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Peter Maycock

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Unit D, Vanguard Buildings Britannia Road , Storforth Lane- S40 2TZ
Cheshire , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
Today (Tuesday) Open 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Peter Maycock - Storforth Lane

Peter Maycock specialises in website design and search engine optimisation (SEO) and the way your website is designed is significant in this age of hand-held web gadgets. The issue of SEO on a website is exceptionally reliant on the layout and navigation. Get hold of the right route to achieve an extremely effective website.

I know you care about web design and SEO.But you are abusing the Mobile Web and Social Media Marketing?A larger number of Smartphones are constantly sold than desktop Pcs – and Apple sold in excess of 58.3 million iPads in 2012 – How does your website look like on a smart phone and by what method will it perform at Google? Would you like to know all the more about responsive design?Furthermore with the prevalence of Social Media Marketing through sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and so on there's a risk your competitors could leave you behind.

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The website has become the greatest tool of the sales and marketing professional in the 21st Century – and our experience in the field of website design is second to none.The web provides the most cost-effective method of communicating, advertising and selling on the planet. It is absolutely essential for every company and organisation to have a quality site on the Internet.It is essential that all companies have a modern, well-designed and up to date website. This is frequently the first point of contact a potential client will encounter.

Website planning,Plus a large amount of visitors will arrive via smartphone or tablet – will the site perform well under those conditions?Also, if you have an online store and it looks out of date or is not search engine friendly, any advertising and networking you do could fall at the first fence.

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Social Media Marketing
Recent years have seen the rise of a new form of online promotion – social media marketing. Now that the majority of people have access to the web, the demand for social destinations has grown into a giant opportunity for advertisers to reach consumers of all ages and tastes.

Some sites, like Flickr (for sharing photos) and YouTube (for sharing video) create communities by giving visitors the opportunity to vote, comment and recommend to others. The use of sites like StrumbleUpon, Digg, etc also allow people to create links to their favourite destinations, stories, news, pictures, video, etc.

The spread of viral information via these sites can be phenomenal! A funny or controversial video can spread rapidly across the web reaching millions of consumers.However, the biggest success in social media is Facebook. It has become so big that it is, at the time of writing, the third most popular site on the web with 800 million members – and that number increases every day! As to the advertising potential, Facebook is up there with Google and YouTube in the number of searches performed.

If you have products for sale in the real world, you should consider having an ecommerce shop.The great advantages to trading online are that you do not need prestigious premises or highly trained sales staff. As long as you have somewhere safe to keep your stock and a good helpline for customer questions, you can compete with much larger competitors and potential customers will not be aware of any differences.Imagine the feeling when you go to work in the morning and see orders waiting to be filled – with the payment already in your bank account.

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