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Denver Integrated Marketing Pros LLC

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1550 Larimer St. Suite 766 , Denver- 80202
Colorado , United States  United States
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Denver Integrated Marketing Pros LLC - Denver

Provides Online Marketing / Advertising / Media buying services for small to medium sized businesses. Includes, but is not limited to the following services: SEO, Local Business Optimization, PPC & PPV, Social Media and BRAMM (Branding, Reputation Asset Marketing and Maintenance).Denver Integrated Marketing Solutions is a local provider of strategic multi-Media marketing solutions helping Medium and small businesses to expand their outreach on and offline.

All of our marketing packages use a combination of our proven optimization methods to help you brand your business on the internet. Our strategies include both off page and on page marketing techniques. By using all of the techniques at our disposal we can ensure that your website and marketing campaigns will leave a lasting impression on all that see them.

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Additional Information

The internet has become the resource of choice by consumers when it comes to finding product information. All of that information presents a challenge for today’s businesses that are trying to build their presence online. Without a strong position online it will be difficult to market your products or services to new clients. That is where our Link Building services and viral internet marketing strategies come in, they will give your website the boost it needs to increase the amount of incoming traffic, which will in turn improve its page ranking on search engine result pages.

We use several search engine optimization tools in order improve the performance of a website. One of those tools is called Link Building and it will help make your website more appealing to search engines. All of our internet viral marketing strategies include an element of link building. Many of top search engines look at link popularity when it comes time when they are indexing each website on the internet. Therefore, the more backlinks you have to your website, the higher search engines tend to rank your website, so we include link building services in all of our packages of service.

Here at Denver Integrated Marketing Solutions our team of experts provides the most comprehensive SEO Services and we help companies that are looking to standout from the crowd on the internet. Article Submission is part of our internet marketing strategy that we use to help our clients websites to get to top page ranking.We designed our Article Submission services around the use of only highly unique and well written articles. These targeted articles are submitted to specific article directory sites. Our internet marketing services are all designed to help you improve the visibility of your website online.

We have an extensive amount of internet marketing knowledge and SEO firms like us take advantage of all of our tools and techniques to improve our clients websites and make them much more search engine-friendly. We use Article Submission as one of our methods.As part of our Article Submission service we write the articles that we submit on behalf of our clients to certain directory sites. This is one of the SEO techniques that we use to increase the amount of traffic that is driven to your website and it also helps to build valuable backlinks for your website.

If you are looking to build your company’s presence online, the number one rule of thumb is you must increase its online exposure. We here at Denver Integrated Marketing Solutions help businesses like yours standout from crowd online. Our services are designed to help you quickly make connection to the people who need your products or services.Most internet marketing firms will tell you that the content of your website is single most important thing when it comes to your website.

Content is king and for this reason we focus heavily on the content for each of our clients. We provide only the highest quality content for the websites, press releases and articles as part of our internet marketing services.At Denver Integrated Marketing Solutions, we do things right. How you ask? All of our services include SEO Copywriter services. Our high quality content will help make your company’s website standout from the rest. Our content optimization techniques will ensure that your customers will find you.

Products and Services

Social Media Marketing

At Denver Integrated Marketing Solutions we have only the top people that have the expertise in implementing SEO in today’s Social Media Technology. We understand the unique nature of both advertising and online marketing and are able to make recommendations to help your business to improve its ability to reach its desired markets. Social Media has become a very important tool in reaching people online. As one of the leading Internet Marketing company in the Denver area, we know that social media is important and we will help you harness its power.Using the power of social media we will help your business build a very loyal following. Then we will turn your client base into an active promotion machine that will help get the word out about your products and services.

Social Media Marketing is worth the investment. As a marketing platform, social media is much more flexible and gives an entrepreneur an amount of freedom that is not available with traditional marketing. Social media campaigns give you that ability to closely interact with clients. This also gives you much more control over your company’s reputation. Social media events are perfect for announcing new product developments Social media is best way for you and your current clients to interact and we have the expertise at Denver Integrated Marketing Solutions to put together a dynamic social media marketing plan. You will see that your company will definitely benefit from the service our Denver based internet marketing company has to offer.

Search Engine Optimization.

Denver Integrated Marketing Solutions has the key that will help explode your businesses growth. However, it is not enough to just grow your business, you must be able to sustain the growth. We have the expertise to not only grow your business, but to deliver an increased amount of new customers to your company through internet marketing.Customer retention one of the keys to your businesses success and this involves keeping them happy and coming back to you. This however, is only part of overall solution, you must get your company’s name out there to attract new business.

With today’s business environment it has become almost a necessity for your business to have an online presence to compete. Having a website and social media page that are search engine optimized is a must. Without this kind of exposure, your business will struggle to attract the new business it needs to survive.Think of it like this, two similar businesses in the same Denver area, one relies solely on yellow pages to advertise their business and to attract customers and the second one turns to a local marketing company to help set up a marketing plan.

The second choice would have been the most successful, providing that they made the right choice in the internet marketing company. By taking advantage of all of the SEO techniques and its expertise in optimizing websites, this marketing company would be able to help the business expand its reach into surrounding areas by using keyword rich content on their website.The internet and mobile technology advancements these days have made it possible for information to reach more people who really want it and need it the most. As mobile devices get more and more advanced like; laptops, tablets and smartphones, people will be needing the information more readily available and you will need to ready to provide it.

