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40 Rickmansworth Road Watford , Hertfordshire- WD18 7HT
Hertfordshire , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
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ASWebdesign - Hertfordshire

ASWebdesign was founded in 2006 in Watford, Hertfordshire by Andrew Sidders.After graduating within the University of Reading with a degree in Electronic Engineering rather of instantly getting into a job I began an online project with my Dad. Our aim was to develop a URL for A-level maths students in the UK. After approaching many web designing companies, we both with the programming background came with an idea of designing and coding ourselves.

After much hard work we established Examsolutions.co.uk in 2004 and we waited to look for customers who are looking for the need of search engines. After months of rewording and minor redesigns we were nowhere to be found on Google, MSN or Yahoo. We rarely received visitors to the website, it was a disaster!

Not wanting to give up on the website, I continued to find out and learn more about the different internet designs and search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques and by a task of trial and error completely redesigned and recoded Exam Solutions. In 2005 Exam Solutions and we had a breakthrough. The website rocketed up the search engine listings and rated in the top ten found on the main search engines for an amount of keywords I targeted. The website today receives around 600 visitors a day and peaks at the most around 3000 visitors per day on the build-up to the A-level exams in January and June.

After achieving a lucrative position in the search engine for Exam Solutions, I then set out to utilize the techniques I had learned on Exam Solutions on unique sites with different themes, targeting different keywords.After producing many lucrative sites, I started enjoying in designing and viewing them to obtain many visitors, then I realised that I didn't really wish to be an Electronic Engineer! began ASWebdesign in 2006 and continue to enjoy designing and optimising sites both for myself and for my clients.

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Other Services:

  • Web Design
  • Copywriting

Additional Information

Web Design
Every website is different, for this reason I offer free consultation, to discuss the outline of your project, and your requirements. All websites are designed and programmed to be search engine friendly.Not happy with the look of your current website? I can help rejuvenate your website, giving it a fresh new look and feel.You may have the best looking website in the world, but unless it is search engine optimised nobody is going to find it!

ASWebdesign produce high quality, bespoke websites which are designed to be search engine friendly to help your website reach its potential and to help you receive new customers.Already have a website and are wondering why no one is visiting it?Our expert SEO consultants can help you! We can make your website more visible to search engines and boost your sites rankings in Google.

Need compelling copy to help generate more leads and sales?Try our professional copywriting service!We understand that writing for the web is an entirely different kettle of fish to writing for other mediums. Web copywriting needs to entice your visitors and encourage them to make a 'call to action' whether it is to sign up to your newsletter or buy a product from your web shop. Web copy also has to be rich with keywords to help boost your websites' search engine rankings whilst still maintaining a natural flow for the reader.

Our Copywriting Services,Web Copy,We write web copy for all sections of websites for a wide range of target audiences so whatever your needs, whether you need help introducing your company or services, writing product descriptions or fact filled articles, we can help.SEO Articles,Articles that have been distributed to other websites provide a fantastic way to build quality backlinks for your website. We can produce keyword rich articles and help distribute them to maximise the exposure of your website.

Products and Services

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
You may have the best looking website in the world, but unless it is search engine optimised nobody is going to find it!Our expert SEO consultants can help by analysing your website and making changes to help improve the visibility of your site to search engines like Google.

What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines via “organic” search results.To fully search engine optimise a website we believe it is necessary to carry out the following 3 sections of work:
    Keyword and keyphrase research
    Website Optimisation
    SEO Campaign

Keyword and Keyphrase Research
Keywords and keyphrases are the terms and phrases that people type into search engines such as Google in order to find a website.
The first section of work our consultants do is establish which keywords and keyphrases will bring traffic to your website and then use that information along with further keyword research to establish with you the most suitable keyphrases to target.

 Website Optimisation
The second phase 'Website Optimisation' involves modifying a sites coding, presentation and structure to help target the selected keywords and keyphrases. This section also involves fixing problems that could prevent search engines from fully indexing a website.
Changes that we often recommend include:
    Rewording of text
    Recoding a website in valid (x)HTML
    Recoding the navigation of a site
    Modifying title tags
    Modifying description tags
    Modifying keyword tags
    Modifying heading tags
    Modifying alt attributes

SEO Campaign
After the website is optimised, we recommend a monthly SEO campaign is used to help improve your rankings for targeted keyphrases. This involves ongoing link building work which includes submitting your site to websites in the same sector as yours, web directories and social bookmarking sites.At the end of the month of an SEO Campaign you will receive an SEO progress report which will review your websites progress on Google.co.uk, Google.com, Yahoo, and Microsoft Live.

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