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Go Mungo SEO Limited

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46b,Queen's Head Street , London- N1 8NG
London , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
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Go Mungo SEO Limited - London

Go Mungo SEO is a dominant UK based independent Search Engine Optimization company, specializing in organic search engine optimization known as SEO working with various concerns with all kinds of budgets providing SEO in London.The company was formed in September 2008 by Alex Mungo primarily as a web development company providing web services. It was only when Alex was asked to do his first SEO job that he became hooked and two years later transformed Go Mungo SEO into the SEO Company it is today.

It was gaining a 2:1 BSc in Computing in Business at Brunel University back in 1998 and after working as a web developer for the likes of BT, Direct Line, and HSBC that Alex realized his desire for creating opportunities within organizations via the web. Armed with this skill and understanding of how a business works, Alex then decided to start his own company and formed Go Mungo SEO.

With less money or nothing left with him, he moved over the streets of London looking for companies drumming up their business. It is this more personal approach of Alex's towards business that has seen his business grow, steadily building up a loyal client base with a controlling rate of over 98% that fascinates many of his customers today.Enjoy our site to understand more about our SEO London services and feel free to email us with any questions or even better just give us a call and we will be happy to talk to you.

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Additional Information

website optimisation,Your site’s code must be optimised so that it can be well spidered and catalogued by search engines.Ensure browser compliance - All your sites code is checked and validated according to the strictest level of W3C guidelines. We will also maximise the internal links in your site to ensure all your pages will be spidered by search engines to maximum efficiency.

Keyword analysis - We will research the most searched on key phrases that are returning guaranteed monthly search results, and therefore strongly recommend focusing on for your SEO campaign. It is not only important to aim to get you to the top of the search engines lists but also that we get you to the top with keywords that people are actually searching on.

Competitor analysis - We will analyse your best performing competitors in your field to ascertain the keywords they are using and the density at which these keywords appear in their sites. Obtaining good keyword density is of high importance, and the density used varies in different markets.Trace Backlinks - We will also analyse your main competitors to find out who links to them. Often sites that link to your competitors will link to you, and getting your links placed in these places will help greatly to improve your visibility.

Web Page Optimisation - It is possible to think of the internet as a huge library, of which there are billions of pages. Google and other search engines travel through the pages attempting to create an index of all the pages, which ends up as search engine results. To create this index search engines rely on certain tags and key points of information within documents to tell them what they are about. They also rely on defined code layouts and structures being included in the pages so that they can understand them.

For this reason web pages that have poor titles and descriptions will not be well indexed, and badly coded sites will be rejected or penalised by search engines as they are harder for them to understand. We will ensure that the code in your site is reformatted in the best possible way, this will not necessarily change the way your site looks, but can have dramatic effects on search engine placements. This is done by a variety of methods, including:

Compliance - Making HTML code in your websites compliant to W3C guidelines, the governing body for internet specifications. This will ensure it is read well and indexed easily.Reformatting the copy of your website - using correct HTML tags and ordering Keyword density. It is important that your text contains keywords in the correct parts of your documents to help search engines recognise what your page is about and help people find it when they are searching.

Products and Services

seo services
If you have a company,  the success of your business depends greatly on your ability to attract new customers. With new competitors emerging every day, your success depends upon putting yourself in front of as many new potential customers as possible.That’s why in today's world of technology it's crucial to have a strong presence online - long gone are the days when having a website was enough. You have to make sure that your website gets seen by people - and even then, they have to be looking for what you have to offer.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great alternative to expensive PPC (Pay Per Click) or ad campaigns - using SEO you can get your website ranked high in Google for your desired keywords; people will see your site in the organic search results when they are looking for what you offer.

This is also very beneficial because Google is seen as an authority – meaning that if your page ranks high in the search results, it will be perceived as better than the lower-ranked competition. Additionally, although ads can provide leads, people tend to trust the companies that turn up in the organic search results more, and if your site ranks well, your brand can quickly become an authority in your field.

Alot of the SEO services provided by search engine marketing companies tend to be much cheaper than ads – while you have to invest to get your site up in the rankings, after your site reaches the first page of Google the new leads that it generates are completely free, which means you will be getting new customers every day simply from the Google search.This cost effectiveness makes SEO one of the most popular methods of lead generation today – you can be certain some of your competitors are doing and only those who will employ all the necessary tools will be able to survive and thrive in their market.

Additionally, any type of SEO service undertaken does require some website optimisation or restructuring of your website, which not only makes Google rank your site better, but can also make your website easier to navigate for potential customers, which contributes to increased conversions on its own.So while SEO probably shouldn’t be the only source of new customers for your business, it might end up being the best one – if set up correctly, search engine optimisation can help you generate a constant flow of leads that will help to grow your business and expand to markets you previously had no means of reaching.

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