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Attacat Internet Marketing

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3rd Floor 86 George Street , Edinburgh- EH2 3BU
Edinburgh, City of , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
Today (Monday) Open 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Attacat Internet Marketing - Edinburgh

Attacat is the top most web designing company which marks best in web advertising from an Edinburgh base. And you learn approximately who we do it for: ambitious organisations where-ever they may be.To answer ’’why us’’ question, please take your choice within the following:

Our track record –   We have taken 14 businesses through their initial £ 1 million of web turnover. (We deal with turnovers considerably high and lower than this too.)Risk free –   If you choose to end up at any point in the initial two months that you don’t like us then we'll refund all our fees, for whatever reason. End of story.No major financial dedication required: We operate on five minutes’ notice - no minimal 12 month contracts here!Open culture – As one sample of our Terms of Service and Rates are published online for all to find. In fact we see them as a marketing point.

Respected expertise –   Regular talking engagements throughout Scotland, the odd social media podcast slot, industry skills, intense three-month induction procedure, utilized by non-specialist agencies etc. But we aren’t complacent, that is why one third of our total man hours are invested on training, analysis, experimentation and keeping about date with industry styles, and why the organization furthermore supports outside training for recognised skills to the tune of 100%.

Timeliness and responsiveness - If you have an emergency we'll be found on the case within five minutes. You inform what the emergency is, and you set a deadline we’ll make it.Your bottom line comes initially, every time - At least once a day, we are going to advise a customer to invest less whether or not that has a bad impact. If we think your income has been invested ineffectively we'll have no hesitation in suggesting about.Carbon neutral and environmentally-aware

Customer reassurance – 95% year-on-year customer retention and 97% of our profits come from repeat custom. We’ve had customers expressing their gratitude in every kinds of techniques from paying us early to recommending us to alternative consumers (the fact is 90% of our unique company originates from referrals). We’ve even had a client send us on a skiing holiday (If you happen to be a Caribbean travel specialist we will be especially keen to speak to you!)

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  • Web Analytics
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Additional Information

A website can look fantastic but still not sell. A website can be technically perfect but still not sell. It can be both, yet still not sell. Why? Just because you offer the ability to buy online does not mean your customers will buy. Just because you have a contact form doesn’t mean people will fill it out. If you haven’t already, you need to begin to get inside the online consumer’s psyche. By understanding the way your online customers think you can shape a user journey which is tailored to them every step of the way. By understanding what your customers value you can speak directly to their motivations, steering them through the decision making process and into the checkout.

Data gathering and analysis
The simple fact is that any CRO work you do to improve your website’s performance that isn’t based on the results of intensive research is pure guesswork. If you make changes based on your own assumptions you are only using a single data point that could be completely at odds with the majority of your visitors. The only way to achieve any accuracy is to identify the problem areas with in-depth systematic research and analysis. This process can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks and is absolutely essential.From the nuts and bolts of setting up a Twitter and Facebook Fan Page to ongoing engagement with your audiences, we can consult, train, manage and even deliver social media strategies (with a friendly warning that you can’t be half hearted about it).

And when it comes to social, we like to practice what we preach. Which is why we’re so proud to work with the fine fellows over at Glasgow-based design and marketing agency fatBuzz, in what has been a unique and fantastically rewarding business partnership.
Attacat and fatBuzz pursue a truly collaborative approach to internet marketing: sharing expert knowledge, co-running training courses and joint marketing of our businesses. Going way beyond your run-of-the-mill joint venture, it’s really more like one team, two cities (together, we’ve pretty much got Scotland covered).Additional social media skills fatBuzz bring to the mix include video creation, audio podcasting and community management. And of course, another big helping of creative thinking.For more details on how our dream team can help, give Attacat a (fat)Buzz on 0131 220 1441.

Products and Services

Local SEO

  7 experienced SEOs at your service with competitive terms and rates
    Track record of number 1 listings on competitive terms
    Current monthly retainer clients have trusted their SEO to us for an avg. of 3 years
    Experience across a range of industries, ecommerce and B2B.

Pay-per-click (PPC):

Getting in front of search engine users by paying the likes of Google and Yahoo! for the privilege of that exposure.
aka: paid search, paid placement, search engine advertising,Almost synonymous with: Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Display Network, Linkedin Ads and Stumbleupon Ads.Not to be confused with: search engine optimisation, pop-ups.It’s the listings at the top of the page (and the right hand side) and the ones that earns Google a cool $5bn from the UK each year as a result of people clicking on them.

Web Analytics:

The management dashboard of your online presence. Data that tells you how you are doing – what’s working and what isn’t.
aka: user stats, web statsAlmost synonymous with: Google Analytics, tracking, hits (yuch), cookies (yum), log file analysis Not to be confused with: the solution to every problem, web usage statistics “What gets measured, gets managed”If you are spending money, you need to know if it’s effective spend or not. Web analytics can tell you what spend should be cut and what activities should be expanded. It keeps things moving forward.

Data overload is a common problem. Google Analytics in particular, provides such a sea of information that gaining actionable insights can be very difficult, but they are there. And when discovered, the impact on your bottom line can be dramatic.Attacat Web Analytics Services.We have a team, all with the official Google Analytics qualification who can provide you with customisation, intepretation, training and/or the solving of one-off thorny technical issues.We can also implement a suite of other tools and processes for gaining data and feedback about your website and online marketing effectiveness. All as part of a bigger picture.

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