Valentine’s Day Promotion: Last Minute Tips and Tricks

Valentine’s Day Promotion: Last Minute Tips and Tricks

Worried about missing on a Valentine’s Day marketing opportunity? We put together a few quick fix marketing ideas for the D day.
Come February and digital marketing agencies are on an overdrive coming up with unique ideas to promote their business among love-struck couples. With just two days to go, this post may seem a little too late for Valentine’s Day promotions. Luckily, the two cents worth that I am about to share, are quick and effective enough to woo lovers:
a)Create a Valentine’s Day Promotion Campaign:
An Internet Retailer report states that around 22% shoppers shop within the 48 hours that lead to Valentine’s Day. Last minute offers and extended business hours are a great way to ensure that you don’t lose these customers to brick and mortar stores. You can also waive off overnight shipping charges for orders placed before a set deadline.

E-vouchers are a great gift idea especially for those who aren’t too sure about what to buy and for fiancés who’re too choosy. Flipkart offers gift vouchers for last minute shoppers so that they don’t feel left out. What better way to say ‘I love you’ than a bunch of roses and a gift of choice!
b)Send Your Customers a Valentine’s Day Offer:
Wish your customers a Happy Valentine’s Day with a special card and a discount offer. Tell them this is your way of showing how much you value their support and loyalty.
c)Share a List of Last Minute Gift Ideas for Customers:
Solve your customers’ last minute shopping panic by sending them a special last minute shopping guide. Share this on your Facebook page. And don’t hesitate to include products or services that are not a part of your offerings.
Small ideas such as changing your Facebook cover page or posting Valentine’s Day related quotes on social media also helps. They’re easy and reflect the happy mood that everyone’s in. Valentine’s Day is just another way to engage fans and let them know about your promotions.

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