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Ranking Solutions Ltd. - Burnley

At Ranking Solutions Ltd, we employ a team of experts who have years of experience of managing beneficial online companies. Here, we believe in the partnership approach and motivate all our customers to consider us as their own in-house communications department. We believe in working with you - not only for you.

We follow our devoted ethos that the web boons exciting chances to any size or kind of organization. Ranking Solutions Ltd was built to provide business for all models, the best types of internet marketing that are accessible and right for their requirements and needs, servicing a diverse range of companies, providing countless solutions, including pay per click advertising, viral advertising, social media and without query search engine optimisation or SEO as it's also commonly abbreviated as.

Our team of Search Engine Optimization consultants, together with our Pay Per Click administration team, in conjunction with our Viral Marketing and Social Media experts work together to create powerful solutions that may enhance brand perception along with driving keyword focused traffic through to your URL. We combine media and creative abilities to aid maximise your R.O.I (Return on investment).

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Additional Information

It’s been one of the revolutions of internet based advertising and pay per click or PPC advertising could give your business a great boost too, especially with the expert input of the Ranking Solutions team. PPC really is a targeted solution that gives you total control over how much you want to spend and exactly who you want to reach out to in the online market place, all with the help of very carefully chosen keywords.Pay per click can do the trick,Of course, to make all this magic happen requires the help of a quality PPC advertising agency and they don’t come much better than Ranking Solutions.

We can bring our years of experience in the industry to the table and work with you in order to target your potential customers and ensure that when they go online in search of the type of services you offer, it is your site they choose to go to. And to do this, pay per click is incredibly effective. Every time a customer searches using the keywords that match yours, your advert will be there. When they click on your advert you effectively pay for that click. It is a very effective method of ensuring that you don’t pay for anything else but the traffic that actually makes its way to your site. This is what makes PPC so attractive to many companies as it can generate results really quickly and it is not dependent on where you are on the search engine. You could be on page five yet still benefit from the work of a PPC agency in Lancashire like Ranking Solutions.
The PPC 123 for your Marketing
    Quick results that get potential customers visiting your site
    Cost effective advertising – you only pay for the customers who click on your site
    Experienced PPC smartness from a knowledgeable team
If your business needs a web boost then PPC advertising could be just what you have been waiting for but it will only be effective combined with the right sort of experience that you only get from a PPC specialist company such as Ranking Solutions. Those all important keywords really are the key to a successful PPC campaign. Luckily for you, the team at Ranking Solutions know the web inside out and our PPC knowledge is something else. We really want you to get great results from working with us and that is why we will work hard to make sure that we work with you to get those keywords and key phrases spot on. These are the things that your target audience is most likely to type into a search engine.

With PPC Management, you are in control,As a PPC agency in Manchester, Ranking Solutions will work hard to research just what are the best and most effective keywords that will likely bring about that all important traffic to your site. But we do not simply leave things there, no. We go beyond that and make sure that you are fully aware of how your PPC campaign progresses, detailing how many pay per clicks have resulted from your campaign with us. This puts you in total control so that you not only know how successful it has been but also how much you are spending. PPC can give you great results and with Ranking Solutions by your side, it can be a winning combination.

Ranking Solutions Ltd development team combine SEO copywriting with state of the art link building techniques to extensively improve your web page ranking.There is no human participation with search engines in the selection procedure of indexing or ranking. It is simply a machine or robot. However the content element on your site must still comprise of SEO copywriting in order to have a good chance of ranking. SEO Copywriting is vital in the production of search engine optimization – the search engine algorithm, or the 'spiders' that power major crawler based search engines such as Google, search for only words, more importantly relevant words, and with these words they determine who ranks highly and who does not. Optimisation of your ‘keywords’ SEO copywriting and content on yourpages will ensure you site ranks highly. SEO Copywriting, or search engine optimization copywriting is the practice of writing the viewable text on a web page in such a way that it reads well for the surfer, and also targets precise search terms. Providing these are right and combined with Ranking Solutions Ltd SEO copywriting and link building campaigns your site will scale up the listings rapidly.

With all SEO packages we carry out full competition, industry and website analysis to determine and refine the keywords which will provide you with the most success.The most important readers of your website are your customers and from start to finish we write quality search engine optimisation copywriting.Copywriting is the craft of engaging the reader by attracting their attention - SEO copywriting is very similar apart from one thing; it has to comply with the criteria that the search engines use for ranking websites in their search listings.

