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New Frontier Integrated Inc

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8-9 Talbot Court , London- EC3V 0BP
London , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
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New Frontier Integrated Inc - London

New frontier digital is the leading document translation and international SEO service provider. With a presence based in London and our main office in Berlin, we are a company that mirrors the multilingual world we activate in.Our team consists of language experts and project managers overseeing each of our service departments. To date we have both privacy and contracts with over three thousand five hundred certified translators and multilingual SEO consultants, while only a small percentage of the team has daily activities to complete, we have the capacity to handle almost any size project.

We are on our way to reach our goal of hundred loyal clients by continuously stretching ourselves, being transparent, fulfilling our       on time and exceeding expectations. We constantly improve our processes and methods to harness and manage the many moving parts of the dynamic field of translation technology and marketing in the international online marketplace.When our clients talk about us, they say they wouldn’t go anywhere else, even if they were paid to do so, because New Frontier Digital has exactly what they need, fulfilling their needs within their budget and delivering them within the quoted time.

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We translate website content in over 30 languages, and we know that effective website translation service is more than a “word for word” exercise. It’s an art and a science; a complex and dynamic process mastered by our professionals to ensure that content is grammatically, culturally, and structurally appropriate for local target markets.
Adding a new language to a website involves as much dedication, if not more, as it took to get your founding language established. New Frontier Digital simplifies and focuses this effort by assigning a language expert and project manager to support and advise every client every step of the way.
Success in International Online Markets is Easier than You Think,In many cases, a full translation of your entire website will not be necessary—especially if your target market is in Europe, where many potential customers already speak fluent English. But your site needs to be optimised for your target market to ensure high rankings on all major international search engines, including the international versions of Google.
When website translation services are used, it is not at all unusual for our clients to begin seeing results with just a single well-optimised page translated to the chosen language and submitted to major international search engines. An easy way to begin is often simply translating the most critical pages on your website and using appropriate local SEO tactics for each page.Take Advantage of a Unique Opportunity for Growth
Most people don’t realise that many foreign language Internet markets are simply not as developed as English language markets. This means it can be easier to gain a top position in those developing languages. New Frontier Digital’s native-speaking professionals know how to apply translation and appropriate SEO strategies to help you take advantage of this reality. Take advantage of the benefits that online translation services can bring.

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New Frontier Digital: International Keyword Research and Optimisation That Breaks the Mold and Breaks Boundaries,See immediate improvements in search engine rankings and website traffic when New Frontier Digital goes to work on expanding your online business into the new global frontier. Success is ultimately influenced by the set of keywords identified at the beginning of the expansion effort. We employ our special research tools and native-speakers to identify keywords most suitable for your particular business and industry, and to integrate those keywords into a campaign that will break boundaries for your business.

Research and Keyword Maintenance are Fundamental to Success,New Frontier Digital prevents your site SEO from growing stale or becoming outdated by employing a unique “80% research, 20% integration” technique. SEO services that rely on a template under-perform our results because search volumes for keywords can change even on a daily basis.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition,The battle in SEO is simply for control of common keywords relating to your particular business. International dominance cannot be achieved without the highly personalized and hands on optimisation approach offered only by New Frontier Digital.New Frontier Digital enjoys a reputation for exceeding the expectations of a broad range of businesses and agencies by maximising international website traffic, sales and profitability. Our success is the result of our proven SEO optimisation techniques, keeping our fingers on the pulse of changing Search Engine Algorithms and knowing how they work.

International SEO is the umbrella title we use at New Frontier Digital for all of our multilingual services in 30 different languages. We work closely with our clients to better understand local environments and to conduct thorough research to determine best keywords for target markets. Then we optimise client websites for specific keywords that perform well in the local language. Finally, we build links and establish local online presences through various media and promotions, which bring our clients into direct competition with leading local businesses, with the advantage of high optimisation and high level marketing knowledge.
The Realities of Online Marketing and Commerce,Return on the investment required to take a website international can be extraordinarily high because it is a relatively low cost method for entering emerging markets. But, this fact also means there is intense competition in this arena.To come out on top, it’s crucial to build in a comprehensive and effective international SEO capability from the beginning to reach the growing multilingual audience. This requires the right combination of daring, progressive thinking, time-tested tactics and high level technical and international marketing experience. That’s what New Frontier Digital delivers.
We customize our services to meet the unique requirements of each of our clients and make them leaders in the emerging international marketplace. Our primary tools are:Language barriers are real, and it takes special expertise to dissolve those barriers, avoid confusion and achieve receptivity to your translated business documents. New Frontier Digital employs a diverse set of skills that include up-to-date knowledge of international documentation formats.
No matter what purpose your documents are intended to fulfil, New Frontier Digital’s institutionally certified translators will help you achieve that purpose. We guarantee that our document translation services are accurate because our translators are professionally and practically trained in technical terminology and selected on their high level of experience for in your particular industry.Experience and Attention to Details Make the Difference,Some SEO companies turn document translations over to individuals who have only rudimentary language skills. Or worse, they use a software translation program without any native-speaker involvement what-so-ever. At New Frontier Digital, document translation is never just about words, but rather it’s about a committed, thorough, integrated approach to achieving the highest level of clear communication with translated documents.
Once project requirements and deadlines are established, a document translation is moved through two rounds. The first is by one of our certified translators, who then submit the document to a senior native speaking translator (in the target language) who proofreads the work. If necessary, the text is revised to assure deliverance of desired project outcomes.Each translation goes through an exacting process using professionally certified translators who are native-speakers and have extensive translation experience in the client’s industry. Once project requirements and deadlines are established, a document moves through two rounds of translation. The first is by one of our certified translators, who then submits the document to a senior native speaking translator (in the target language) who proofreads the work. If necessary, the text is revised to assure deliverance of desired project outcomes.

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