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Freetimers Web Marketing

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78-90 Clarke Road Abington , Northampton- NN1 4PW
Northamptonshire , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
Today (Friday) Open 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Freetimers Web Marketing - Northampton

Freetimers Web Marketing is a sister business to Freetimers Internet (freetimers.com). We are specialists in web marketing and SEO, development, website design, programming and ecommerce. The business was initiated in 1997 and we work in long term association with our customers. Our objective is to help our customers fabricate their business, and to develop our business by helping you develop yours.

Our in-house web marketing  group is devoted to helping you accomplish your objectives with regards to marketing your website, whether you are a new company searching for your first steps on the search engines or you are a multi-national enterprise looking to enhance your presence, further promote your organization, or simply reduce your web marketing cost.

Our business is internet marketing, covering many different sections  including search engine optimisation, pay per click marketing, article and content writing, social media marketing ,email campaigns and more Dissimilar to others the web marketing professionals, at Freetimers we don't basically rest on our laurels and offer you pay per click when there are other, better and less expensive alternatives. We comprehend what works through wide, genuine, functional experience, and all alternatives are not equivalent. Thus, we normally spare customers who have come to us from different solidify to 500% on what they were previously spending. Yes, that is 500%, we're not making it up, and it is no joke - see some of our top results here.

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Additional Information

Web Marketing is the process of "marketing your website on the internet" and can encompass an ever growing range of different web marketing methods and approaches. These can include search engine optimisation (SEO) which is basically making your website appear in the top results of a search engine for a given phrase or keyword. Another way is by using pay per click which works by creating an advertisement on Google, Yahoo or MSN and paying a small amount when someone clicks through to your website -- highly effective for new websites where you need to see immediate results from your marketing campaign.

Freetimers Web Marketing have a highly dedicated team that are experts in the whole field of internet marketing who will work with you to produce results for your website on the search engines, directories, social networking and other highly relevant websites, and will advise you how best to "market your site" for optimum results.

Another big part of our web marketing is creating a good linking strategy that will not only bring in more traffic to your website, but will help your site "rocket to the top" of the search engine results. This process consists of a number of methods, including natural links coming into your website from quality on-topic websites.

Please contact us on 01604-628429. if you would like to speak to someone about web marketing and how we can help your business come out on top.Linking strategies when done correctly can dramatically improve the traffic to your website. A lot of people believe that if you have more links into your website, than your competitiors, then your site will rank better than theirs - this is not entirely true as Google factors in how important your links are, and how many.For example: How many times have you seen a competitor ranking above you in Google or other search engines with perhaps 1 or maybe 2 links, and you have say 10 or 12. Their website most probably has a good link development strategy in place.

Products and Services

Local SEO
Our search engine optimisation services include content optimising to make your website relevant for search engine placement, pay for placement, natural search engine placement, linking strategies and social media marketing and more. We will work with you to develop an effective SEO strategy that is right for your business.

Used effectively, SEO (search engine optimisation) can increase the traffic to your website dramatically, either through high search engine rankings or other techniques, thus increasing sales and providing a good return on investment (ROI) for your company. We will determine how best we can optimise your website using a combination of methods including pay per click, natural SEO, link building, blogs and more,  to maximise its full potential and increase the visitors to it.

The Freetimers Web Marketing business has over 10 years experience in SEO, basically from even before the acronym was used , so we have significant direct knowledge and experience of how the search engines have evolved and how they work.  As a result we have developed a scientific approach to SEO, we know what works and what doesn't, and we don't necessarily believe all the hype and propoganda that is available on the Internet, or spread around by the search engines themselves. We continuously adapt to Google's methods and guidelines, ensuring the pages we build and optimise really do work to get your site's rankings up into the top 10.  Because of our scientific approach, what we do works, and we know it and can prove it -- how many other SEO companies can say that with confidence!!As well as Google we make sure all of the web pages we optimise are suitable and follow the guidelines for the other search engines such as Yahoo and MSN.To find out how Freetimers Web Marketing can help your company please contact us on 01604 628429.

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