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26A Pemberton Road , East Molesey- KT8 9LH
Surrey , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
Today (Monday) Open 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Kruse Internet Services - East Molesey

Kruze is a SEO company where you can get the best services of all in the company as we provide and make sure to put your trust on us as we are Ethical... Established... and Affordable!

Unless you need to understand more... in such case, here's why you want our SEO Services!

First of all, unlike different UK SEO firms, we don't ask for a big sum of income up front.

Instead, we ask you to pay for an SEO REPORT* (merely £349).

After that we do business on a monthly pay-as-you-go-basis, effectively running a rolling contract, with my invoicing found on the first of the month and expecting payment within 7 days. There is no formal contract and if you need to terminate our services you are able to do so at any time.

Pricing begins from only £250pm.

Business Operation Hours
Monday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday Closed
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Other Services:

  • Back-Links Package
  • Competition Analysis Package
  • Keyword Research Package

Additional Information

If you're looking for the best affordable SEO you'll want to work with one of the longer-established SEO companies in the UK, with SERPS (Search Engine Results PageS) like SEO benefits. You'll want to be part of the client stable of an SEO who can afford to be selective.You'll want to be checking our affordable prices from just £249pcm and after that applying for our affordable SEO services by filling in the brief form at SEO Enquiry.

After you make positive initial contact, you'll receive a report on your site (£349 (349 UK pounds)) detailing the problems from an SEO perspective and offering you solutions. You then have the option of taking it to another company if you wish, having your own in-house coders do it, or you can have the optimisation done by K.I.S. You'll appreciate that the best way to approach gaining long-term SEO benefits is to have the optimisation carried out in monthly pay-as-you-gos, payable on a monthly basis. Prices start from as low as £250 a month, bringing affordable website promotion within the often limited budget of the typical small business.

You'll be wanting to prioritise the work so the most important search engine optimisation factors are attended to first. You want to see results as soon as possible. While you are always aware of the typical seo timescale - usually it's months before you'll see concrete results - "dotting the i's" and "crossing the t's" instead of going straight for the elements of the page the engines weight the most will mean while your code will be tidier it'll be much longer before you see any tangible improvement in the results. SEO done this way gives you results faster. Using my affordable website promotions services provides a win-win situation for both you and your customers.You won't want to forget that an affordable website promotion service means the small to medium enterprise can compete on equal terms with the "big boys".

A word of caution here. When I optimise a web site in pay-as-you-gos then I have to spend time, (and this would be the time you're paying for don't forget), making notes on what I've done in the just-finished SEO session so I can read them a month later to remind myself what optimisation strategy I was working on and where I'd got with it. That's time you're paying for I'm not actually working on your site, instead I'm writing or reading notes about it. Obviously, I have to do this because if I didn't, I'd get lost. Although broadly speaking I use similar SEO strategies for all the sites the individual SEO particulars vary so much and I have so many different sites to work on at any one time I can't bring them all instantly to mind. So, I have to spend half an hour or so of your time a month either making or reading notes. Now, if I do three hours on your site a month then I'm really only working constructively for two and a half of those hours, the rest I'm involved in notes. That's the case whether I'm spending three hours a month or ten hours a month on your site, but obviously you get better value for money if I'm doing ten hours a month as I'm spending a far smaller percentage of that time involved in notes. So, if it's in your budget, it's always logical to go for the more expensive SEO UK option.And in any case, remember to always use Kruse Internet Services for your affordable website promotion!

Products and Services

Local SEO

Help from the right SEO company can elevate your e-Business into continuing profit. Kruse Internet Services, long established here in the UK, ethical and trustworthy will handle all of your internet marketing. You focus your time on what you do best; running your business. I've been helping clients develop and implement online marketing strategies for over fifteen years. My speciality is the provision of cost-effective and most of all affordable SEO solutions to small and medium businesses.How do we go about it? Well, you could simply tell me you're happy to spend X a month and let me get on with it (min 249pcm), or you could choose from among the following SEO packages.

Back-Links Package
Covers getting links to your site from major directories all the way through to simple blog comment links, forum mentions, minor or vertical directory listings and links from other niche sites, some using the site's primary secondary or tertiary keyphrases and generic terms like 'click here' or 'website' as anchor text where possible or some simply using the domain. £249pcm. Please note; cost of submission to paid inclusion directories like Yahoo or Best of the Web is not included. I recommend them though.

Keyword Research Package.
This is the heart of the machine. There's no point optmising your site and ranking well for obscure terms no-one's searching for. You're going to need keyword research more than anything else, it's the foundation upon which all our efforts will be built. You need interested customers to find your site and to achieve that we need to identify what they're looking for on the web and then give it to them by building - rebuilding if necessary - your site around it. That's why you need keyword research. £249pcm.

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