In the last five years SEO copywriting has grown into a complex compilation of the knowledge of keyword and engine research, content development and linking, all put together today with companies’ technical expertise . In the past all that was needed to get a site ranked high was simply to add a few keywords in a Meta keywords tag and then search engine submission. This system was too simple and therefore was bound to be abused soon loss of websites started filling their meta tags with keywords which were not relevant and therefore the search engines became irrelevant which started to defeat the whole object of a the search engine which was to deliver relevant search results.

Not only do we offer you the independence of enabling your customers to rank highly within the likes of Google and the major search engines but also provide a professional Seo copywriting service. Seo copywriting services have never been required as much as they are today. One of the largest factors online is copy write theft. This has the unfortunate ability to stop websites ranking or to lose their established rankings. There is nothing worse than reaching the highest positions on Google to lose it in one fowl swoop through someone copying the content on your website. If you find that your website has suddenly dropped within Google then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We will investigate all possible reasons and then put together a strategic search engine optimisation copywriting campaign to re-establish your rankings.

You may be currently designing websites or just searching for a method of adding further valuable content to your website, if so then it is wise to use a professional Seo copywriter. A Seo copywriter is much more valuable than just a normal content writer as the Seo copywriter is able to put together unique content that will not only add value to your website but it is also written so that your website gains rankings for your keywords. Search engine copywriting is one of the most valuable assets to your website as it will enable your website to become ranked.

If you would like to learn more on our Seo copy writing services or would like to employee one of our professional Seo copywriters then please give us a call today. We offer very reasonable rates and you will be able to work on a one to one basis with any of Seo copywriter team.Marketing your company website with the use of e-mail is an absolutely vital factor in ensuring that your internet marketing strategy is a success. Here at Ranking Solutions we understand this and use our expertise in such techniques to our full potential to ensure optimum results. We use direct e-mail marketing services as an effective solution to provide our clients with a whole new layer of profitability. E-mail marketing is now more common than ever before and as it continues to expand due to the value of such techniques being widely recognised.

However, this also means that competition is also on the increase, for this reason it is of great importance that you acquire the services of a well established company with years of experience in order to put you streets ahead of your competitors.The advantages of such a service are numerous, with the investment providing you with great returns and increasing your profit margin when done properly. This is done by allowing you to reach your targeted number of e-mail subscribers, all of which have already shown an interest in your products and services, so the chances of such a strategy giving a positive outcome are incredibly high. E-mail marketing has proven to be much more effective in the way that it utilises a medium of catching the attention of your customer base by targeting them through a medium in which the majority of us use on a daily basis. This coupled with the fact that it is both fast and cost-effective as made it a great option for a huge number of businesses in need of a way to target their audience in a way that is most approachable.

Here at Ranking Solutions we strive to ensure that you are able to reap the benefits of such methods by focusing on the people who have already expressed an interest in your company in some way. By using permission-based e-mail marketing services as opposed to creating spam in the inbox of potential customers you are able to make the most of your investment in the way that your returns are likely to be much higher than if those same e-mails were delivered to individuals who possess absolutely no interest in the products and services that you have to offer.

A large amount of companies never stop to consider the factor branding has on its products and services. Company branding can result in one of the most important factors for ensuring your business becomes a success. Corporate Identity and branding is what sets aside your company and the many thousands of other companies out there. Online branding can also be a crucial factor for making your business become a success instead of a failure. There are many different definitions of branding however the most commonly referred to is your company name or logo that customers recognise and associate with your products. A well established brand is one that customers will automatically recognise without possibly knowing about their company or products.Branding consultants are professionals that are able to put together designs, names, styling and much more to ensure that your company becomes known by its brand or products. This then sets your company out against its rivals and competitors as whenever your products get mentioned people automatically associate it with your company. We are leading UK brand consultants based within Lancashire that has established relationships with many distinguished companies across a wide range of sectors online. These companies have benefited from the branding skills and techniques set aside to ensure a success online. Our brand consultants believe in one factor and that is your success.

As an advertising company we will focus on the best possible strategy alongside developing identities, names and distinctive images that will set your company from the rest. We are proud to undertake any challenge presented to us committing a full team of branding consultants to conduct detailed surveys of your market and competitors so that we can understand your business. Once understanding your business we can then tackle your campaign from every possible angle. The key to our continued success is the foundation we work from. If you would like further information on search engine optimisation or to talk direct with one of our brand consultants please feel free to get in contact. We have put in place a highly experienced team of branding consultants who combine extensive branding knowledge with a flexible approach to ensure every project is a positive and enjoyable experience for all involved.For further details on branding or corporate identity please feel free to contact one of our professional advisors.

