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Snuff Mill Warehouse Park Lane , Bewdley- DY12 2EL
Worcestershire , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
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E64 Limited - Bewdley

For more than  years of experience offering  services and software solutions to the mid-marketplace, e64 is ideally placed to supply the appropriate solutions for your requirements  and turn out to be the perfect choice as your web solution  provider.

Over the previous 9 years we have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience in utilising the web to marketplace and promote businesses experience that we use now to ensure your goals are accomplished.

The new technologies and techniques emerging virtually by the hour along with the ever growing web, we have the ability to embrace those that add benefit to you, and disregard those that don't.To confirm we continue to grow and stay ahead of the pack we have expertise in a few key regions which are:

  •     Ecommerce Solutions
  •    Search Engine Marketing
  •    Content Management

Keeping focused on these three regions, we continue to excel in offering  our clients with cutting  edge, efficient and comprehensive tools and solutions to achieve their goals.

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Additional Information

Your website says a lot about your business: what you offer, what you believe in, your passion and your customer service, so we think it's important to get it right.Stunning Website Design,When it comes to Website Design, we have a great approach - we listen to what you want to achieve and what your goals are, and then we work with you to create a solution to meet those goals.

eCommerce Solutions
Our eCommerce system, eSPOSURE, is perfect for new or existing businesses who want to start selling online, or improve their existing eCommerce solution using our proven system. more Content Management System,We have been promoting websites for over nine years. We know Search Engines, we know how to use them to market your business or products, and we know how best to target your online market.

With the explosion of various Social Media websites over the past few years, the search market has become even more involved and potentially confusing: should you get a company Facebook page, where does LinkedIn fit in, and what should you do about Twitter.
Often businesses don't know how to use these sites, or even whether they need to bother with them at all. The uncertainty of not knowing whether they are missing out on something becomes a cause for concern, but people are too busy running the business to be able to understand them all, and what they should do with them.
The good news is that, at e64, we understand how important Search Engines are to your business, and more importantly we know how to make them work for you and how to use them as a rich source of new prospects and customers.We also understand Social Media, and how business can use it to find new customers. Dealing with it every day, we are up to date with all the latest changes, we can advise you on what you should be doing, and work with you to create a solid and effective online marketing approach.
e64 is a Google AdWords Certified Partner. This means we have been certified by Google as a professional online marketing agency who can effectively manage, analyse and optimise AdWords campaigns to be the most effective they can be for our customers.
Google AdWords Certified Partners must demonstrate an in-depth understanding of AdWords by passing exams, and must meet all Google’s own qualification requirements. These requirements ensure we demonstrate not just our understanding of the Google AdWords system, but also how best to use AdWords to achieve any given set of goals you may have.
We can ensure that you get the most out of your budget and that your ads are getting the right traffic for the right budget. Due to the number and value of the AdWords accounts we manage with Google, we have our own Google Account manager and optimisation team which means we can get Google team members working on your account.We don’t view SEO just as a way to focus on your website ranking, but also as a tool to draw attention to the messages your web pages are giving the readers, and therefore the search engines.To some, SEO is all about getting your website ranking the highest possible, and no more than that. Whilst technically speaking this is true, we also keep an eye on the actual goal - which is attracting more visitors to your website, so how does this approach differ.
Just focusing on your website ranking can achieve some good results, but it also means you will not get the best from your ranking position. It is easy to forget that the goal of high website ranking is to attract more visitors who are looking for what you do, so why is it that some websites ranking fourth or fifth receive more click-throughs than those in the top three? We believe this is down to some sites focusing on ranking and not on their content’s relevance.
The approach that we take to SEO is to focus on the relevance each web page has to the search being conducted. As well as achieving high website ranking, this maximises the number of click-throughs from the search results to the web page. Basing your SEO on relevance to the user also has these benefits:Not all websites need to achieve the same goals. Those built for online shopping need to generate sales there and then, others need to convert the visitor to a prospect by encouraging them to get in touch. Even informational websites have goals, predominantly they need the user to become better informed.Working with you, we will help clarify the goals for your website, and ensure each page is designed to make sure they are achieved.

Products and Services


As a professional Search Marketing agency we are frequently being approached to market on-line shopping sites to increase revenues and customers. However, we often find that the site in question uses one of the many 'off the shelf' eCommerce products which are all designed without any thought for the Search Engines and so frequently require significant alterations to market them effectively.

eSPOSURE is the only product we know of that has been specifically designed for the Search Engines as well as the visitors, and so is not only very easy for visitors to use and for you to administer, but is also truly optimised at every level for the Search Engines. With it comes the front office shopping website, a back office administration site and an Excel spreadsheet solution that allows some basic off-line updating of the database which can then automatically connect to the on-line database and upload any changes.


Pay-per-Click Management from the ProfessionalsSo you've got your website, you like the design, you've spent hours creating the content and now it's live - a shining beacon that will start the business rolling in, right?So where's all that business then?Pay-per-Click (PPC) marketing is the set up and management of paid advertisements on the main Search Engines. PPC is available with all major Search Engines and each has their own advertisement programme: Google's is called AdWords, Yahoo's is Yahoo Search and MSN call it AdCenter. Which ones we choose to use for your campaign will be discussed at the early stages of the project.
Social Media Marketing
Social Media MarketingUsing social media effectively offers a direct channel of communication to people who have an interest in the activities covered by your website. We will set up suitable accounts for you, using the most appropriate social media site for your business, and help you get underway with opening up new forms of contact with your customers.To be effective, social media need to be kept fresh and up to date, but this has significant maintenance overheads. e64 have developed a solution that allows you topost once but be published many times, by making sure that a single post to your blog is replicated to all your social media accounts.
We can also set up one or more pages to be fed directly from your blog, so the website news pages can also be updated with content from the blog. We can then work with you to ensure that content is regularly posted to encourage a loyal readership and increase awareness.
Domain name registration ensures that you have the website address of your choice (depending on availability) for use with your website and/or email. e64 can register your domains for you and ensure they are correctly set up to work with your website and email mail boxes.As part of our service, we can check the availability of a domain name for you, and discuss alternative options if your first choice is not available and Once you have selected a domain name you like, we will arrange its registration with Nominet, the domain name authority.All domain names we register will be registered on your behalf, using your name and contact details. This means you will own the domain for the time period it has been registered and e64 will have no claim or hold over the domain.

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