify them that they have found the correct organization, as you have found us for website design Cardiff
  •     A standard company website ought to be effortless to navigate and contain precisely the appropriate level of working; not too much, not too less
  •     A standard website design is cross-browser compatible and mobile friendly
  •     A beneficial website design can engage the users and drive their interaction, whether that be through an action, a purchase, or some type of interaction through social media
  • A passionate, experienced team of web developers in Cardiff

At Designer Websites we have a team of 12, which includes the web designers, UI developers, internet developers   and SEO experts. Our web developers and web designers are all degree qualified, with some furthermore carrying relevant Microsoft Professional Certifications. Our core talent affords us and gives us the ability to create everything from small business websites to very large scale ecommerce websites; and our SEO specialises and experience signifies we will drive more sales to your company.We also have more professionals in the organization who aid with all the everyday running of the company including accounting, advertising and sales.

Business Operation Hours
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Other Services:

  • Website Hosting
  • Web Design

Additional Information

If someone is searching the internet for the products or services that your company offers, will it be your site that they find, or one of your competitors? If your competitors are beating you in the search engine results, our experienced website optimisation team can help.Website optimisation is the process of using search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques to push your website to the top of search engines like Google or Bing. Appearing on page one of Google for the right keywords will bring new visitors, increase sales and improve your brand exposure.

A well-optimised website will also place you as an authority in your field. Web surfers tend to trust the companies they find at the top of the search engines and are therefore more likely to spend money with them, so it is important that your business website is optimised by skilled SEO professionals.Do you want a website that looks just as good on tablets and mobile phones as it does on desktop computers? Do you want your site to function perfectly, no matter how it’s being viewed? If so, our bespoke responsive web design service is exactly what you need.

Responsive web design is all about anticipating your user’s needs. Whether you like it or not, your website is going to be accessed by an increasingly varied number of devices. You need to make sure your website incorporates the right responsive designs; otherwise, it will only get left behind!Google themselves have recommended responsive web design as the best practice right now, so if you want a site that works as well as possible – for users and search engines alike – our team of experienced web experts will be glad to build you a responsive website that’s specifically tailored to your business and its needs.

About Responsive Web Design
Responsive website design is about building websites so that users have the optimal viewing experience. We do this utilising a variety of methods, for example we set page element sizes in percentages, as opposed to units, we include flexible dynamic image manipulation for resizing on the fly, and we design flexible menu’s that can be restructured based on the screen size. There are also different CSS style rules that consider the width of the browser and the type of device. With our comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge of these technologies our web designers and developers will create a smooth, functional responsive site that represents your business in the best possible way.

The internet is always changing, and web developers have to stay ahead of the curve if they want to continue providing the best possible service. Everyone here at Designer Websites strives to stay abreast of the latest advances and new technologies, and we are now experts in the art of responsive web design. Our responsive designs are perfect for businesses who want to come across as modern, plugged-in enterprises with one eye constantly fixed on the future.

Products and Services

We’ve been developing ecommerce websites for many years and our ecommerce website developers and designers are absolutely second to none, as our examples should demonstrate. We create high quality, great looking, bespoke ecommerce websites that are expertly optimised for the search engines, ensuring that your website not only looks great but also drives in appropriate traffic.Our clients have had terrific results over the years and we thoroughly recommend looking through our ecommerce website case studies, so that you can see for yourself the quality of our ecommerce website designers.

Website Hosting
We at Designer Websites pride ourselves on offering a truly comprehensive website design and hosting service. We provide a number of website hosting solutions to meet the requirements of our clients, from simple static websites to large database driven ecommerce websites. Our reliable, firewalled and dedicated web servers are located within a climate controlled environment, housed inside a secure, purpose-built data centre.

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