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Automotive House, Grays Place , Slough- SL2 5AF
Reading , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
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Binamic Limited - Slough

Binamic is Slough based digital web agency provide professional and affordable bespoke web design, development, eCommerce website - magento, word press development, hosting and website marketing services including SEO, Social media, content marketing, brand reputation and management, analytics management and PPC.

Our passion and dedication for the digital marketing is our world. and we would like to take this to the next level. If you need any help reagarding web related services, simply call us on 01753 878 435 and we will help you !Our excellent level of service and competitive pricing means we work with a variety of clients from international giants like Jaguar, Land Rover, Volkswagen and GlaxoSmithKline through to household names like Heathrow, Halfords and National Express all the way to local business and individuals. Our USPs:

The “Holy Trinity” of web expertise: Design, Development & SEO!Our efficient and dedicated in-house team: Serial entrepreneurs to help your idea not only materialise, but be successful. Art graduates to create breathtaking designs. Passionate developers to crack any coding challenges. SEO and Social Media geeks to kickstart your digital marketing efforts and… we smile too! :).We pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of work at very competitive rates. This has led to thousands of successful projects, large and small, being delivered. You can see testimonials from our clients in the footer or check out some of our bespoke web design, e-commerce development and seo consultancy work. Contact us today and let us make your idea a successful reality.PS. We also like to support local entrepreneurs – learn about our 10% discount for web design Slough!

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Additional Information

Growth is one of the greatest motivators for most businesses. Since 2002 we have successfully supported – and sometimes helped create – many companies. Our experience in design, functionality and internet marketing has given us the ability to produce commercially focused websites that convert visitors into sales.See below for a few examples of our ecommerce projects – click on images to read testimonials and visit the associated websites.

Your website should stand out through unique design, ease of use and clean, efficient performance. We are a reliable bespoke web design agency with a wealth of experience providing the best service and an expert approach to usability, accessibility and visitor engagement. It is not rocket science – it is good web design!Below are a few examples of our bespoke web designs – click on the images to explore the projects, read testimonials and visit the websites.

Products and Services

We are not like other Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO consultants. Our expertise stems from years of successful web design. We know how to build websites that perform. That is why we know that “off the shelf” SEO packages, aimed at “outsmarting Google” simply do not work. Everything we do is bespoke, based on your website and its industry, for a substantial return on investment (ROI).

So, whats the goal? To bring a consistent wave of new visitors to your website each month. Our unique, business-oriented approach can attract not only more, but desirable traffic to your website. Ultimately, we help your site get noticed by the best audiences.As a local SEO consultancy we are extremely proud to be highly recommended by our SEO clients. Simply contact us for references or call 01753 878 435 today.Before we discuss your exact requirements and preferred outcomes – please take a minute to consider the below infographic. It is the quickest and best way to start understanding the basics of SEO.

As you can see, as SEO consultants we do not believe SEO is a “secret knowledge” held only by a select few. Do not buy into “snake oil” remedies or “SEO mystery” theories that unscrupulous individuals and companies use to exploit unaware website owners. 2012 brought a major shakeup in the industry, with Google’s two major search algorithm updates very efficiently targeting the most prevalent forms of web and link-spam.

The result? Using low quality SEO techniques or shady (black-hat) optimisation methods suggested by on SEO consultancy is not only a waste of time – it can actually destroy your online business overnight.At the same time Google, and other search engines, are very open about the best practices and rules to follow for your site to perform well and enjoy organic traffic – and so are we.“But who has the time!?” – if this is what springs to mind, we’re here to help.

On-Site SEO Consultancy
Would you trust an architect who wouldn’t tell you that your house’s foundations were weak before embarking an a large project? Would you try to build a home for yourself on shaky grounds?As experienced developers and SEO consultants we always start a new optimisation challenge with a top-level audit of your website’s structure. This aims to highlight areas for improvement, as well as benchmark positive attributes. The audit recommendations can then be implemented either by your chosen developer, or done on your site directly by us.

Off-Site SEO Consultancy
Commonly referred to as “link building”, our SEO consultants create a consistent online promotion and authority building strategy (Google, Yahoo, Bing). With higher rankings, resulting from our SEO consultants’ regular and varied off-site SEO work, you should expect to receive an increase of warmer leads, enquiries and sales.

Small Business SEO Consultant
As a small, local business ourselves we understand how tough it can be trying to compete with the ‘big.That’s why, as a small business SEO consultant, we like to offer what those big guys cant, a personal, one-on-one service. We genuinely WANT to help you grow your business online and reap the rewards for all your hard work. As part of this personal service we always like to meet face to face so we can discuss what you need and how we can help you. We hate emails and aren’t massive fans of the phone either, real business and progress is made in person.

Despite our disliking of telephones you can always be sure that we will be on the end of one should you need us. As a small company there is always someone knowledgeable and personable ready to answer your call and help solve any problems you may have. Look no further in your search for a small business SEO consultant that can help your company grow.

SEO Web Design
In some cases better ROI can be achieved through redevelopment, especially if your website could benefit from a design and/or functionality revival. In this case, instead of “patching up” a poorly coded site, our SEO web design experts can plan your new website from the very beginning with its performance and SEO potential in mind (followed by creative design). This “reverse engineering” approach requires a lot of experience – and is our speciality.

