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311 Shoreham Street , Sheffield- S2 4FA
Sheffield , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
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Website Optimization - Sheffield

SEO house is rooted up to meet the requirements of the online business magnets. We engage ourselves to design a website for the ecommerce type and companies. We are using the platform of word press, where Google is interested in this platform and the promotion given to its base is much easier when compared to the rest. We make the website easy to operate as you can make the changes in the images or the words whenever necessary.

This also helps to reduce costs when compared to the rest of the other platforms. We always guide you to select form the designs of website you want to get on for your business which is always a public domain and easy to use.We follow the Google authorized methods, and we assure that the website won’t get banned by Google in the future. We start off with the domain name which could make you to get spot in the search engines like Google, bling, and yahoo.Keywords are the most essential requirements for the website; we get you selected with the list of featured keywords which will help you get located.To know more about us, please get to us today! We are always happy to assist you better!

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Additional Information

If you have any questions about the seo and website promotion of your own site, I’d be happy to answer them for free. Of course, you understand that this is a one-time offer and we will not be able to have daily dialog, since my time as well as yours costs money, but I will always be happy to help you, point you in the right direction, or make a suggestion.

I want to warn you right away that my suggestions will not be a 100% guarantee that your website will reach the Google Top 10. I am simply sharing my experience with you. By the way, not one respected optimizer guarantees the Google top 10, because only Google can decide this. It uses more than 700 algorithms, some of which are known only to Google.I am also willing to discuss with you other ways to attract customers to your business in addition to search engines. Perhaps you might be interested in a Pay Per Click system or another type of advertising. I look forward to your questions.

Products and Services

Local Search Engine Optomization (SEO)
You can have a site, but not have visitors. You can have visitors, but not have clients. Surely you understand the difference between visitors and customers. If you need visitors, it is easier and cheaper to buy traffic and you don’t need me or any other SEO master. However, I am 90% sure that you need clients who are ready to buy your services and products, and I can help you with this. To begin with, I want to tell you that I only use White Hat Optimization. This means that I only use Google authorized methods. Using these methods you can be assured that your website will not be banned by Google. In other words, Google will not refuse to promote it and remove it from the search base as spam. Second, like any decent seo optimiser

I can not guarantee that your site will be in the Google top 10, for the simple reason that the Top 10 is just 10 spots for our entire world, and secondly Google evaluates sites on more than 700 algorithms, some of which are only available to Google. As you might notice, in most cases the top spots in Google are occupied by Government sites that have domains such as .gov. Then come the educational sites with the .edu domain and then all the others. A lot depends on the keyword. For example if you have the keyword “Winter Olympic Games in Ethiopia “I’ll guarantee you the top spot on Google, since the number of competitors for this keyword is extremely small and I am afraid that it is zero. The main task of the professional is to select the keywords that don’t have significant competitors, but will bring in potential customers. So, I do not guarantee a top 10 spot, but I do guarantee that I will try to achieve this result. The Reason? As you may have noticed my payment depends on the position of the keywords, and secondly, because I work freelance, and the best advertising is word of mouth.

Keywords Research
I will help you choose keywords for your project for free. I would like to show you the principle of selecting keywords for any project. Suppose you sell used cars in London. If you take the keyword “cars” , this word is entered into Search Engines millions of times each day.People involved with model cars use it, as well as people who design cars and so on. We also know that there are old and new cars, freight and passenger vehicles, and they are sold in London and Mexico. So, as you can see, the query does not have any meaning. We need to choose keywords that are consistent with our business such as “selling used cars in London “, or something even more specific.

As many phrases as possible are written down and then checked as to how many people have entered this combination of words in a Google search. Perhaps it will be just 20 per month but these will be your target buyers. Don’t forget the difference between an information site and your site. An information site provides information only and doesn’t sell anything.Your task is to sell a product, and this means finding the right buyer. In your business a target group is more important than the number of people visiting the site. Believe me, there is a very big difference between the number of site visitors and customers, and all keywords have to be considered every time for a project.

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