Products and Services

Local SEO
If you are more apprehensive about obtaining business locally within a short radius of your company as opposed to a world wide presence, then our local search optimisation services are exactly what you need. You may be wondering exactly what local SEO is and what it can do for your business in terms of benefit? Well, local search optimisation services can create the ability for your potential clients to search the internet for businesses in a precise location.The best thing is that in Google, for example, local search results can be viewed as a map that will incorporate all your contact information and, most importantly, feature on the first page of the search results, allowing your companies info to be viewed first by a very large amount of potential clientele. Not many people are aware that over 45% of all internet searches carried out on Google alone are location orientated. This means that they are carried out by enthused purchasers seeking services and products within their immediate area.

Recent research has also suggested that 76% of people who use search engines say that they perform local searches on a regular basis. Sometimes the yellow pages just isn’t sufficient and although it is renowned for becoming something of a foundation for local companies, it is not surprising that more and more of potential clients are going to the internet first to locate services and products that they want on their very own doorstep. Like a growing amount of companies, you may be discovering that your off line marketing is not working as well as it has done previously and already some researchers are foretelling that local search optimisation services are becoming more popular than advertising with Yellow Pages.

Nobody wants to lose out, so, instead of you watching profitable local sales leads disappear towards your competitors, we can offer you a Local SEO service tailored to suit your individual requirements, a conventional service that involves the optimisation of your website to making it predominantly friendly and receptive to search based queries with a specific location preconception. We will also make sure that your website is linked to the correct directories and that your contact information features on websites where people converse and advocate companies like your own.

So what can our local search optimisation Services do for you? Successful local search optimisation services can mean the difference between your company being successful on the internet, or failing miserably. When it is at its best, local SEO is a more cost effective way of drumming up genuine business enquiries. But in an ever increasing competitive environment, you require a company with an established background to carry out these services for you.

Successful search engine optimisation incorporates the organisation and presentation your website to the search engines to make sure it has credibility, relevancy and complete accessibility. Our team of SEO experts work diligently on your website to ensure this happens.

Pay Per Click Management
You may have heard of the term pay per click in the past when discussing internet marketing but not really understood what it was. Well, it’s time for a brief definition. PPC - as it often abbreviated – is a way to promote a website through the use of an advert but instead of paying for the advert up front, you only pay when somebody actually clicks on your advertisement. This results driven way of advertising is quite appealing to many people and is why it is becoming increasing popular. Another reason why it seems to be catching on and finding favour is that your website does not have to top of the rankings or even on the first few pages of results. The advert is always in the paid listings on the right hand side.

PPC marketing is sometimes seen by many businesses as a great way to kick start an online marketing campaign whilst the more involved process of search engine optimisation is started. With PPC the results are immediate and give the SEO campaign time to bed in. It is however still important that you choose a PPC management company with great care so that you get the results you want and that’s why Ranking Solutions should be your first choice.

Content Management System Development
We at Ranking Solutions Ltd are a well established advertising company, with many years of experience within this industry. As a company we are fully aware that our clients demand the most advanced content management system. We tailor our website design solutions to ensure that the affordable content management system is built to the specific needs of our clients. No matter what the situation may be, whether it is that you want a simple, standard website but you still wish to have the final say and fully manage the content in house, or you have a large complex site, we are still able to offer a very, cost effective and affordable content management system. By applying our own extensively researched and purposely built systems, we are able to design the administration functions by taking all of our client's demands into consideration. By building them into the system and designing this to specifically suit their technical ability and their individual business necessities. The content management system we use is an extremely powerful, constructive yet simple tool to implement. One of the leading benefits to the system we offer is that although it includes all the extensive features for such a tool it doesn't take a team of highly experienced technical staff to install and support it. The content management system we have designed enables our customers to perform a number of different functions to utilise and vastly improve your website, ranging from editing text and images, adding and removing pages, font style management, file management, meta data support and many more extensive facilities

Press Release Services
If you are an online business looking for an idea to attract visitors to you website then a press release is the perfect solution. We are now providing an affordable press release service for websites looking to gain the maximum exposure online. If you are looking at ensuring your business or products are going to get noticed then a Press Release is a certainty. A press release is the perfect method of enabling your new range of products or company name to be noticed by other businesses online.You are able to deliver your message across 40, 000 different news websites; it enables a good influx of traffic and complements your website in the search engine optimization market. If you require other companies to take notice of your company and to create good brand awareness then press releases are the marketing method you must participate in undertaking.A press release is the perfect method of boosting the amount of visitors to your website and also for improving those very valuable positions you feature under within the search engines. The press release is also very important for getting your message out amongst your potential customers. A press release is becoming a very valuable tool for improving your online presence within the competitiveness of the internet.

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