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Techcmantix Technologies Pvt Ltd

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G18/G19, Technology Park, Bharathidasan University,Khajamalai Campus , Trichy- 620 023
Tamil Nadu , India  India
91595 22333
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Techcmantix Technologies Pvt Ltd - Trichy

TechCmantix Technologies is an existing IT supplier that provides state of the art technology solutions for all industry verticals. We're based in Tiruchirappalli, India with development offices in Canada, United States Of America, Singapore & Bahrain.Created in 2006 as a web startup firm, TechCmantix has scaled up in a short period of time into the tall and wide technology perspectives with more than 100 projects to clients from varied companies across Asia-Pacific, America and European countries. With this ultimate business and technical experience we've delivered solutions that healthy organizations with a focus on improving procedure efficiency and reducing working costs.

Our eyesight will be the well-regarded IT company by delivering long term value to any or all stakeholders. Over 400 Fortune 500 businesses outsource their computer software development & upkeep to Asia. To keep the entire world wide recognition we make an effort to deliver items to  generally meet and go beyond the objectives associated with customers.We focus completely on the quality benchmarks that deliver superior amount of performance. We work rigorously to find the gaps inside our performance in comparison to most readily useful in course industry leaders. We bridge the gaps with our efforts to exceed process maturity to attain procedure competence.

Our recruiting are the Critical Success facets (CSF) of we. TechCmantix is managed by a group of cohesive and strong individuals who works closely because of the companies to deliver concrete advantages.Every person in the team has the knowledge and expertise to know and deal with the consumer discomfort points. From early phases we remember that the DNA of this leaders could be the DNA regarding the business. All the associates are excited and proud in working towards building another generation worldwide business.

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  • Social Media Management
  • Pay Per Click
  • Graphics and Multimedia

Additional Information

Pay Per Click Advertising is the most popular form of advertising over internet that comes under paid search marketing. As the name suggests, in “Pay Per Click” advertising one has to pay on every click of his ad displayed on various places. “Google Ad-words” is the most popular and oldest form of paid search marketing platform. Now Facebook, LinkedIn and some other social media websites have also started PPC advertising. But Google Adwords is still at the top of the list preferred by every business which goes for paid search marketing.

There are so many things that should be taken care of; to run a successful PPC program and thus we have Google Adwords Certified Professionals who are trained to make the best use of the software to bring the cost per click as low as possible.Over all calculation of these factors gives ad score to the campaign which finally decides the cost per click. It is very crucial to optimize the ads.TechCmantix has been serving different industry verticals with PPC Advertising since 2007 to promote businesses or products of various small and medium enterprises. With years of experience and expertise, we have mastered the art of ad campaigns to bring cost of per click at least.

E-mail marketing is all about using the online digital communication networks to promote and market the products/services of an organization. Businesses such as travel and e-commerce have gained immense benefits from email marketing in this digital world. A cost effective email marketing strategy will be the right tool to attract potential customers towards your business. The strategy involves 3 major steps: Strategy formulation, Content creation and Tracking the effectiveness to check the scalability of the campaign.

We are in the domain of online marketing since 2007 and we know how to best utilize the tools of internet marketing to bring business from internet. Email Marketing is a direct marketing tool of digital marketing where one can send a commercial message to a group of people through email.We have a proven track record of successful email marketing campaigns for many businesses and individuals. Mixing the right content with the right strategy is the key for success in email marking and we have achieved it in all our projects in the past.

Products and Services

Local SEO
We at TechCmantix, have a wealth of experience in this field and we have deeply involved in the process of search engine optimization right from 2007. We have done extensive research work on the continuous changes and updates in search engine’s algorithm to understand what it takes to bring a website up in organic search results.We always use generic SEO practices to promote our client’s website and this is the reason why rankings of the websites promoted by us hardly get their rakings down in any of the Google Updates

Needless to say that Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective and widely used tools of internet marketing these days. Having just a website nowadays does not make sense if you are not getting any business out of it. Optimum utilization of the website is achieved when it brings business. And the best way to have business from internet is SEO and everyone is aware of this fact. But the obvious challenge lies on finding the right and reliable SEO agency to do the work for you.

We use generic SEO practices and adhere to the policies of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. With years of experience, our SEO professionals are very expert in analyzing the competition and then working strategies to bring the website in top search results with targeted keywords. Our SEO for website includes two major things – On Page Optimizations & Off Page Optimizations, which are the two major heads of SEO.

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a very popular term these days. An effective online marketing tool used extensively by most of the webmasters and online marketers to promote business and professionals in search engines. SEM includes various paid search marketing campaigns like Google Adwords, Banner Ads, Video Marketing and Viral Marketing etc along with some free campaigns like Email Marketing, Directory & Classified Listings and Social Media Marketing etc.

TechCmantix offers a wide range of solutions for online marketing services ever since 2007. We have gained significant expertise in Search Engine Marketing services after running thousands of such campaigns successfully.The best part of our excellent service is that we offer tailored SEM services because we don’t believe in – “One shoe fits all” theory. We meet our clients to understand their need and then we prepare of proposal covering the scope of their business promotion.

We provide complete Search Engine Marketing solution at very cost effective and affordable rates.We have worked for a number of businesses and individuals and have generated huge business from internet. We make sure that your website ranks on top in search engines pages to get the maximum conversion ratio.

Social Media Marketing
With more than 10 years of experience in this industry of web development and digital marketing, TechCmantix team was well aware of Social Media Buzz that has grabbed a vital role in online marketing nowadays. The social media marketing is all about the process of raising brand awareness of your product, company or services among people through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

A strong social media presence is vital the growth of your organization in this digital era. Your presence will definitely attract the ever growing number of social media users to your website and it also results in improving your search engine rankings.We have a dedicated team of in-house social media marketers who are well versed with the tasks related to promoting of websites over different social platforms. We know how to create brand awareness and loyalty for a brand by keeping the users engaged on the fan pages or profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest etc.

Apart from these famous social platforms, there many others like social bookmarking, video or photo-sharing platforms which are now counted as social media. We have expertise in setting up your profiles, providing you relevant content like articles and pictures to share across the web on different social media platforms.

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