The Secret Recipe to Garner Audience for Your Blog

The Secret Recipe to Garner Audience for Your Blog

You’ve tried every rule in the book, yet audience count remains elusive. Before you pen your next blog, stop and pause- ‘Am I going in the right direction’. What is it that you wish to accomplish through your blog? Are you looking for a steady source of additional income? Do you need to push traffic to your blog? The answer to these questions is the key to your blogging success.

Creating a great recipe is all about balancing ingredients and perfecting techniques. Similarly, generating reader interest in your blog is all about using a few but essential elements. Listed below is the secret to building a successful blog:

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice:

Unless you are quoting someone directly, a blog is necessarily a write-up about the blogger’s perspective on a topic. Don’t just plainly state facts-readers are already aware of them. Your opinion on the issue is what the average reader wants to know and this is what may help them connect with you. This is what every award winning chef does; he takes a seemingly simple dish, adds his own spice elements and comes up with a unique combination. But to come up with a credible opinion requires experience and subject matter expertise. To argue for the sake of it makes you look stupid and vicious. For instance, as a digital marketing agency in Chennai, it doesn’t help to simply come up with obvious information. You need to convince readers why it makes sense for readers to choose this city for your digital marketing campaigns.

Spend As Much Time As You Can On The Headline:

The title is what appeals most to readers and needs a lot more attention than you currently give. With a winning title, you’ve won half your battle. An epic headline isn’t always possible, but make sure it’s catchy enough to compel your readers to click on the post. A good title is one that addresses a potential issue or problem directly.


‘What’s in it for me?’ This is the only thing that your user cares for whilst clicking on your link. To be a successful blogger you have to help the customer the benefit or solution that he/she seeks. Before clicking a link, potential readers are looking for content that could solve their problem, offer them a feasible solution, or confirm what they already believe in.

With a perfect blend of these ingredients, you have everything that’s needed for a successful blog.

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