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The Tower Deva Centre,Trinity Way , Manchester- M3 7BF
Greater Manchester , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
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Return On Digital - Manchester

Return on Digital was established in September 2008 with one honest ambition: to maximise our customers return on digital.The digital world has seen uncommon progressions from that point forward however one thing has stuck with it-Our enthusiasm for return. verybody who works here, all that we do, is because of one objective, to power a more return on investment for our customers.From a limited band we've developed to an award winning, business heading organisation with a group of few optimistic digital minds in Europe. We strive to serve you better.

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Other Services:

  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Online PR

Additional Information

We can help you improve customer retention and loyalty by staying in touch with your customers via highly targeted and timely email campaigns. We use our blend of insight and experience to help you reach the right people with the right message at the right time. Encouraging them to buy from you, again and again and again.
Targeting is, of course, key. We use data to ensure we get your message to the right people. We do this not only by segmenting your email lists but by using the latest in behavioural retargeting techniques in order to maximise your conversion rates and therefore your return from email.
And of course we use our creative skills and experience to create highly engaging creative for the emails themselves. Fresh, relevant content delivered in an engaging and compelling way. Creating a digital experience that not only encourages and persuades users to like, to buy or to act, but to do so right away.
We believe there are three key words in digital marketing success – test, test, test. We can split test your email campaigns to explore which subject lines, calls to action and promotions are the most successful in increasing your return. Our detailed reports will then show you not only what device your email campaign was opened on, which browser and operating platform was used but, most importantly, how much return it generated.
In addition to the email campaigns themselves, we can also run creative prospect generation campaigns which allow you to build up highly targeted email lists from the people that want to buy your products.It's a talented and agile team that eats, sleeps and drinks all things digital. A team always looking for creative ways to build brands, to drive more website visitors, to generate more sales and squeeze more money out of every digital pound. And it's the desire to constantly search for new insights and opportunities for you to exploit in this ever-changing digital landscape.

Products and Services

Social Media
Social Media marketing can generate a significant return on investment, providing your social media strategy is crafted with a solid business goal in mind. It’s quite simply a myth that you can’t measure return on your social investment.Aside from a financial return, social media can, when implemented correctly, promote your brand, engage your audience, improve your customer service and create and nurture relationships with key influencers. Social media creates a dialogue between your brand and your audience. It influences perception and increases customer lifetime value. And all for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing media channels.
Every word, photo, video and link that we create for you will boost attributable sales, build communities, drive website visits and could even increase footfall to stores. Proving that social can bring you so much more than visibility and connectivity. Creative, measurable social media means greater returns both in the short and long term.
Content Marketing
Every single piece of content you produce has the power to generate sales, build brand awareness and trust, educate your target audience, acquire links or simply create a positive feel-good user experience. But only if this content is relevant, compelling and delivered to your customers where they want it, at the time they want to consume it and in the best, most engaging form.
Our content strategists will work with you to understand your objectives and formulate a strategy that will deliver results. Using social listening tools and other data insights, we’ll assess the needs of your target audience, targeting what they like to share, who they’d like to share it with and what they are influenced by. We’ll scrutinise what your competitors are doing to see what’s working for them and, more importantly, how we can improve on it.
There’s more to content than the written word. Great content can come in a wide range of forms, from video, podcasts and webinars to infographics, white papers and interactive graphics. Anything that talks ‘to’ and not ‘at’ your customers. Anything that delivers useful, reliable, high quality and relevant information to customers, resulting in a positive user experience.
While our team of creative content experts will create the right form of content for you, our experienced outreach team will make sure it’s seen by the right people, in the right place and at the right time. Using a wide range of techniques including seeding by social media, paid media, press releases and influencer outreach. Whatever it takes.
Organic search visibility is no longer a "nice-to-have" but a business necessity. If you aren’t investing in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), you can be sure your competitors will be.SEO is a complex, rapidly changing but vital part of the digital marketing mix. It isn’t just about keywords and links anymore. Information such as user location, mobility and search history are available to the search engines before the user has even typed a query.
And this information is being used to serve increasingly personalised results. Therefore you don’t just need to optimise for keywords, but for user intent and context too.In addition to all of this, the way in which search results appear is also changing. We use innovative markup to allow “rich snippets” such as star ratings, author photos and video thumbnails to show in search results and steal clicks away from your competitors.
Our team of SEO experts will work with you to understand your business objectives and to formulate a bespoke strategy that best executes them. We look at your current situation and formulate a creative plan to get you where you want to be, whether you need Crawl Rate Optimisation, Local SEO, Video Optimisation, Content Optimisation, Domain Strengthening or link profile clean up, our team live and breathe SEO and are constantly on the look-out for new and innovative ways for you to increase your organic visibility.
Online Public Relations
We don’t differentiate between ‘digital’ and ‘traditional’ PR, all of our PR campaigns integrate seamlessly with your online activity. Which means that the campaign we create for you will be just as successful in the Daily Mail as it is on Buzzfeed.
We live in a world where every brand is shouting for the consumer’s attention and, as a result, struggling to get their voices heard. At Return on Digital, we believe that digital PR gives you another angle. Blended with more traditional offline PR activities, digital PR can produce extremely powerful results. Helping you influence perception, drive conversation and can improve sentiment around your brand online.
PR works alongside social media, SEO and outreach activity to build influence, brand awareness and ultimately, impact the bottom line.Our talented, experienced, well connected team love creating engaging campaigns for our clients. They’re as comfortable on the phone pitching persuasively to journalists as they are tweeting with bloggers.
As with all our other services, the focus of our online PR activity for your brand is results. We deliver compelling, strategic PR campaigns with metrics and measurement. For more information about what we can do for you, let’s do what we do best – start a conversation.
Paid Search
Without pro-active management, rigorous attention to detail, thorough competitor analysis and a true understanding of desired outcomes, a good Paid Search campaign can quickly turn into a budgetary black hole.As pioneers in Paid Search, we have spent considerable time perfecting our processes to ensure that we deliver the most visibility, the lowest cost with the highest number of conversions for our clients.And in this increasingly complex, ever-changing world of PPC, we will keep you up to speed with the latest developments in new products and platforms. Leveraging their strengths to ensure you continue to maximise your return.

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