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International House 24 Holborn Viaduct , London- EC1A 2BN
London , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
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Market Appeal Ltd - London

Market Appeal is a search engine optimization (SEO) concern set up in May 2006 to help newly started, SMEs and web design agencies from Greater London and beyond. Due to ongoing expansion, in May 2009 Market Appeal turned into a limited company.

Unlike most of the best digital companies we dedicate ourselves specialized in providing the greatest paid search and organic SEO to deliver the best outcome. As Google Analytics as our mission we are committed to providing you with measurable, profitable SEO.

There is an old adage that says that half of all advertising is ineffective, unfortunately nobody knows which half. We’re pleased to say that that doesn’t apply to search engine marketing, as many clients’ journeys are traceable every step of the way.

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Other Services:

  • Link Building
  • Web Analytics
  • PPC Management

Additional Information

Having worked with Google Analytics and associated packages for a number of years we are able to offer assistance with Google Analytics installation, configuration and training, as well as with analysis, interpretation and then subsequent decision making and site optimisation.
While we are familiar with most of the leading packages for most companies we recommend using Google Analytics as it’s fast, friendly, flexible, configurable and free.Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is perfect for fast acting results as it allows you to run highly responsive marketing campaigns.While SEO tends to offer better long term value, many companies choose to run paid search campaigns for a variety of reasons.
For example, sites near the start of an SEO campaign may initially struggle to achieve the rankings required to drive significant organic traffic, whereas paid search can deliver a regular stream of targeted traffic.There may also be branding advantages to having a visible paid search campaign. Many companies start off by using them as a short term solution, but end up running both SEO and PPC campaigns when both prove themselves to be profitable.We have also found that insights from paid search campaigns such as which keywords and offer text converts best invaluable when planning SEO campaigns, as search volume alone won’t tell which phrases actually sell.As our decisions are only as good as the information that we base them upon, we believe that tracking your campaigns’ performance is crucial to success and so we are always happy to help configure you analytics software to ensure optimal results.

Products and Services

Onsite SEO

We conduct several levels of website SEO reviews from short SEO Assessments that outline key issues to full blown SEO Audits that examine one or more matters in detail. Included are explanations in everyday English suitable for non-SEO staff to follow as well as in depth recommendations ready for immediate implementation.

Link Building
Link building has changed dramatically in the last few years but at Market Appeal, we have always been dominated by quality, looking for genuine, useful sites and blogs that we can supply with informative, entertaining and, above all, useful content.

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