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34 Franklin Avenue , Brooklyn- 11205
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Socialweber - Brooklyn

If you have a website, you need the services offered by SocialWeber. SocialWeber can help you increase traffic, improve your website, and land more sales. Visit today to find out more.SocialWeber.com we strongly think that nothing really is about united states. Its about you!We think that performing equivalent strategy repeatedly for different customer bases and different target audiences is tossing money to the wind.

We rely on being experts so you wont need to be.We rely on transparency and customer connection, and that means you have input in every every choice we make, and assure that your best interests are in mind.We rely on rate and adaptability, since the online marketing environment is ever-growing.We genuinely believe that the future of advertising lies in genuine individual empathy together with your consumers cause, consequently weïll utilize such strategies so that you can reach top outcomes for your business growth.

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Products and Services

Local SEO
Local SEO concentrates on the search results of your local area, to get you on the prime top position.We will set up a complete and in-depth profile, claim and optimize your business listings on Google, Bing and Yahoo! And our experts will get you featured on the top directories and apps like Yelp, Foursquare and Google Maps (Google + Local), and post your business listings across 100+ relevant online directories. We will also continuously monitor your directory listings to keep you at the top in the local listings.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing is not as complicated or as ancient as the mainstream believes it to be.It basically is the process of List Building, meaning storing all your business contacts and prospects into one list, segmented (if possible) by the stage of their Lead Statues, i.e. cold leads, hot lead, waiting to sign contract, one time clients, recurring clients etc.By having such a list handy, can automatically set which clients get which offers, and when. And for which category of clients you’d want to give 10% off, and which 13% or just 7%.

You’d be able to get all your email written before-hand and set up, so it will drip into the clients inbox at set intervals in time. At first each day, then 2 times a week then once a week etc.Email Marketing is mainly used to help nudge a prospect towards a sale, to become a client. It is still very efficient and highly profitable when done correctly.Another way Email Marketing is utilized is for Newsletters, Weekly, Bi-Weely, Monthly or Quarterly sent to all clients and prospects, to keep informed on topics they showed interest in. This is a component of Content Marketing as well.

PPC Management
Starting off your website campaigns with paid advertisements gets you first and foremost the best Traffic the fastest way possible.If you know who your prospect is – and you’d get that information at the strategy level – you’d (1) place very low-priced ads where they frequently visit, (2) you would try a few ads to see which words/graphics gets you the most conversions (actual sales, not just clicks), then (3) you’d know how much you profit from each client, so you can calculate how much you are allowed to spend on each of them as the Cost Per Acquisition.And we can also collect the data on the results to improve your odds, but even more importantly, derive from this information what your clients really need and want, and based on those proven topics build your SEO, keywords and your content strategy.

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