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83 Rivonia Road , Sandton- 2196
Johannesburg , South Africa  South Africa
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NB Digi - Sandton

Nadja Bester offers full-scale digital marketing services to South African and international business clients.

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Your target market lives in the real world. As you do. When they need a telephone number, they don’t trek down to their nearest pay phone because the donkey cart failed to deliver their copy of Yellow Pages last week. They simply whip out a smartphone and let that 3G connection do the walking.

As sophisticated consumers, we expect businesses to be online, and we expect them to look the part. When they’re not, or when what they offer is sub-par, we simply add them to the not-my-cuppa pile. And there they shall stay until they – unlikely – reinvent themselves to become relevant, relatable, and useful. In other words, until they’re online, and online in a way that’s at least as good as everyone else.Your business will stop sucking when you stop thinking of its digital version as a nice-to-have that you don’t have the time or budget for, or (perhaps even worse) a necessary evil that can make do with a watered-down version that saves the biggest amount of buck.

Products and Services

Content Marketing
The stuff any keeping-with-the-times marketer’s dreams are made of. The stuff any business’ marketing budget should be full of. The stuff the internet (i.e. the people you want buying from you) is simply, totally, absolutely in love with.Have you looked at Big Business and wondered how the heck they do it, anyway? (And did you notice, while you were at it, that it’s far from just Big Business doing it these days?).

Every piece of content you create goes through a miraculous little process of getting life breathed into it. Whether your content marketing is in-house or outsourced (here’s why outsourcing digital marketing is awesome), the content creator(s) sits hunched over the data, engrossed in bringing your company’s message to the fore and make it rock. Hours pass by, in which life slows down to a flicker of a heartbeat. And then, finally!, ‘Save’ is pressed for the last time, ‘Export’ and ‘Email’ is gleefully finger-jumped on, and voila! another content marketing masterpiece is born.

Ever since clever people got even cleverer online, the Who’s Who in the digital world has been throwing around the term ‘SEO’ like they courted it over a romantic dinner the previous night.And then it went and died on us.Or so you would believe, listening to businesses go on about how “he done me wrong” when referring to some SEO specialist they’d contracted to make them The Best Business in the Whole Entire World…on search engines, at least. Now, convinced that search engine optimisation is nothing but another internet marketing scam, they’ve boxed being on page 1 of the search results in the ‘Dark Magic’ box, and nothing more shall be said about it.

Are you in a position where you want – or desperately need – to up your SEO tactics? Google’s started up a whole zoo with Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, ready to whip websites into shape all kung-fu like, ensuring that the Internet of Things enjoy awesome user experience free from desperate black-hat tactics and ALT tag-bombs.

Brand Management
If you’ve been in business for a number or years, you’ve probably seen a lot of trends come and go. Some of them, like typewriters, had their quiet burials. Others, like the office robots we all wish we had, which would do everything from unlocking the front door to auditing the yearly financial statements, all for a quick daily battery boost, don’t (yet) exist.The thread that holds it all together, nowadays, is technology. From personal productivity to office automation, most of us are quick to jump on the bandwagon whenever the latest and greatest new tech development is unrolled to our nearest corner store.

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