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Unit B1 Willow House Oakland’s Office Park , Hooton- CH66 7NZ
Cheshire , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
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Click Consult - Hooton

Click consultancy was founded in the year 2003 by the CEO of this company Matt Bullas. This company has been started as buying and selling international airtime online using the Ad words Pay Per Click marketing model to drive customer acquisition and revenue growth. At that time Google ad words    was the only option available in the UK for about a year.

Matt soon found a way offering expertise in this brand new online marketing tactic to other businesses, and so Click Consult was found. With the start running along for four years our company has extended to a larger version and settles out with a group of twenty. Building our specialization on paid search marketing, the company then extended into organic search SEO, which has been a new growth in the field at the time.

We won the large business of the year award two years running at the Cheshire business awards, recognized for strong levels of financial performance and strategic excellence. More recently we have been acknowledged as one of the top digital agency in the UK by the drum and the fourth largest in the digital agency in north west of England.

We now run the company with seventy staff and bigger portfolio of complementary online marketing services. And mainly our core service is mainly focused in search marketing. We also boosted our capability through restructuring, new tools, and good relationship with the technology partners.

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Additional Information

Organic Search (SEO) is the process of achieving, improving and maintaining the visibility of a web asset (e.g. a Website, a Facebook page, a YouTube video) within the organic or algorithmically determined search results of popular search engines.Organic Search has changed. It has evolved from the murky waters of now defunct link building techniques into the creation and targeted promotion of useful, informative and truly remarkable content which actually serves a purpose and fulfils the need of the user.

The basic principles of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) still remain. Websites must still be built in a search engine friendly way, but website content should be created for the user first and foremost, with keywords a secondary focus.Furthermore, in recent years the presence and frequency of brand mentions, citations and linking within Social Media content have been increasingly looked at by Google when determining where a piece of content should rank within its search engine results pages (SERPs).

Our Digital Consultancy service is the training and strategic planning of all of the services in our proposition. We can produce bespoke reports and technical audits that can help your business with specific areas of digital marketing.Unlike our other services, Digital Consultancy is not retainer based. We simply consult with you about a selected area of focus.
There are many different reasons why a brand may come to us for Digital Consultancy:
    - A great option for those not looking for a completely outsourced solution
    - The removal of some ad-hoc duties
    - Provides in-house teams with assistance
    - Helps with the training and development of in-house teams
We begin with a process of Discovery, enabling us to scope the exact requirements for your brand and the goals that you wish to achieve. We then create a bespoke proposal that fits your metrics, before beginning to work with you in a consultative role.

Products and Services

Social Media

Social Media is a communication channel that uses internet-based applications to create, share and distribute user-generated content and information to virtual communities and networks. It gives users the opportunity to engage with others and have conversations in real-time.Social Media has influenced how people connect, discover and share information. It now plays an integral role in the daily lives of many online, whilst more traditional forms of online media now integrate with social in order to be able to interact with its users.
Examples of popular social platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn to name a selection.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing is the process of producing informative and engaging content of value to an audience on a regular basis. It can help influence consumer behaviour, with the end goal of driving sales and increasing the level of interaction between brand and customer.Content Marketing provides the solution to a need of current and potential customers. It helps to build trust, raise awareness of your brand and convey positive sentiment. A successful content marketing campaign establishes you as an expert in your field, and that sets the groundwork for a long-term business relationship.

The most effective way to encourage conversions is to give your site visitors exactly what they want. Knowing your audience(s) is the first step in building a content strategy which answers the important questions and meets the needs of your website users.Producing the content itself is one side of the coin; the other is making sure that the content finds its way to the intended audience, through the various relevant online mediums, at the best possible time for maximum impact.

Great content helps you to stand out from the competition, provides a great resource to your customers, is loved by search engines and is highly shareable. Content Marketing can not only help to increase sales through providing high quality, relevant, problem-solving information to your visitors. It can also help to improve brand profile and online reputation, build genuine, organic links from great sources and can even sometimes “go viral”.

We develop a bespoke content marketing strategy for each client which is based on research gathered during Discovery.Content Marketing is more than just creating words or visuals on a page. Our teams plan, develop and implement strategies which are designed in line with each client’s individual business goals and can include elements of copywriting, digital design and social outreach.

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