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No:69,Lakshaman Nagar,Sathyamurthi Road,Kandhanchavadi , Chennai- 600096
Tamil Nadu , India  India
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Kat Solutions - Chennai

KAT solutions, with its wealth of expertise in delivering successful Business solutions, has been enjoying quick growth by offering all its global clients top quality Services, since our dedicated team banks on its wealth of experience in the creative & digital arena.KAT solutions, not only excels in providing ROI driven marketing solutions for contemporary office & personal computing issues, Need-based analysis, Web-architecture planning & development but also host’s and provides complete web enabled customized software’s and total e-commerce solutions with Advanced marketing systems & reincarnated online Branding Solutions for new and existing brands.

KAT solutions also understands that how important it is to have a positive Online Reputation as businesses are losing clients because of false, erroneous or misleading search engine results appearing online. To cater to this new ordeal, we have a dedicated team which has excelled in the last few years by supporting Many businesses and individuals from getting their Reputation restored.

KAT Solutions is a rapidly-growing strategic business solutions provider. KAT Solutions augments the fast growing industry as a decisive and reliable Information Technology Firm. Established as a firm offering business solutions, we have broadened our service portfolio to include custom Software Development, Web Designing, Web Development & Maintenance, Data Processing Services, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, E-business Solutions, Content Management and Back Office Support.KAT solutions, having its wide range of expertise in delivering effective Business solutions, was enjoying quick development by offering all its international customers quality Services, since our dedicated team banks on its wide range of expertise inside imaginative & digital arena.

KAT solutions, not just excels in providing ROI driven advertising solutions for contemporary workplace & individual computing issues, Need-based analysis, Web-architecture planning & development but in addition hosts and offers complete web enabled custom made softwares and total e-commerce solutions with advanced level advertising systems & reincarnated on the web Branding possibilities for new and current brands.

KAT solutions additionally realizes that how important its to own a confident Online Reputation as companies are losing clients as a result of false, erroneous or misleading search results showing up on the web. To appeal to this new ordeal, we now have a separate group which has excelled within the last few few years by supporting Many businesses and folks from getting their Reputation restored.

KAT Solutions is a rapidly-growing strategic business solutions provider. KAT Solutions augments the fast growing industry as a decisive and reliable it company. Established as a company offering company solutions, we now have broadened our solution portfolio to include custom Software Development, online Designing, Web developing & Maintenance, Data Processing Services, Search Engine Optimization, online marketing, E-business possibilities, Content Management and Back Office help.

With your domain expertise, you can expect a conglomerate of solutions providing to many industry needs. Enriched by decade of industry experience, our business expertise facilitates united states to provide simple and easy innovative solutions for your every dynamic and complex business requisites. Transcending geographical limitation, we deliver eminent solutions through our on-site/off-shore business design. Gifted with all the ever-expanding client base of a few major organizations in US and Canada, we consistently expand globally.

Driven by passion for growth, our outstanding group of skilled and devoted experts skillful in diverse disciplines aims to supply service par quality. We relentlessly expand by adopting new growth-oriented some ideas and technology to simply help our consumers recognize their complete potential and endow these with a competitive side.

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  • Search Engine Marketing

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KAT solutions offer their clients the unique advantage of revamping their website and solving the terrible problems that they already face. By rectifying the website errors through our perfect SEO analysis, we resolve the complications that hinder the proper performance of your website. Some of the various problems such as cloaking, doorway pages, bad neighborhood, keyword spamming, black hat SEO methods, canonical URL will be solved.

With the advancement of the internet, social networking has become a part of our life that helps us connect on a global level. Social networking sites are the most frequently visited sites by people. Hence, SMO has become the fastest approach to promote your business.KAT solutions offer online brand building and brand monitoring through best SMO services. We aim to increase the sales with the evergreen opportunity of marketing through the word-of-mouth publicity. We generate quality leads by tapping into the online social networking.

We, at KAT solutions, believe in ethical SMO standards and high transparency to always keep our clients abreast of the information through regular updates on the various SMO activities. KAT solutions prefer to use the popular social networking platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Flickr and blogs to deliver the best of social media to your advantage.Using social media optimization, we effectively build and maintain the online reputation of your website. We plan to get an increased ROI by customizing the SMO services that are much needed for the website.

