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D-169 Okhla Industrial Area Phase 1 , New Delhi- 110020
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Mind Digital - New Delhi

Mind Digital Group is a trusted and experienced offshore web development company based in India and abroad. We focus on delivering high quality work to our clients and focus on long-term relationships. Working with a reputable and trusted offshore web development company can be a very fruitful experience if you are able to find the right offshore partner. We provides a complete solution of offshore Development needs at affordable cost to the clients. We also provides Digital Marketing services such as PPC, SMO,SEO etc . Our customer satisfaction, commitment,  technical expertise, corporate value and transparency have made us a preferred vendor to our clients around the globe.

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Other Services:

  • Local SEO
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Social Media

Additional Information

Your website is your face to the world. At Mind Digital, we combine usability and creativity which allows us to achieve the perfect mix that allows your users to get exactly what they are looking for from your website. We have a team of creative designers, experienced developers and digitally mad employees that love what they do which is showcased in the results we deliver for our global clients. The 21st century is dominated by cyber technology and the Internet is at its peak connecting everyone together across the globe. We can reach anyone, anywhere within seconds and share information about you with them through your website. Any type of web development project you need help with, we can help.

It is critical for every company to have an online presence with a website showcasing the services or products that they offer. Many companies consider their website as the primary way of doing business and they may be true in their own sense as can be seen with big companies like Amazon & Ebay. Amazon is the largest Ecommerce company in the world conducting business all over the globe with nothing else but their website. This is just one example to showcase the power of the Internet and how it can help your business thrive online. If you are looking for a simple corporate website or even a fully functioning Ecommerce website, we can help you with any type of web development project you have without any headaches. Our team has years of experience in delivering high quality work for clients from all over the world.

Products and Services

PPC Management
Paid Search & return on investment go hand in hand like peanut butter & jelly. There is no other online advertising channel that you can measure as accurately as you can with a correctly optimized Paid Search campaign. It is one of the quickest and most effective ways to drive traffic and business to a website. We use industry best practices to ensure that the structure, messaging, and targeting of your PPC campaign is where it needs to be. Our best practice approach to biddable media truly focuses on increasing our clients ROI through early adoption of new technologies, data analysis and much more. We have experience of running Paid Search campaigns across multiple countries, languages and search engines.

We put your target audience at the center of our PPC strategy so that we are deploying the right messages in the right places and at the key moments in a user’s journey. We determine exactly how your campaign should be targeted by devices, locations, languages and search engines. We test multiple Adcopy variations to ensure that your ad is driving the highest possible click through rates and conversions. As the search landscape is constantly evolving, we ensure that search behavior and new search terms are constantly being integrated within your account allowing you to achieve the highest possible ROI.

We use competitive research to benchmark you against all your competitors to ensure that you are positioned exactly where you need to be. Anybody can setup a Google Adwords account but to run it correctly and efficiently is another story. We use large sets of data to make smart decisions using things such as time, weather, user behavior and many other factors to devise our customized PPC strategies. We have a team of talented mathematicians and PPC analysts that are continually trained ensuring that your Paid Search account is constantly evolving along with the search landscape.

Local SEO
We see SEO as an extension of your marketing strategy which allows you to achieve your overall objectives and exceed your KPIs. In this competitive market there are thousands of companies with websites providing similar services. To remain ahead in the search results and rank on top when users are looking for the services or products that you offer, it is critical that you work with a company that knows what they are doing. We make the Internet work for you by providing you a customized SEO strategy that enables you to get found online across all the search engines. We ensure that our SEO efforts of modifying and analyzing your website enables the search engines to understand your website and rank it higher within the search results.

We use strategies such as on-page technical audits, off-page link building, content seeding, content creation and many more tactics to ensure that your online goals are being fulfilled. Our SEO efforts will help you reap many benefits such as free targeted traffic, excellent ROI, increased brand visibility, brand awareness, cost effectiveness and much more. All of our practices within the world of SEO have always been white hat and ethical allowing us to achieve great results for all of our clients across the globe. Our policies have always been to only create link building campaigns that are exciting and highly creative which allows us to acquire high quality links for your website.

Social Media Management
Social Media allows organizations of all sizes to connect with consumers more intimately than ever before. We can help you understand the impact that Social Media is having on your company and work with you so that you can implement the changes that you need to be more engaged with your target audience through the Social Media channel. We start by looking at where your current customers and prospective customers are spending their time online. We then implement a solution to monitor them whether that be in the blogosphere, on Twitter, forums or on Facebook. Each way of tracking, measuring and analyzing within the Social Media world is different so as a result our strategies are always custom tailored to fit you.

We want to help you say the right thing at the right time to the right people. We can report what’s being said about you and improve the content on your official presence but most importantly identify and reach the key influencers. We help you engage in Social Media so you can have meaningful conversations and ignite positive word of mouth for your organization to help you create brand ambassadors. Content you create and distribute should be based on what your audience wants. We think not only about online but how all of your marketing efforts should be integrated offline and as a result your efforts are unified together to yield you the best possible results.

Online Reputation Management
We live in a world today where information travels at the speed of light thanks to the Internet of course. In the old days, “reputation” used to spread via word-of-mouth. With the advent of newspapers, news both good and bad, information began to be reported to increasingly larger audiences. But newspapers had editorial oversight and control. Newspapers are not in the business of smearing people or maligning anyone’s reputation for the most part. Of course, some unethical newspapers or magazines may even engage in spreading falsehoods. When public personalities are faced with the situation of publications making malicious or slanderous statements or publishing any baseless or unfounded rumors or allegations, they often fight back by filing court cases for libel.

The old rules of the game, where a person who has been maligned sues the person or publication, have changed irrevocably and forever. The Internet has made publishing stuff on the Internet laughably easy; child’s play in fact. This is a double edged sword as on the one hand, good stuff about many unknown heroes that would earlier remained known only in a particular geographical locality can now spread worldwide, but on the other hand, it has also become maddeningly easy to post slanderous material about anybody online using various tools for anonymity. In a landscape of millions of blogs and thousands of news websites, it’s absolutely impossible to know what might be written about someone in some corner of the Internet. The job of the search engines is to curate this ever growing torrent of information. All we can ensure is to check the search engines to see how we fare.

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