Having an internet marketing firm behind you will be able to help you establish a successful marketing plan and make it possible to attain the market share you desire. We offer all of the internet marketing services from our team of experts to all businesses in the Denver area.

PPC Management.

For most small and medium sized businesses being able to afford a large scale advertising campaign in order to promote their company is out of reach. Fortunately, this does not mean you don’t have any options available in order to get your businesses name out there. We at Denver Integrated Marketing Solutions, offer a wide range of top notch marketing services that are priced right and that will benefit small and medium sized businesses.

There are numerous ways to advertise on the internet and the pay per click method is one of most successful way to utilize search engines to advertise your business. This advertising model allows people to bid on keywords that are relevant and set up ads that will be placed on the result pages of the top search engines. After the ads are placed, you only pay the specific search engine when your ad is clicked on. This makes it easier to keep your costs down. This type of advertising is perfectly suited for small and medium sized businesses that do not have a large advertising budget, but they still want to get the maximum amount of exposure for their site.

We here at Denver Integrated Marketing Solutions offer this service at prices that will fit your budget. This kind of service can really benefit small and medium sized businesses because their is a much higher return on investment as compared to say yellow pages and newspaper type of advertising alone. How PPC differs from SEO Pay Per Click advertising is often confused with SEO due to the fact that they both involve the use of search engines. However, they each use the search engine results page in an entirely different fashion. PPC uses targeted ads that are placed on each results page in a designated ad zone areas; usually located at the top or right hand side of the page. SEO on the other hand, involves techniques that affect the page ranking of each web page and the placement on each search engine result page.

Website Design & Development

We here at Denver Integrated Marketing Solutions work closely with our clients when it comes to designing their website. This collaborative effort ensues the best results and that the client is happy in the end. If you are in the Denver area and need your company’s website built, we have a team of specialists that can help. We are one of the top internet marketing specialists in the Denver area and our goal is to deliver the best virtual version of your business.ay you are own a hardware store in Denver and you are wanting an online presence for your business. Your best bet is to find a local internet marketing specialist in the Denver area to build your company’s website.

Since your business involves selling products you will more than likely want a website designed like a virtual store. The company you choose to design your website will take into consideration the look and feel of your business when it comes to designing your website. This includes theme colors, official logos and slogans. There should also be an extensive showcase of your company’s products and services.The internet marketing specialist you choose should be able to design a website in a way that will portray your business in way that any visitor will immediately know what your company is all about.

Website Audit

A Website Audit lets you get professional reviews and analyses of your site, including content and inbound links. This covers Web Design and Web Structure Analysis, Page Title and Meta Description Issues, Backlink Analysis, Page and Link Errors, URL Architecting, Comprehensive Target Keyword Analysis, Duplicate Content Analysis, and much more.This service is recommended before you start optimization campaigns for your site. If you want to invest in online marketing campaigns, especially SEO, it’s necessary to have a deep analysis of your site, so your SEO campaign can be customized to meet your needs.

In addition to being prepared to have an SEO campaign running, getting a site audit will also protect your site from Google’s algorithm changes. Google continuously modifies their search algorithms to give users the best possible quality and relevance for their searches.Two of their major algorithms are nicknamed Panda and Penguin. To date, there have been 25 updates to the Panda algorithm since 2011. There have also been 3 updates to the Penguin algorithm since 2012. These changes have affected over 41% of search results. Panda updates are targeted at sites with lower quality content, while Penguin updates target spam sites. It’s necessary to be able to keep ahead of the algorithm updates, and an audit report is the best way to do it.

Online Reputation Marketing

At Denver Integrated Marketing Solutions, we provide outstanding ORM Services (Online Reputation Marketing Services). Our team of experts in Reputation Marketing know how to build and maintain your company’s online reputation, your most important asset. Reputation Marketing is a crucial part of any SEO campaign and we strive to provide this essential service to all of our clients.All of our people here at Denver Integrated Marketing Solutions understand how this service is a big part of the success of your business.

The Internet has become one of the most powerful ways the businesses all over the globe market themselves. Internet Marketing is one of the fastest growing segments on internet and the content is available to billions of people all over the world. However, this kind of access can turn bad for your company if someone decides to post something negative about you. Regardless of whether it is true or not, this can have a major impact on your business’s online reputation and in turn that could affect your page rankings and a number of other things.

Whether it is minor or major any amount of tarnishing to your reputation can ruin a company or individual, but at the very least you could be dealing with a significant financial hit to your bottom line. You never want that to happen to you. Unfortunately, try as you might to provide the best quality products and services, you will never be able to please everyone. With so many opportunities to post disparaging comments about you and your business online, it hard to stop them from making these kind of comments, even if it is not true.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always matter whether or not the interaction between your company and person making the complaint was warranted, it is in your best interest to reduce the impact as quickly as possible. You will want to first try to resolve the issue raised by the complainant and if they are unwilling to cooperate, then you will not be wrong in attempting any defensive measures.One of the tactics people use is to create hate websites and these type of websites can actually appear above yours on a search engine result page. We can use a number of internet marketing solutions to combat this and actually create enough positive press that will help bury the unflattering websites on the search results. Whatever it takes, we here at Denver Integrated Marketing Solutions will restore your reputation.

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