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The Magistrate

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170-422 Richards Street , Vancouver- V6B 2Z4
British Columbia , Canada  Canada
Today (Wednesday) Open 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

The Magistrate - Vancouver

The Magistrate provides customized online marketing solutions designed around your entire web presence. Modern SEO, local SEO, online reputation management and complete website development are just some of the ways we help our clients dominate the competition. Seize your niche by calling now.The Magistrate’s digital marketers help you control your niche. Ask us about Local SEO, website development, or any of our other killer services.

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Other Services:

  • PPC Management
  • Website Design
  • Online Reputation Management

Products and Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search engines and commerce are no longer friends. They’re lovers, and the honeymoon’s just getting started. Nearly every purchase made involves search engines. They’re used to find not just retailers, but also reviews, product specs, and social opportunities. Search engines are dominant, and any successful marketing strategy will treat them as such. SEO is a modern necessity.

The image of SEO has been tarnished by several generations of amateurs and con men. However, that doesn’t change the fact that getting on the good side of a search engine is the only way that you make anything happen. Real SEO—not the kind your nephew sells from his basement (I am sure he means well)—is what we offer.SEO isn’t all about sneaking around search engines. Sometimes, it’s about giving them exactly what they want—and local content is what they want.

We’ve known for years that local content is one of the most powerful ways to climb the page. We started building out our processes when search engines were first secretly prioritizing these results. Now, we possess some of the most tested and proven methods on the market.Not all of our Local SEO strategies are advertised; call them “trade secrets”. What we can tell you about, we still do better than just about anyone else.

Pay Per Click (PPC)
A powerful tool in the right circumstances, sort of like a loaded gun. Using either, you run the risk of shooting yourself in the foot. Many inexperienced teams treat PPC as a panacea, without regard for how very temporary and expensive the effects are. We develop strategies with an understanding of the hard limits of this technique, and where it has the best potential to deliver the explosive results that only PPC can.

The best ads can draw them in, but they can’t make your visitors stay. Keeping them around all comes back to your landing page, and that’s why we assess your landing page as part of our PPC strategy. We’ll analyze the design and user experience of your landing page, and help you make it better.Every campaign starts with an exhaustive analysis of your business and the keywords that you could be targeting. We focus on what offers you the best balance of affordability and potential. We also analyze the keywords your competitors are using to find the best opportunities to dominate your niche.

Website Design
Poor website design destabilizes all other parts of a marketing strategy. Driving visitors in means nothing if they’re too bored, frustrated or repulsed by your website to stay and buy.We assess the design of each client’s website as an essential part of our services, with special attention toward what each visitor demands from those first few crucial seconds of scanning. Our in-house design and development team blends style and psychology to drive your visitors right into your capable arms.

Website design isn’t just about looks, it’s about performance. Slow loading times, crashes and confusing layouts will drive away just as many people as awful visual design. Not that bad visual design is should be tolerated either. When we work to overhaul a website, we look at it from all angles, and tweak everything that can have an impact on conversion.Our team has experience with most major Content Management Systems. There are hundreds of CMS out there, and we’ve never had any trouble adopting new ones as our clients have needed.

While we can work with most of them, we are most comfortable with WordPress. Our design team is made up of long-time WordPress veterans who can make any look or function a reality.Mobile-readiness is an absolute necessity for modern websites. Millions of web users browse primarily from their phones, and you need to capture them. Mobile-readiness is built into every website we develop. We can also make any existing websites mobile ready.

Online Reputation Management
Image is absolutely everything. The only thing that changes when you move your image online is how hard it is to control. Information critical of your business, brand or products can show up on any search. When it starts to climb, it can have unsettling staying power.Destructive content that makes it to the front page can be seen by every visitor looking for your website, and may mean a death sentence for even healthy businesses.

Every satisfied customers is an untapped resource for reviews. We engage your past clients to create a perfect storm of positive feedback—shouting down and shutting out the people who would bring you to ruin with their bad attitudes.we can be diplomatic. Sometimes, all an angry customer needs is a little TLC. Reputation damage is so expensive that you may be surprised how little it can cost to get one canary to stop singing. Even when we can’t reach out to clients, we can still reach out to the people hosting their words online. We’ll find someone who’s ready to deal.We monitor the reputation of our clients constantly to check for old threats and new ones. You’ll be alerted to any problems we find, as well as any possible solutions. Good reputation management is about being both proactive and reactive.

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