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10 Lonsdale Gardens , Tunbridge Wells- TN1 1NU
Kent , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
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Hogtronix Ltd - Tunbridge Wells

We'll keep this concise. We're a little yet strong band of Superheroes running Web Design, Search and Full Agency Services from our Headquarters in Penshurst, somewhere around Sevenoaks and Tonbridge and only 15 minutes from London's M25!We structured in "2004" and have sites experts in Search, Design and Social Media. We've additionally got incredible espresso; chocolate scones and a ravishing country pub only 5 moments’ walk away. We don't do nerd talk.

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Additional Information

Overwhelmed by how, and where, to spend your valuable media and advertising budget? As Media buyers, we can not only offer impartial advice as to how to deploy a budget across on and offline media, but we can also arrange to purchase the media on your behalf ensuring you get the best rates, the best positions and best exposure for your budget.

Our Media Planning Services are ideally suited to businesses who need, or who are able to plan ahead for a season at least. We’ll ensure that there’s no duplication of effort and that any different media works seemlessly together. It’s not unsual for us to create a client campaign that includes a Facebook campaign, an offline advertising campaign and a landing page on a clients website. At Hogtronix, we track all entry and exit points for all Media campaigns that we manage meaning we can report a precise ‘Return on Investment’ figure to clients.

Campaigns that we’ve managed for clients in the past include a Christmas campaign (that was prepared in September) for a client whereby we uploaded a different video every day on the run up to Christmas that featured a different client staff member every day giving away different prizes. This campaign resulted in 1200 additional Facebook fans in 25 days. Another campaign was for a client whereby we negotiated ‘airtime’ on a local radio station for a 25 year anniversary of our clients business. This raised brand awareness as well as enquiries via the clients advertised website and telephone.

Media planning services can also include purchasing of campaign specific telephone numbers or internet domain names for landing pages meaning every campaign and media activity can be firewalled and tracked, and success accurately measured. Hogtronix works closely with partners in the telecommunications (VOIP) and Internet domain name industries.Your company’s branding is more than just your logo, it’s your whole persona and reputation. Whether your company is a fresh start-up, re-positioned to achieve an unmet goal, reinvented for new markets or would like to be modernised with a visual refresh, Hogtronix can provide the expertise enabling your brand with a new competitive advantage.

Professionally designed and managed company branding,We’ve worked for multi-national companies and we have worked for our local man in a van, so if it’s time for your company to spruce up it’s image, come and talk to us and we’ll give honest, straight forward professional branding advice.

Products and Services

Reputation Management
Reputation Management servicesYou’ve spent years building your Brand, you’ve masses of contacts and dozens of happy clients only for one to leave a bad comment on a forum or Social Media website? You may be able to resolve your differences with your client but what about the forensic trail that remains on the Internet? A misplaced spur of the moment comment can cause untold damage to a business or brand and it’s not always easy to defend oneself in these situations. Many businesses actually remain unaware and oblivious of negative public feedback.

Our Reputation Management services don’t just help to defend your business and brand, but that they also help deflect attention from the listed page/website or forum posts. You may also be interested in our Brand Monitoring services…great for clients who want to take brand management to a more pro-active level or those with lot’s of public exposure. In addition to scanning social media and search engine listings daily for comments relating to your brand or business, we also have resources available 7 days a week who can publicly react to negative comments about your brand, and where appropriate start, we can commence proceedings to request the removal of any such ‘bad press’.

Our services have been employed previously by high profile clients with specific negative publicity issues but by employing our services for Brand Monitoring you can rest assured that as soon as any bad press does get reported, we’d be on hand to help manage it for you, along of course, with all the positive!

Social Media
Social Media ManagementSocial Media has been the most exciting thing to happen to the web since the 1990's. Social Media has also helped facilitate the way we use and access web services with more people expected to access the web via smartphones and tablets by the end of 2012 than by desktop devices (according to Google). With this in mind, Social Media has been made easy for people to use and access via mobile devices. It’s no coincidence that Smartphones come with video and still cameras as well as a mobile web browser. They are designed to work together.

Our in-house team can help manage your Social Media interests from registering all your interests (branded usernames) as a one off exercise, to managing the day to day tweets, posts and updates for you. We can even customise your pages and create app’s for the likes of Facebook for your business or use the social media aairwaves to listen for ‘brand noise’…mentions of your business or service offerings. Company’s like BT employ full time Pro-active Social Media personnel to react to social media enquiries, complaints and/or bad press. You needn’t employ a full time individual to manage your social media interests as our managed retained services start from just £395 + vat p/m (minimum 3 month commitment required, further discounts for 6 + month commitment).

We appreciate the need to retain your company integrity and ‘pitch and tone’ at all times, which is why, when we start to manage Social Media accounts for clients, that we have arrange informal face to face discussions between the client and our Social Media specialist managing their account to gauge a correct tone by which to manage the social media annoucements.As Social Media is such an important and integral part of ‘Search Engine optimisation’ it’s often the case that Hogtronix manages the day to day social media efforts for a retained clients on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flick and Tumblr.Whatever your Social Media requirements, even Social Media staff training, feel free to call one of our Superheroes to discuss. But don’t get left behind!

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