By means of advanced technology, we not only ensure the presence on social media websites, but also get you a highly effective and result oriented brand awareness. With the help of our SMO process, we spread the news about your brand and product through comments, posts etcKAT solutions help in increasing the followers in social networking sites. We also help to increasethe likes in social media sites such as Facebook and others.We find your correct audience and interlink them to support your business development in fast track.

We simply love to meet your marketing needs and go beyond that in promoting your brand on the long run. With passion in our blood for social media optimization, we stay ahead of others by perfectly analyzing the user data on the customer usage and journey on your website. Utilizing the web platforms, we embrace the concept of conversation, networking and sharing of information to promote your product in the online marketing industry.

Integrating our deep-rooted ideas with the most recent methods and profound understanding of your clients, we build an imaginative and deft social media marketing campaign that suits to your business objectives.Highly enthusiastic to deliver your business needs through the advanced advertising methodologies of social media marketing, KAT solutions follow well-proven tactics in building your online business.

PPC is a more focused online advertising tool to promote direct-response of business. PPC aims to obtain quality traffic and convert visitors to potential customers. By delivering high quality traffic, PPC gets you higher conversion rate. Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing & Microsoft Ad center are the most popular Pay Per Click engines.

At KAT solutions, we help you by generating traffic right away through PPC and get potential clients. We also determine the traffic source with the help of conversion rate analysis. Our expert analysis and tracking service helps to identify effective clicks and regulate the campaigns consequently. We analyze the keywords and search engines that bring more visitors and propose the right price per click (cost acquisition per customer) for our clients. KAT solutions actively manage PPC campaigns with regular update of keywords, campaigns, vendors, and bids as often as possible.

For any growing online business, a strong online presence in major search engines is the most desirable factor. Internet Marketing plays an imminent role in the SEO optimization of your website and bringing more traffic to your online business. It helps in pushing forward the products and services to achieve the successful level of business.

KAT solutions, a pioneer in providing online marketing solutions, provides the best internet marketing services with expertise in various domains. Our expert SEO professionals present SEO based Internet marketing services that is all set to reach your target audience more effectively. Among the various marketing activities, some of our comprehensive strategies include SEO, PPC, SMO and other marketing activities.An organized PPC will generate more leads in a short time, which makes it one of the best marketing strategies. KAT solutions help in identifying the significant PPC ad words that aid in promoting the website and generating leads. With regular updates of web analytical reports from our team of experts, you can be assured of an efficient PPC management.

Products and Services

Search Engine Optimization
Kat-Solutions-Seo-HomeSearch engine optimization plays the vital role in bringing about the success of your online business. SEO involves the improvisation of the visibility of your website in the SERP. By properly optimizing your website, more visits to your website by potential users will be increased, which will in turn lead to the generation of more tangible ROI.KAT solutions believe in making a strong strategic SEO campaign after a thorough study of the competitor’s web marketing activities and their website promotion. By working across various elements that help SEO promotion, KAT solutions strives to provide the best online marketing services for your website.

SEO Analysis
Kat-Solutions-Seo-HomeTime spent for evaluating the website through SEO analysis will yield better results because this will provide a better understanding of the marketing needs for your business. It involves the methodical study by the best SEO experts and professional on page SEO optimization of the web pages. Examining the depth of the keyword presence and identifying the high-volume search terms is another SEO strategy that will help increase the SEO ranking of your website.

SEO Implementation
Kat-Solutions-Seo-HomeAfter analyzing and exploring, we start the process of SEO implementation of the strategy that will best suit your business needs. Our best ethical SEO practices are designed towards website optimization of every page on your website to perform well online.

SEO Promotion
Kat-Solutions-Seo-HomeWith your website in its top performance through our on page SEO optimization, KAT solutions initiate SEO promotion through various off page optimization techniques. This means that your website will surge forward to the top positions in the search results for your relevant target market. Our affordable SEO packages and professional SEO services will add to the comfort of your online marketing.

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