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3 Bravingtons Walk , London- N1 9AJ
London , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
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Greenlight - London

Green light digital brings ability to our customers in thinking, abilities, development and thirst for results that pushes everyone to deliver on something that certainly matter to the context. The Growth is a blend that earned us a ranking in the UK’s #1 digital agency, based on performance and peer and customer suggestions. In truth one of our customers mentioned the reason he hired Green light was because we were truly the only agency that appeared to care about counting the cash. We took it as a compliment!

We have come a long way down the lane. We started our office with a small space with a borrowed pc looking for a bright future which can bring in some mighty change in the digital marketing industry. We made our growth within a short period of time with 130 serving in the company to 50 leading brands over 30 global markets, with the help of full range of marketing, unique strength, the power to drive and measurement services. We help our clients to realise in digital fortunes.

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We’ve been growing digital businesses since 2002, and the most commonly cited obstacle to growth is the site and platform. Over the years we’ve heard the words and phrases, “fragile”, “slow”, “complex to change”, “lacking in capability” and “dated platforms” more times than we can share. Ultimately, these and other site shortcomings hold back your ability to trade, market, analyse and perform, all of which are the levers to growth.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies to succeed in digital marketing over the years. Our client list includes FTSE, NASDAQ and NYSE listed companies, as well as charitable organisations and government bodies. We work with SMEs, global brands and top interactive agencies across vertical markets as diverse as publishing, financial services, retail, travel, hospitality, entertainment, gambling and real estate.

If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine”. Sadly, many companies are only scratching the surface with their analytics and data strategy, and so good actionable data tends to be an exception rather than a rule. This means the same formulas get repeated.

Products and Services

Social Media Marketing

It takes more than sharing buttons on product pages or ads on Facebook to make you social. Sociable brands shout ‘hey, over here, look, try this, what do you think?’ They capture your imagination, draw you in, and make the time rewarding, and worth talking about. This cements loyalty, keeps your brand front of mind, and spreads awareness.We spend our waking hours obsessing about what makes our client’s tick, what’s going to excite them, draw them in, peak their curiosity and turn them into fans and advocates.

From simple things like sweepstakes to dedicated social competitions and Twitter-powered devices in the real world, the only real boundary is the imagination. And the more of it we use the better the engagement.

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Good Work
As I was looking for a service expert to work on my website for a few months, I found Greenlight at last who has been really an inspiring expert. He has taken my website which stood back on page twenty to page one in short period of time, it was amazing and very impressive, his work is sensational and he is much a nice guy.
Woderful work
Greenlight made an astonishing job on my website and branding. They were on the right time when I needed the most with economical budget which looked perfect. They are easy to communicate whenever we need and they always exceed my expectations. I would contribute my service with them on a whole and I recommend them to everyone.