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AJP Business Centre, 152-154 Coles Green Rd , London- NW2 7HD
London , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
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Tinderpoint - London

As our commencement over 10 years back as Ringjohn, Tinderpoint has gone from strength to strength as a professional digital marketing group with business locales in Dublin and London-and innovative that knows no fringes. We strive to work with organisations from new companies to Fortune 250 and FTSE 100 organisation. Our customers select (and stay with) us for our experience, transparency, stability and familiarity with their needs and aspirations.

Working with Tinderpoint,In the event if you discover the choice of digital marketing options overwhelming, you'll be satisfied to realize that we keep things basic and language free, so you can rapidly follow that how digital can help your business, how quick and at what cost. Since metrics are our bread and butter, all that we do is measurable, so you can undoubtedly see the quality we bring to your online ideas and maximise your return. Our mission, basically, is to apply the best and most recent advanced apparatuses and systems to help you offer you more, and more profitably.

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Digital design doesn't just need to look good – it needs to work hard, too. At TinderPoint, we produce impactful, purposeful design to help you stand out in your marketplace. It's not just about having a good eye for design, but also having a clear head as regards its role in today's digital age. Whether it be be display advertising, landing pages or web design, our process is always about creating distinctive, visual content that's unique to your bran

Our goal is always to produce a design that speaks to your visitors’ emotional needs, enhances their experience, and engages them time and time again.Our designers are creative thinkers who have a deep understanding of the web, and the behaviours and preferences of its users. They’ll immerse themselves in your brand, and apply their skills and talent to meeting the specific demands of your project.

Products and Services

Social media marketing

Social media marketing isn’t limited to Twitter and Facebook. The social toolkit includes blogs, user reviews, forums, niche online communities plus a wide range of networking platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest, to name but a handful. Why does social matter, Not only do search engines look at social references to help rank site authority, but it’s also where your customers hang out online, chat to their friends or peers, research purchases and make decisions to buy.

We employ integrated social advertising plans across a wide variety of campaign types to help you reach your core audience online, target them by demographic or interest, and achieve your business goals. Use social advertising to:The more you know about your target audience’s needs, preferences and habits, the more effectively you can reach out to them. We build successful digital campaigns based on data, user behaviour, new technologies and channels to zero in on your prospects and generate measurable ROI from social marketing initiatives.

Building your social following doesn’t begin and end with amassing fans, followers and likes. SEO today relies on great content and even greater reach. So once we’ve created “sticky” content for your business, we promote it via social channels (in addition to online PR, display advertising and contextual search advertising), so you can build relationships, brand loyalty and social trust.

Content Marketing

Content can come in many forms. As a key element in digital marketing, it's vital that you get it right - and that means more than just stringing a few words together. Whether it's eBooks or infographics, blogs or business guides we can be your guides in the world of content marketing.

Call on our content specialists for a strategy that delivers compelling, original content with all of the trimmings but none of the fuss.
Digital marketing can drive visitors to your site, but if your content isn’t compelling, relevant and shareable, your efforts in getting them there will almost certainly be in vain. That’s what makes a robust approach to content integral to the success of any online campaign.
Producing a great piece of content may not seem too arduous, but doing it regularly can be labour-intensive and requires proper planning.

So we’ll work with you to create high-quality content for your blog, email newsletter or social initiatives, then make sure it’s seen, shared, liked, downloaded, tweeted, mentioned and linked to. Some of the content we produce includes:Producing original, compelling content isn’t easy, and it’s also extremely time-consuming. You may have subject matter experts in your company who could write extensively on a given topic, but how many of those people regularly have plenty of time on their hands? The reality is, other business will take priority and either timescales will slip or it’ll never happen.

Because it’s so time-consuming to produce eBooks, business guides, executive briefings and white papers, you might be tempted to get someone internally who can write to cobble together content from other sources. “Borrowed” content doesn’t demonstrate thought leadership, and a homespun design will further undermine your credibility. Fail to promote your content effectively, or skimp on a dedicated landing page for capturing leads, and whatever time you have spent will be wasted.

Web analytics

Web analytics can be vital when it comes to growing your business with digital marketing. Whether social, mobile, conversion or advertising data, it pays to understand the variables at play and how they influence sales, conversions and ROI.We will examine your data in detail and develop actionable recommendations based on current visitor activity trends.The TinderPoint analytics experts usually hang out at Google Analytics but can also be found poring over Adobe’s SiteCatalyst and Omniture, IBM’s Coremetrics or WebTrends, among others.Fortunately, you don’t have to be a statistician or professional number-cruncher because it’s our job to translate the myriad measurements into answers to key commercial questions.


Get your PPC right and the possibilities are endless. Get it wrong and it’s easy to get burned overspending and underperforming.Stop playing with fire and start using it to your advantage with TinderPoint high performance PPC strategies.Pay per Click can help send you to the top of Google’s search results. But driving traffic to your site is only half the story – if your visitors aren’t targeted prospects, likely to make an enquiry or purchase, you’re wasting your money. What are your bounce rates trying to tell you? What is your most profitable time of day. How do you track conversion across multiple devices? TinderPoint’s granular approach to PPC means we can help you achieve maximum relevance, which translates into a higher Google Quality Score and lower Cost per Conversion.

If you’re not currently getting the return on PPC that you’d anticipated, working with TinderPoint’s dedicated team turns our knowledge to your advantage. We optimise PPC for companies of all sizes across multiple industries, and apply the best practices accumulated through this broad experience to the benefit of all our clients. We’re on constant alert to emerging PPC innovations, and are typically able to gain access to beta functionality releases before most digital agencies, keeping you ahead of the game.

If your current PPC partner isn’t getting the results you expect, turn to TinderPoint. We’re focused on maximising quality activity at the lowest possible cost, with a choice of fixed fee and performance-based commercial models. We provide high-touch contact so you’re always in the loop, plus regular reporting and analysis for complete transparency. We can smooth the transition by analysing your existing web presence, brand, offering and message, and proposing a specific on-boarding PPC strategy with TinderPoint.

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