Google SEO Consultants UK
We are experienced and results-driven Google SEO consultants UK – no offshoring or cutting corners! We never use a “one-solution-fits-all” approach. This way there are no hidden costs and no nasty delayed effects associated with cheap, “black-hat” SEO*.Depending on your needs Binamic’s SEO consultancy package can include,:Research – allowing us to get a full understanding of the scope of your project and helping us to come up with brilliant optimisation ideas.**On-site SEO – as above.Off-site SEO (“link building”) – as above.Ongoing support – as search engines constantly change their algorithms, we can offer to keep working on keeping your website ahead of competition. We of course offer full reporting (our SEO consultants monitor your keyword performance, top landing pages, traffic sources, bounce rate, etc.) on a monthly basis.

Email or call us on 01753 878435 today to discuss your SEO consultancy requirements.*Lasting and safe results can be achieved only through a bespoke strategy best suited to your website’s specific needs. Unfortunately, not many clients understand the complexity of Google’s indexing algorithms. This leaves space for many unscrupulous “SEO consultants” who offer cheap and nasty techniques designed for quick and easy results to unsuspecting clients. Although immediate results from these methods may be promising they carry a high risk of eventually getting your site blacklisted.

This is not just scare-mongering. Being banished from search results has weakened and even bankrupted many businesses. In this post from 24 April 2012 called “Another step to reward high quality sites” Google’s Mark Cutts points out the negative impact of using shady SEO consultants and techniques.Below are just a few examples of our SEO work – click on the images to learn more about the projects and to visit their respective websites.

Social Media Marketing
We’re going to make an educated guess that you ended up on this page because you know how important business social media marketing is. There’s no pretending it isn’t anymore, no hoping it’s just a fad that will pass, no wondering if it really would benefit your business plan to be on social media. It’s a fact that social media is here to stay, that its use is continuing to boom and that it can make a real difference to your online presence and therefore your bottom line.

Business social media management is important for a plethora of reasons! We really could type endlessly about its benefits and applications but in the interest of making this article as un-tedious as possible we will just summarise it in a few points.It contributes to your SEO efforts.Our other speciality, SEO is defined as Search Engine Optimisation, and involves efforts to ensure your company’s website will garner as much traffic as it can from the great expanse that is the world wide web. The fantastic thing about social media is that, on top of its own benefits, it also acts as supplemental support to your existing SEO efforts. Social media links are becoming known as the ‘new links’ as search engine algorithms begin to take them into account. That’s right, social media likes and shares do correlate with high rankings and page authority.

 It increases your businesses exposure locally and nationally.In its simplest form social media is another channel from which you can draw attention to your business and what your business does or sells. The great thing about social media (that we feel is better than search engines) is the fact that people will see your content if it is good enough. You can create an absolutely unbelievable piece of content for your site but unless you jump through a myriad of Google hoops, and put considerable effort into promoting it, it’s unlikely many people will see it.

social media phone image for consultancy articleWith social media this is not the case. You can guarantee your content will be seen by at least a selection of people. If they appreciate it they will like it or share it, leading to it being exposed to more and more people. A really good piece of content will continue to accrue likes and shares until it goes viral (more information on that here) and spreads like wildfire across social media networks and the internet as a whole. Your social media profiles will often also be returned in Google searches above competing businesses preventing them from nabbing business from right under your nose, particularly in local searches.

Business Social Media Statistics
Our blog post on Sales Via Social Media Marketing has a fantastic breakdown of how social media increases sales in one particular niche, the motor industry, and therefore the overall impact of social media on business. If the last thing you want to do is go and read a blog post you’re in luck because we’re going to highlight the main takeaways here.33% of social media users follow automotive brands to get purchase advice.21% of auto purchase decisions are influenced by social media – more than any other industry.75% of vehicle buyers find social networks useful.Google+ traffic resulting in a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for auto manufacturers is up 26%.Google+ traffic resulting in a KPI for Parts & Service sites is up a whopping 281%!

There is no denying that these numbers are impressive but it is worth noting that such a rapid growth is probably limited to just a few markets, thanks to the boom in communities surrounding them on Google+. The motoring community is huge on there. However, that does not make this information any less interesting or compelling. It is clear that social media can and will have a direct effect on your bottom line.Why Use Binamic as Your Social Media Marketing Consultant.So, out of the mammoth amount of social media consultancy companies and freelancers out there why on earth would you choose Binamic? Well, mainly because we know what we’re doing. As a small, local business ourselves.

we appreciate the trials and tribulations other small businesses face in the online world. We know that no matter how loud you think you’re shouting your voice seems to be overpowered by those big guys. But with good, interesting content, an active and engaged following (no matter how small) and a bit of know how you can start being heard. Don’t just take our word for it though, why not check out one of our clients social media accounts. We adopted them about 7 months ago (we started the Google+ and LinkedIn profiles from scratch) and you can see where we are now.

The best thing about this? It’s all 100% natural and organic. Nothing is forced, no likes have been brought, no follower programs have been used. We firmly believe in the ideology that your social media strategy, and therefore all social media likes, follows, +1's etc should be organic and earned not brought. This is mainly because that is what social media is about, the only reason people should be liking or following you is because they want to. That is how you build a community. Odds are if you fall on a Facebook page with 10,000 likes but little to no engagement they have brought the majority of those likes.

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