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Blissetts House, Roslin Road , London- W3 8DH
London , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
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CyberScape Solutions - London

Initially we concentrated only on website programming and some design work but have furthermore evolved into SEO and internet marketing. Along with a few fixes on the way, we have grown somewhat, but are still a Small web team!  This is how we love things really, since it enables us to work more wisely with you and makes us responsive to your requirements!

We have constantly been passionate about Technology and IT. Our founder initially began his career in the defence industry, working for Marconi Systems, developing software and algorithms for underwater sonar systems. A few more profession hops along the line, and he found himself being more and more fascinated by the internet as well as its potential. So, Cyberspace was ultimately born!

Being a small business ourselves, we appreciate the financial restrictions that occasionally make it difficult for small businesses to embrace what development and the internet usually provides .We will offer a service at a competitive cost along with first class services.Such reasons motivated us to focus on making internet technologies as well as its advantages, more affordable and accessible to the SME marketplace!Drop us a line for a casual talk to find how we may assist with your Web marketing requirements!

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  • Content Management Systems

Additional Information

We can offer you our own content management system ( CMS ) at a very attractive price, it will also be search engine friendly of course!
Or if you prefer, we can integrate your website using an open source CMS, from the range of popular offerings out there.A CMS will allow you to easily update and manage the simple content on your website yourself, things like the text and images for example. Mostly removing the need to ask us to update your webpages for you, with say price updates, or product additions, or just some latest company news.

If you want to sell your products online you will need a well structured website with a nice contemporary feel, that looks ‘good’ and entices visitors in!It of course needs to be developed with people, as well as search engines in mind! It also helps if there is an easy to use shopping cart behind your website that shoppers find straightforward and intuitive.


Products and Services

Local SEO
Did you know that around a third of all online searches are for local products and services!What you really want and need are more visitors to your website. But not just any visitors of course, you want targeted visitor traffic, that will convert well into buyer traffic!The main aim of good SEO is to funnel highly specific ‘targeted’ visitors to your website, that will be ready to ‘buy’ what you are offering and be more easily converted into new customers!

SEO – On Page Optimisation
We aim to build all our websites as search engine (SE) friendly as possible. I expect you have you heard the term SEO friendly a lot, but never really understood what it means or refers to!When we talk about SEO friendly, we are referring to the underlying website architecture, which needs to be made easy for the Google spiders or crawlers to navigate. So that when search engines like Google get to your website, they will not struggle to find and index all parts of your site content.We will work to optimise your website for the major search engines, like Google, Yahoo!, MSN etc, using among other things, established and ‘known’ techniques for on-page SEO like…
    Site Navigation
    Title Tags
    Meta Description Tag
    Meta Keywords Tag (not really used but still worth including)
    The use of H (Heading) Tags, H1, H2, H3 etc.
    Keywords in visible page content
    Alt Tags for images and links.
    Use of a Sitemap

SEO – Off Page Optimisation
Off page SEO work can also be performed, things like backlink acquisition, Social Media marketing and acquiring accounts on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Web 2.0 sites etc.. for you.

As with most things related to search engines, the business of search engine optimisation is also an evolutionary one.  Which means that you have to look at the longer term, and you won’t get instant results overnight! So essentially although the process to SEO success takes longer to achieve, it is more likely to be lasting!

Prices for SEO Campaigns,Our prices for performing SEO campaigns are highly dependent on the keywords you want to target as well as the competiton for those keywords. We only use ethical white-hat practices for Search or SEO.You can either call us or send us your requirements using the FREE Site Review form, so that we can give you a more accurate assesment.

Social Media
One of the fastest growing segments of the internet over the last few years is what’s known as Social Media. Facebook and Twitter are the two most well-known examples of social media sites.Having a Facebook page is becoming more and more important, because people have come to expect it. There are over 600 million users on Facebook, and if you don’t have a presence there you’re missing out on a lot of potential business.

Plus, for many people Facebook has become synonymous with the internet. A lot of people spend most of their time online using Facebook, so if you aren’t reaching them there, you may not have a chance to reach them at all.Facebook started out as a way to connect on a personal level, but over the last couple of years they have added a lot of features that are targeted at businesses. You’ve probably already started to notice a lot of big companies adding “Find us on Facebook” to their websites, advertising and other places.

It can work just as well for local businesses, in fact it can work even better. Because Facebook is by nature a place to be “social” a local business fits in much better than a big, faceless corporation.Setting up a Facebook Page for your business gives you a way to connect with your customers “virtually” and it can help to create a real sense of community.Twitter is another social media site where you should definitely have a presence. It’s a little bit of a different beast though, because the whole point is to post short updates (up to 140 characters at a time) so you can only share so much information.

It can be useful for sending out messages about special offers and other news, but more importantly it’s another way for your customers and potential customers to contact you.Your customers can send you messages, called “Tweets”, via Twitter so it is similar to email in some ways. But because the messages are so short, it can be an effective way for them to ask quick questions or give you quick feedback, without having to invest a lot of time to do it.Aside from reaching potential customers, there’s another reason you should have a presence in these places – managing your brand. People will talk about their experiences with your company on the internet whether you’re part of it or not. It’s important that you are.

Pay Per Click
Pay per click or PPC advertising are the Adwords Ads that you see across the top, or on the right had side of Google search results. These Ads are written by advertisers to be triggered when certain keywords or phrases are searched on. Each time a person clicks on the Ad, they are sent to the advertiser’s website, and the advertiser is charged for that “click” by Google.Pay per click advertising can be a VERY profitable way to increase sales and leads and should be part of every business owners’ Internet advertising campaign.

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