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Cozy Digital Limited

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Unit 16, 30 Bankhead Drive , Edinburgh- EH11 4EQ
Edinburgh, City of , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
Today (Tuesday) Open 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Cozy Digital Limited - Edinburgh

Cozy digital are on the Cutting-edge website design, ecommerce, seo and social marketing specialists: We’ll promote your brand and help it grow into an irresistible online force.Mission,Our target is to continue building and nourishing solid professional relationships with our customers by providing operative, inspirational and reasonable solutions which are built around their individual needs.

We are committed towards helping our customers’ brands to stay relevant and gain new ground in an ever-changing digital landscape by taking a research-led, analytical approach which informs each decision we make.As a company, we are determined to help each of our customers maximize their full potential online and achieve targeted, impactful results in an ethical manner.

Join into our portfolio where it brings a great success,Description,Cozy Digital invites you to add your brand to our ever-mounting portfolio of client success stories.Our proficiency has benefited an eclectic mix of customers over the years: We’ve helped everyone from soccer clubs to medicinal firms, charity groups to radio stations and cottage industry businesses to multi-national corporations make a real impact online.

As a concern which sits at the forefront of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Web Design industries, we are perfectly positioned to help launch your brand into the digital stratosphere, whether you are in charge of an recognized firm or a start-up that is making its first baby-steps onto the web.

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  • Web-design services
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Marketing

Additional Information

Put simply, any successful online marketing campaign should include some degree of high quality Social Media Marketing (SMM): By adopting a strategy which doesn’t neglect this important area, you’ll be able to better engage with your target audience, spread the word about your business and send out positive social signals that will make the search engines sit up and take notice of your brand.Sounds brilliant – but as we all know, it can often be difficult to find the time to really exploit the myriad of benefits that this technology can offer: Especially since you’ll need to post and tweet frequent, high quality content on a regular basis to see any sort of positive results.

Cozy Digital’s affordable SMM packages have been designed to take the hard work out of this important aspect of marketing: We’ve fine-tuned all of our systems so that you can sit back and focus on the bigger picture.Whether directly from Facebook / Twitter or indirectly, via your improved search engine results, SMM can be an effective tool in bringing people to your website. Each engagement - ‘share’, ‘re-tweet’ or ‘like’ is a seal of approval for your brand which can be worth far more than many other forms of advertising – and a strong social presence is an increasingly important factor in today’s search engine algorithms.By using social media technology as a platform to deliver high-quality, helpful, informative and entertaining content, you’ll paint a favourable picture of your brand and gain a growing audience of potential advocates for your brand.

Products and Services

 SEO packages
Investing in a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign from Cozy Digital could be one of the smartest marketing moves you’ll ever make in when it comes to promoting your brand online.Why is SEO so important.In a world where 4.3 billion searches are placed on Google each month, search engine results matter.

Improving your website’s search engine rankings could make a huge difference to the success of your brand online:Around 90% of online purchases start with a search engine query.Web-pages which turn up on the first page of search engine results for a user’s selected key-phrase will pull through approximately,90% of all search-generated traffic.

Web-pages which rank at position #1 on the first page of search engine results for a given key-phrase,can be expected to receive 40% of all traffic for that particular term.Put simply, first page search engine results are good news for your business.Once we help you to achieve your SEO targets and take you to the top of the search engines, you can expect to:Increase your traffic,Encourage repeat business,Reach a wider audience,Rise above your competition,Improve brand recognition,Gain the trust of your customers,and of course, bottom line: increase the profitability of your website.

Great-value SEO solutions that you can’t afford to miss out on,An SEO campaign from Cozy Digital will give you one of the best cost-to-benefit ratios available anywhere in the world of online marketing – Take a look at this breakdown of all the great features you’ll get with each of our fantastic-value packages:Responsive design matters.

The way in which your site is designed is a vital factor used by the search engines to determine where it will rank, particularly as far as mobile search results are concerned.By choosing one of our responsive design packages, you’ll be future-proofing your website for use across all modern platforms, from the smallest smartphone display to the largest high-resolution monitor.

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