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SEO 24/7 LTD

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InfoLab21 Lancaster University , Lancaster- LA1 4WA
Lancashire , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
+44-1524566 736
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SEO 24/7 LTD - Lancaster

SEO 24/7 is a Lancashire based SEO Company serving customers not only across the UK but around the globe. We are specialists in the field of SEO, and our facilities have enabled many of our customers to upsurge their strengths and defeat their weaknesses.

We wish to be seen as a friendly SEO concern that gets to know each of our customers individually. We don’t think ourselves as a person on the end of the phone or email, and we don’t think that of our customers either, no matter where you are around the globe. Every one of our customers is vital to us, and we treat every success of yours as a success of ours.

Our exclusive approach to SEO gives us somewhat of an edge over other companies as we can offer services that many companies are unable to. We focus mainly on conversion rates, and our performance based SEO is proving tremendously successful in poor economic times such as these, as there are many companies that want to begin increasing traffic to their website but are unable due to the initial outlay. Once we start to gain traffic then we can move on to further bespoke services.

We have many years of experience not only within the SEO but also conversion optimization, pay-per-click management, social media and email marketing.

Feel free to contact us today and we’d be happy to confer what we are able to succeed for your website.

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Other Services:

  • Pay Per Click
  • Google Analytics
  • Mobile Websites

Additional Information

At SEO 24/7 we are focus on conversions, whether in the form of sales, enquiries or a visit to a specific page on your website. One of our most effective offerings for increasing conversions is providing management of strategic email marketing campaigns.Many of our existing email marketing clients have tried email marketing before, with many of them sending direct from their email software (Outlook for example) and copying an email list into the BCC box (or in some cases the CC box). This simply doesn’t work!Not only could your clients and customers potentially see the email addresses of all of the other recipients but there are also several advanced techniques that require specialist services to achieve.

Products and Services

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Services
Conversion rate optimisation is our focus and our specialism. We believe that this is what SEO is all about. Many companies will tell you about how they can increase your rankings, increase traffic to your site or improve your domain authority, but we understand that all of that is useless if you’re not focused on creating conversions. The most important aspect of your site, and the reason you run a business, is to make sales, so at SEO 24/7 we focus on helping you to make sales

Pay Per Click
Constantly Refining Pay Per Click AdvertisingOur Pay per Click model follows a process of continual refinement which ensures that your advertising is always the best it can be. After gaining a close understanding of your business and target audience, we use our years of expertise in paid online advertising to help drive relevant traffic to your site, increasing conversions and revenue, and then we continue to update and refine the model in order to keep things running smoothly.

Many businesses sign up to Google AdWords or Bing Ads to try and run the advertising in house, but most don’t know how difficult it can be, or how much more money they could be making when using a professional service. A well run PPC campaign needs a solid structure

CopywritingCopywriting is often one of the most important aspects of SEO, and also the one that most people get very wrong. Well written copy, created for the purposes of SEO and with strong consideration for the customer journey, can increase conversions, rankings and domain authority just by improving the quality of the site. Poorly written copy will diminish the customer journey, discourage transactions and manipulative copy can even result in penalties from Google which remove you from the search engine altogether.

Mobile Websites
The importance of mobile phones in modern society cannot be overstated. Every statistic and trend suggests that mobile is rapidly becoming the primary form of internet browsing, with some statistics suggesting that this will happen as early as 2014! With this being the case, any website which ignores mobile internet is making a huge mistake.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics records a lot of data, and although accessing it is easy, knowing how to interpret it, or even what to interpret, is a much more complicated task. SEO 24/7 have processes in place that allow us to easily convert relevant, raw data into useful information, which we can then use to improve our services and your website.

What data we look at will be different for every client, and we will always be looking at the conversions that mean the most to your business, whether it’s revenue for ecommerce, enquiries for big business or even gathering visitors’ email addresses. Turning this data into information, then turning this information into a plan of action, will allow us to make your website convert more efficiently and more often.

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