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Just Legal Marketing LLC

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1004 Anna Knapp Blvd , Mount Pleasant- 29464
South Carolina , United States  United States
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Just Legal Marketing LLC - Mount Pleasant

JustLegal Marketing, LLC is a digital marketing agency exclusively serving lawyers and law firms. Services include search engine optimization, local SEO, web development, social media marketing and management, and search engine marketing such as pay-per-click campaigns.

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Monday 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
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Other Services:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • PPC Management
  • Local SEO

Additional Information

Search engines and users alike rely on high-quality, regularly published content to evaluate the credibility of your website and your firm. Publishing high-quality content is an effective way to gain a competitive advantage. Our lawyers write original content that is optimized for search results and in a style that your readers will find informative to help you establish your online authority in your practice areas. If your law firm’s website needs content, we offer these services on a limited basis for select clients.

Your firm’s website is the beating heart of all of your online marketing efforts including search engine optimization. A poor site design will negatively impact your rankings and your visitors’ experience. For example, if your website isn’t mobile friendly, then a large portion of your traffic won’t remain on your site long enough to become conversions. If your law firm’s website needs to be overhauled or rebuilt, we offer these services on a limited basis for select clients.

Products and Services

A successful law firm SEO campaign begins with determining what keywords people are actually searching to find your practice areas. We conduct extensive keyword research, analyze the value of those keywords, analyze your market’s competition, and select the best keywords to fit your marketing strategy.Search engines look at over 200 different factors to decide where your website will rank in search results to provide the most relevant, up-to-date information available to searchers.

Results that are geographically close to your law firm’s physical location are seen (by search engines) as more relevant to answering an immediate need or question relating to your practice areas. We optimize every aspect of your law firm’s website to ensure it is effectively communicating what your practice is about to search algorithms and users. Optimization includes targeted keywords and phrases, page title optimization, and meta-tag optimization.

We also correct any deceptive SEO practices that may penalize your site in rankings. We make site infrastructure improvements if needed such as correcting broken links, and we conduct inbound link analysis to disavow any spammy links that may be harming your site. Every month, we repeat this process to get your law firm’s site ranking for relevant keywords and phrases.
Our SEO specialists install and optimize your law firm website’s analytics, allowing you to track and analyze visitor behavior. This includes adding Google Analytics and setting up Google Webmaster Tools.

PPC Management
Generate traffic and cost estimation based on analyzing historical data.Using SEM best practices and a strong campaign structure, we work with you to develop ads and a keyword list to reach your goals.Enhance your PPC Ad with custom extensions ranging from click-to-call, sitelinks, and location extensions. Other extensions may apply.Reach potential clients through a premiere search platform on all devices including computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Social Media Management
Social media profiles show up well in organic search results, especially in branded search when someone searches for your law firm by name. Also, social profiles can show up for specific search terms and queries. To reap the SEO benefits, your firm’s social profiles must be populated and optimized. We’ll create professional Facebook and Twitter pages that connect with your targeted demographic, share your content with relevant users, drive traffic to your law firm’s website, and support your firm’s ongoing SEO initiatives.

We’ll create and manage a social media campaign that builds confidence by communicating your law firm’s character and reputation to potential clients. For example, when news breaks that affects one of your practice areas, such as a prescription drug recall, legislative action, or an important court decision, you can quickly respond through social media and have a real-time voice in online discussions. Through continuous weekly posting, we’ll maintain top-of-mind awareness for your legal services so your firm stays first in potential clients’ minds when they need an attorney that fits your practice area

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